Did Kenya Moore Produce Phaedra’s Donkey Booty Workout Video? Plus- Did Kenya Steal Phaedra’s Concept?

Phaedra Parks

We saw Kenya Moore discuss being a part of producing Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida’s workout video on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya owns a production company and wanted to work with the couple to teach women how to get a “donkey booty” in their upcoming fitness video! But did Kenya steal Phaedra’s idea? According to a new report from StraightFromTheA Kenya plotted to steal the Donkey Booty workout idea from Phaedra and was planning to market her own video called “Stallion Booty!” Kenya has a donkey booty of her own, which has been featured on the covers of many magazines.

Kenya was NOT a part of the final production process of the video, because according to reports, when Phaedra heard Kenya was stealing her idea, she axed Kenya from the project.

Phaedra has not publicly reacted to this, she has been a true southern belle in all of her interviews regarding Kenya. Kenya’s video is not on the market, while Phaedra’s Phine Body video is available for purchase on Amazon.

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12 Replies to “Did Kenya Moore Produce Phaedra’s Donkey Booty Workout Video? Plus- Did Kenya Steal Phaedra’s Concept?”

  1. I do not believe Kenya was trying to steal Phaedra’s ideal.
    Phaedra does not have a hot sexy body; not like Kenya.
    Kenya is hot & sexy, with the donkey booty and nice breast.

  2. phaedra parks was wrong and should of paid kenya moore something,people do not work for free.phaedra would not like o work for free herself.phaedra is a mess know talking about cynthia bailey and and etc,phaedra is not a true friend,phaedra friend is money.

  3. Thats the problem, you have these videos with women like Kenya who have trainers, spend hours in the gym daily because their body is their bread and butter. In reality, I feel comfortable with an average woman like Phaedra and by that I means she gets up every day to make her money. She cannot be in the gym several hours a day because she has average commitments like real moms, employees or employers do. Phaedra just had a baby, Kenya body has never been stressed so there is no comparison.

  4. Phedra is a scammer. Kenya worked for many weeks getting the contract for them, getting production details ironed out and phedra thinks that she should do it for ferr. Come on. She is an attorney. How could she try to take advantage of this woman? Her husband thinks she should be paid, Cynthia does as well, it is a no brainer. I hope that Kenya made a competing video to cut into their sales. I also think that as soon as Apolo starts getting a paycheck he will leave Phedra. I really liked her before but not anymore.

  5. Phaedra is an entertainment attorney…and Kenya Moore, clearly was ‘thirsty’ for work. The difference between Cynthia and Kenya? Class, Tact, Intelligence, and having a head for business. Phaedra tried to cleverly, underhandedly get over on Cynthia, but to much of her disappointment, Cynthia cancelled the casting call because the fees were never discussed or finalized. A smart move on Cynthia’s part. Ms Moore harassed every individual at Todd’s party, complaining that she felt cheated. Newsflash Kenya, never bring a knife to a gun fight. Cynthia was prepared. Why weren’t you, Kenya? Who begins work on a production for some low-rate exercise video without an attorney present, fees negotiated, or a signed contract? May this be a lesson learned!

  6. Phaedra maybe an attorney but she is crazy to think people work for free. When was the last time she tried a case in GA? And she’s always taking about her donkey booty’s….’ Women like myself with real homegrown cornbread ass don’t need brag she does all the damn time…. ‘I’m just saying

  7. Wow really? Phaedra never said she was not going to pay Kenya, she just said no back end money meaning every time a video sells Kenya gets a cut and I don’t think she deserves it either. Kenya’s butt is ugly and you could tell by looking at it, what it is gonna look like when she gets old. Phaedra’s butt is much nicer and I’m a female and not gay. Cynthia was right with how she handled the cancellation of the casting that’s business, but wrong for taking everything Kenya says for face value even if she had a few issues with Phaedra. Kenya just decided to work on everything on her own without any correspondence or anything back to Phaedra. No emails to Phaedra on new developments of the sort or to even say ” Hey Phaedra this is what I did or came up with what do you think”? etc etc. That’s not how you do business and I have a small business I am trying to set up. For someone who has 20 years of experience, you would think she would handled it better. I must agree Phaedra could have done some things better herself but if Kenya pushes it and trys to come out with her own video or copycat anything, Phaedra can sue her for some sort of infringement rights, with the help of Phaedra’s business attorney.

  8. I can’t stand fake ass Phaedra.. It’s all an act. I met her years ago and she talked and acted normal. She’s just putting on a show now.

  9. Don’t hate on Kendra. If some of u BOLD BODY HEIFERS had money for trainers ,lipo and anything else!YOU would Phaedra is a funny looking hamster with a eat sloppy ASS! And think she is the poster girl for a real BODY! WRONG she looks like Donkey on Shrek! Get it together people!

  10. listen up bravo family, when kenya and phadre first decided to go for the dvd kenya stated she used phadrea’s name and the people she talked with were excited to help phadrea produce a video. so if it had not been for phadrea’ name kenya would not have
    gotten any deals. POINT BLANK. CATCH THE SHADE!

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