Did Caroline Manzo Lie About Where Her Sons Live?


Fans of Real Housewives of New Jersey veteran Caroline Manzo are pretty excited to catch a second season of Manzo’d With Children where they get to laugh, cry, and feel like part of the Manzo clan. We’ve seen bits and pieces of what we can expect from season two in the trailer recently released by Bravo, and in it Caroline mentions where he sons live. Her oldest Ablie was living at home and Christopher was staying in a bachelor pad in Hoboken, but Radar Online is begging to differ.

Last year the site reported that Caroline had claimed that her sons moved back home in Franklin Lakes to save money, however Radar learned that the boys were living in a “luxury building” just about 40 minutes away in Hoboken while filming season 2.

And while Caroline does say in the trailer that Christopher moved out the site discovered that he has been living in Hoboken since 2011.

The site reports, “Though according to Caroline, Chris’ business partner Albie still allegedly resides at home with mom and dad, it seems he’s still actually on his own as well. He lists his hometown as Hoboken on Twitter, and regularly posts photos from around the area.”

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47 Replies to “Did Caroline Manzo Lie About Where Her Sons Live?”

    1. I don’t. But the trolls like to point out that Caroline won’t let her boys grow up and Albie is gay…and Albert is having an affair…and Lauren is a bitch…wait… that one might be true….but anyway, the boys moving back home was part of the story line last season.

  1. Too fake! Too creepy having your adult children live with Mommy and Daddy! I read that Lauren and Vito moved in with Caroline too. Not watching this train wreck!!

    1. Missed a bit! Oh! It has taken me five minutes to remember what I missed!!! Lol
      I was just going to say I agree it’s ridiculous and it must be a slow news day!!!

    2. I have never been a fan of this mean women and her adult babies. I got my fill of these people on RHONJ and had no interest in their spin off. I’ve never seen it, but I can only imagine.

  2. I would think that they “moved back” for filming. They are young men and most likely did not give up a great apartment in Hoboken on the Hudson waterfront that is close to both of their businesses. If they work at their bar restaurants late at night, they will not be going back to mom’s…and if they have girlfriends…Well, clearly moving back was to continue the reality show. I doubt they changed their driver’s licenses and permanent address to Franklin Lakes from Hoboken. I even doubt but am not sure, that mom got rid of her Hoboken apartment though it makes sense. She wants to be near her boys, especially Albie from the way I see it. She also wants her own reality show that would be even more dull without her sons. They are the best part of the show for me.

    1. ITA with everything you said…Caroline is a little overbearing…ok…a lot overbearing…but she knows she is and her kids are capable of dealing with her. I love this show. Nobody is perfect and they don’t care…they just put it all out there and do their thing. I am curious why Caroline wanted to do this, though. She never seemed comfortable on RHONJ or even being a celebrity. Maybe the money was too good to pass up…and probably because Lauren’s wedding could be even more fabulous if it was featured on Bravo.

        1. I have always liked CAROLINE. To me she was always the voice of reason. She seems like a “real housewife” to me. Cooking, cleaning, no makeup, hair straight.

          1. I like that too, Aunt Bea….all the botox and glam gets to me sometimes…one episode she was cooking and setting up for her Christmas eve party and had no makeup and flat hair and Albert’s shirt on…and I thought “Now that is reality tv”.

            1. Thanks Apple. I hate all the CAROLINE bashing. I am not a mother but CAROLINE reminds me of most of the real motherly Mom’s I know.

  3. I liked Caroline until she turned on Tre. No matter what is going on now, and even when I don’t care for a housewife, I really don’t like it when they all gang up on someone. Saying things they didn’t like about the time they were FRIENDS! If you think someone who is a true friend does things you don’t like, as she professed to be to Theresa for years, say it to them as a friend. Don’t bring it out when someone else is angry. That is a bully mentality to only call out a person when everyone else is. That reunion made me sick where they all jumped on her and told secrets told to them in confidence. I will never watch Caroline and her creepy kids.

    1. Hold on a minute, Caroline had every good reason to feel the way she did about Tre. It was Teresa who turned on Caroline and even printed it in her cookbooK, that is where the feud began.

  4. Wasn’t this a big issue way back when Caroline was still on NJHW? I think her last season she was living in an apartment in Hoboken allegedly to feel out living in an apartment 🙂 It’s pretty clear that all of it just revolves around where it’s easiest to film together. I guess it’s not exactly a scandal anymore:)

  5. Cannot stand this horrid family, cannot believe they have a show, bravo is gutter shopping for sure………
    lauren is a nasty bitch like her mom, dad is corrupt and least interested in his wife, and the boys really need to grow up (they are pathetic)……

  6. I live in NJ and I will watch this show but not RHONJ. Even though I think Caroline is a bit overbearing, the family dynamic is fun to watch. I know she means well. They may play it up for the cameras a bit, but it is such a nice break from all the catty women on Housewives. She admits she isn’t perfect, nor is her husband and that she is not good about doing her hair like maybe her daughter is, but she presents a more laid back relaxed family atmosphere. Christopher is the funniest one…and I like watching him with his siblings a lot.

  7. Would never watch her show! As for the lie? Who cares? Not surprised! I was turned off by her ever since she bullied Gia!

