Did Chris Laurita Cheat On Jacqueline?

More allegations of Chris Laurita cheating on Jacqueline came up at The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion. After the RHONJ episode aired on June 24th, Teresa wrote this in her Bravo Blog, “Let me see if I can use an analogy Jacqueline might understand: if you caught your husband flirting with your friend, you would be understandably crushed. Say you worked through it for months though and forgave him. Then you found out he really didn’t just flirt, he slept with her. Two years ago. Does your old forgiveness count?”

Jacqueline followed up Teresa’s accusations in a tweet saying, “Teresa tried to imply in her blog that my husband cheated on me two years ago which is completely false, it was her husband so I cleared that up. Teresa tries to turn all her mistakes onto others. She never wants to take responsibility for hurting anyone.”

The allegations originally came out when a person on Twitter claimed to be the girl that Chris slept with. Check out these screenshots below…


However, this person’s credibility is ruined when she claimed on August 18th, 2012 that her article in In Touch Magazine would be coming out the following Monday. And as we know, it did not come out.

This leads us to the reunion. Teresa says that Jacqueline shared with her that Chris had cheated on her earlier in their marriage and, “that’s why he wasn’t allowed to go out.”

All About The Real Housewives claims to have an exclusive insider that says Chris did in fact cheat on Jacqueline. Their source explains, “Chris did cheat on Jacqueline and Jac caught him. Jacqueline was devastated and Chris did regret it. Since Chris has cheated on Jacqueline, Jac has kept Chris on lock down! At a time, Chris wanted to leave Jacqueline because of her crazy antics but stood by her because he is worried about her health and what she’d do if he left her. He was also worried about his children who he loves more then anything in this world.” Their source continues, “Chris’s family knows the only reason Chris has stayed with Jacqueline is for the children and he doesn’t trust how things would be for her and the children when he’s not around.” As far as the drama that always seems to be surrounding Jacqueline, the insider reveals, “Chris does love Jacqueline but has a hard time with how she handles situations. He’s learned to live with it.”

Tell Us- Do you think Chris cheated?

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4 Replies to “Did Chris Laurita Cheat On Jacqueline?”

  1. sure do! Thats why Jac the wacko tried so hard to make it look like juicy was the one cheater, and then says that’s what Danielle said. You are a nut case Jacko!

  2. Well real or not apparently *roxyproxygirl* says she was with him. Someone named Jill is saying she was with Caroline’s man. I am just wondering where all these people that Juicy has been with have gone???

  3. Considering her emotional break-downs, juvenile and often very immature displays
    (as Ashley stated numerous times) could definitely turn off a man of his calibre.
    Men like their wives who don’t work, raising their children, do have their own ‘individuality’ and she seems to be the clingy type. Does not matter how pretty, or nice your body is, men like women who are ‘confident’ which she is not. Saying she is ‘fat’ standing next to all the women, especially Lauren of all, speaks volumes.
    I do believe he has cheated and is afraid to leave her with those children, because of her very ‘unstable’ issues. That is just my observations.

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