Did Gretchen Rossi Cheat On Jeff Beitzel?


When Gretchen Rossi joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County in 2008, she was engaged to Jeff Beitzel, who was 24 years older than her and battling leukemia. We watched Gretchen care for Jeff, even learning how to give him treatments from home. Jeff lost his battle with cancer on September 13, 2008, after Bravo finished filming. TMZ reported that Jeff left Gretchen $2.5 million in his will, but Gretchen has said that most of that went to debts that his estate had.

After Jeff passed, Tamra confronted Gretchen at that season’s reunion about a man named Jay Photoglou. Jay claimed to have been dating Gretchen while she was with Jeff, and published photos of them together on the internet.

Jay1 Jay2

Gretchen sued Jay for defamation, assault, battery, breach of contract, and more. The defamation lawsuit was thrown out in 2010, but in 2011, Gretchen won a $500,000 lawsuit against Photoglou in damages for other charges.

During part 1 of the season 8 reunion, Gretchen’s alleged infidelities surfaced again, because Tamra Barney made a comment about Gretchen’s cheating on Jeff in the RHOC 100th episode special. “Gretchen had a hard time because a lot of us girls saw some things she kind of wished we didn’t. She’s kind of engaged to this man but yet we’re seeing her with this other guy all around town,” Tamra said. Gretchen says she was hurt by this accusation and she thought Tamra had apologized and admitted that she misjudged the situation.

Tamra says that she can’t deny what she saw with her own eyes, which was Gretchen sitting on a guy’s lap at the St. Regis while her engagement ring [from Jeff] was in her purse. Tamra says that she saw Gretchen kiss the guy while her fiance was in the hospital, but Gretchen insists that is not proof of cheating and that she was just being flirtatious with her friend.

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26 Replies to “Did Gretchen Rossi Cheat On Jeff Beitzel?”

  1. Tamra is so vindictive and vicious. I frankly don’t care what Gretchen was doing on the side when she was also making some guy on his deathbed happy. She knew there was no future with him at that point, but she didn’t abandon him.

  2. What ever happened to Jeff’s children who just adored Gretch. I’m guessing Jeff caught on to this gold digger’s game causing her to see other men before his death.

  3. I think she did but at the same time it was 7 years ago! Move on people. Nobody cares anymore. What happened between them is between them. In all honesty, I think towards the end her and Jeff were just really great friends. Both knew it wasnt for the long haul. She took care of him! Tamra is so too faced and annoying. She needs to drop it already. She thinks just because she “owns” something that it is okay to do it. It is like a free pass. “Well I treated her like crap but hey at least i owned it”. WOW what a horrible person.

  4. Well, it is very obvious Tamra never changed. At. All. She played nice this season begging for her wedding spin-off. Well, she got her fake wedding and a ring on her finger and, now, she can and has resumed being her true self, a backstabbing user who is all about her and nobody else. Ugh! She is so fake about her independence, her suicide attempts ( of which her x is now suing her for her lies about everything being “his” fault) she is disgusting. And I don’t think either she or Eddie are being forthright about his true sexual prefetence.. That is just crap. I think most viewers are very cool with bi-sexials, etc., but I guess it didn’t fit her fake life and fake storyline. Just be honest-viewers always forgive anything for those who have the guts to be honest.

  5. If she cheated on a dying man that is something she has to live with. Your past bad behavior has a way of coming back and haunting you. If she did cheat then one day when she is sick and dying she will have to worry that her partner is doing the same to her.
    I have said for years that if I were innocent of the things Tamra and Vickie have accused her and Slade of I would have sued them for everything they had for slander! Now that would be a reality show I would love to see. I don’t believe Tamara’s awakening that she wants to be a better person for one second.

  6. All three of them – Vicki, Tamra, and Wretchen are cheaters. Wretch wants people to think that she sits on all her guy friends laps and gets all lovey-dovey with them, and to her, that’s not cheating, and that might sound ok, until you get to the “naked wasted” pics — that excuse doesn’t work, period. And its too bad that when they filmed the reunion show that Wretchen wasn’t armed with the fact that Skamra was also known to have cheated on her first hubby. Oh well, maybe on the next reunion show, Wretchen will bring Darren Vieth on the show with her for support. These three are idiots.

  7. You know I wasn’t much interested in Gretchen because I think she is so plastic that you can see right through her. I saw the previews for next week and saw her crying and that was the fakest cry i have ever seen. Those pictures are deplorable and she should be ashamed of herself. Yes it was 7 years ago and so whatever BUT what disrespect she had for Jeff. she said it was just innocent flirting but that is disgusting. her tongue is out yuck! i call this cheating maybe not in the conventional way but she made a mockery of their relationship.

    1. No, Gretchen doesn’t win the fake crying award. Tamra does. You really have to watch a little closer next time – for every single time Tamra has cried she screws up her face, gets her voice all high, and not once, NOT ONCE! has there been a single tear. It’s amazing once you look for it.

      1. DebBrenn your right Tamara is right up there … I was only pointing out Gretchen in the previews for next Monday if you havent seen it wait till you do. Her face is so tight it doesnt move..and NO Tears

  8. Really people? Jeff did not have much time left in this world. He was much older and also a very smart man. Though they both may have loved each other, Jeff likely saw the stress she was under and encouraged her to have fun and try to move on. After all- it wasn’t long before his death that she got the pink motorcycle…. He wanted her to have fun. She was only what- 24 years old at the time? Be serious. Jeff knew everything that was going on and it was THEIR business. She got so sick of the other hypocrites on the show attacking her that now ages fighting back. Yes- she is a little plastic now, but i truly think that is because of all of the accusations and bad internet media- she’s trying hard to be perfect. Remember her first season? She was so carefree and fun- I totally envied her. Now she looks like an odd pageant princess with a flagpole up her backside. Leave her alone people. Geez.

  9. I disagree factfinder all the more reason to be loyal he did only have a little bit of time left. Why not be true and faithful for the time he had left. I don’t buy for a minute that Jeff said “Oh honey I understand your only 24 and Im much older than you so go out and make a mockery of our relationship especially after I bought you that 6 CT diamond to prove our love for each other. Factfinder you have a strange way of defending Gretchen so she doesnt look like and ass. Look at the photos she has her tongue out. That is not acceptable. Im married and I do have wonderful male friends but NEVER would I ever disrespect my husband by stepping over the line like that. Your making excuses for her behavior. Bottom Line it was wrong.

  10. Just one more thing do you remember when Tamera had her fancy dinner party and Gretchen proceeded to get herself $%&#faced drunk and was all over Tamera’s son Ryan. She even allowed herself to go into the bathroom with him and you know they were kissing. She kept saying she can’t because she was engaged. ANother sign that she can’t be trusted and has no respect for her relationships.

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