    1. I have never seen the Manzo’s bully a child. In fact, the Teresa V. Caroline feud, which was already coming to a slow boil because of things Tre said to the gossip publications about the other cast members, finally boiled over when Tre bashed Caroline’s kids in her cookbook…the thing she said about Christopher’s Stripper Car Wash idea…which was a joke…made by a kid…Christopher was like 18 or 19 during the first season when he said it…and the stuff she said about Albie and Chris never growing up and becoming men….when at the time they were starting several businesses and were both far more financially successful and adept than she was…turned out to be the last straw which broke the Manzo’s back.
      Caroline defended Teresa against Tre’s own family (Kathy and Melissa) and stood up for her far longer than I would have. Teresa has burned every friendship and alliance she had on the show (and probably outside the show) through her own greedy and superficial behavior….and she only has herself to blame…not her lawyer, or her husband, or Bravo, or her co-workers, or her sister in law, or her aunt and her cousins….and until she understands that, and she changes her attitude and her behavior…she will continue to be “picked on” and “attacked” and “victimized”.
      If she is truly as strong as she says she is and her fans and family believe her to be, then in a few short months, she will be in a unique position to do something amazing if she owns this mess she herself created and then turns it around into something she and her daughters can be truly proud of. Hell, The Manzos would cheer her on, as would almost everyone else, including me. It’s up to her how this story ends.

      1. thank you Apple ITA. She defended who own sister who is a true gold digger. I believe CAROLINE has a big heart and really got fed up with Tre’ s childishness. Oh it’s no use – hater will be haters.

      2. All false. Caroline was in on those comments Tre made & Christopher was not a child! And nothing was said by Tre that Caroline & others in her clan had not already said & laughed about. However, when Caroline & a drunk Jax went after Gia, Gia really was a child, maybe 10 or 11. That was inexcusable.

        1. Well… we certainly see that incident differently.
          I think you are talking about gameday at Jacqueline and Chris Laurita’s house…when Gia had a meltdown (tantrum) because her Uncle Joe was “cheating” in the sack race and her team lost. When Caroline tried to console her, Gia was very hostile and disrespectful. In fact, Gia told Caroline to be quiet and mind her own business and get out of the room. When Caroline (and Jacqueline) corrected her for speaking to an adult that way, Gia ran off to Teresa …who backed her daughter and told them only she should correct her children.

          I am Team Caroline on this one. I don’t believe you do a child any favors when you allow them to think the rules don’t apply to them…and only apply to other people….and that you will always protect them from the consequences of their actions. If either of my sons spoke to an adult like Gia did that day, I would hope the adult would correct them immediately…just like Caroline and Jacqueline did…and if my son ran to me to tattle, I would find out what happened and then back the adult/teacher/coach/neighbor….and discipline them again.

          1. Again I agree with you Apple. Today it seems than Gia has turned out ok, but those kids were little monsters and showed absolutely no respect for their elders even to their parents. And that Melania is a holy terror. You and I were raised to behave and be respectful but the Giudices children were a wild bunch. CAROLINE and Albert were very hands on with those girls on the trip to Italy and I never saw any abuse of any kind.

            1. I agree. The girls appeared extremely spoiled and misbehave, talking back, etc. That behavior I should be curbed early in the rearing process but doesn’t appear to be. I see Gia growing up too fast…but hopefully she is not having issues with all the added responsibility, I imagine, of watching her siblings in addition to her girl band and reality appearances, etc.
              Caroline’s daughter has some mouth on her too. Maybe they have spoiled princess syndrome…not a real syndrome…just an observation. It is easy to spoil, but rewarding negative behavior is wrong if a child misbehaves. I am with Caroline about that meltdown day. These G. girls (especially Milania). have shown us that they have tempers…but it isn’t a surprise, considering their female role model. They know they can get away with it too…which is the worst part.

              1. ITA RealSandra even about Lauren. She is the only girl and the youngest and I am sure her parents and older brothers doted on her. Hoping marriage helps her mature more quickly.

                There has been speculation that Joe may be deported when released. I am thinking that may be a good thing for the children – let them see what life is like in the “old” country. It appears that although family members over there do not live in squalor they certainly don’t live a glamorous or pretentious lifestyle. Maybe the girls could learn some old fashioned manners and discipline.

                1. I remember an episode where the crew was trying to shoot a segment with Teresa and the kids and Milania was impossible…running all over the place and telling the crew to shut up and calling them names… you could tell the staff was over her…and could not wait for the shoot to be over. I always wonder how the second child (Gabriella) is going to turn out…she just seems like an alien in that group.
                  I agree about Lauren…she seems to get away with stuff the boys wouldn’t . Might be her dad’s doing…because Caroline always seems to take her out when she runs her mouth at her.

                2. I believe that Joe has to serve his full sentence or at the very least, the bulk of his sentence before any deportation if decided. He came here from Italy at age 1. I don’t know if that comes to play. I read that both of his parents became naturalized citizens at some point.
                  As for his wife joining him in Italy if he is deported…I strongly believe from what I have seen of her narcissistic behavior…and the fact that she may still have a reality show paycheck, that she will end the marriage if that happens. We all saw him talking on his cell in wine country referring to his wife in a derogatory manner…forgetting his mike was on….She may just say…even while he is incarcerated…that she wants out. She seems too self absorbed, but that is just my take on it.

                3. I agree that Lauren is the only girl and all that you said, except she is the middle child. Christopher is the youngest by one year. He is 26 and Lauren is 27. Albie is 29.
                  They are pretty close in age.

                  1. Thanks, I didn’t realize that. As far as Joe and Teresa it will be very interesting. I will follow your blogs because I have no intention of watching this show or ATL. Suddenly I find them very disgusting and hard to watch. But I do enjoy all the comments.

                    1. I meant no RHONJ. I WILL watch the Manzo’s because they make me laugh and God knows I need laughter in my life.

                    2. Aunt Bee, please don’t get me wrong. I also will not be watching RHONJ. I live in NJ and will not watch the Giudices on any program. It sickens me to see them on the TV news or in commercials. It’s a big story when anything happens with them on NY/NJ news, more than elsewhere I imagine. They are a disgrace to Italian Americans, and the state of NJ , as well as the U.S. for that matter.

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