Did Brandi Glanville Break Into Ex Eddie Cibrian’s House?


We are all familiar with Brandi Glanville and her never ending blunders, whether is comes to fighting with her cast mates on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, drinking and Tweeting, oh and did I forget to say possibly break-ins?

Yes I said that correctly, break-in. In one of her latest podcasts, Glanville admitted that she broke into her ex-husband’s house last week, but only with good intentions. “Actually I broke into his house yesterday. But he gave me permission because I had to get my son’s moonsuit.” Perfectly logical explanation right?

So what did she have to say about her ex of six years’ pad? “It’s the first time I ever went into his house, and I’m like, ‘This f***** is living the life. I was pissed, but that’s a whole other story.”

As she has said in the public, she does get very frustrated with her husband’s high and low income. “My husband doesn’t work. He’s an actor, but 90% of Hollywood’s out of work, so he’s not working. So I foot the bill for everything with my children.”

The controversial housewife is an author of two books, has her own podcast, and is now launching a new wine line! Mama’s bringing home the bacon for her babies.

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12 Replies to “Did Brandi Glanville Break Into Ex Eddie Cibrian’s House?”

    1. now come on – she has that special brand of talent that seems to have overtaken these days. The kind of talent on your back! it’s an epidemic these days – look around – her – porsha – kardashians (pretty much all of them) etc

      I’m completely sick of this bitch crying poor when she blew over 100,000 on a freaking car. really – how worried are you about feeding the boys. not so much – so shut up and next time spend a dime on etiquette classes.

      1. She didn’t spend 100,000 grand on a car. She LEASED a $100,000 dollar car. Meaning she will make payments for a while then get a new one when the mileage is too high. (I’m only stating this because I think it is funny that she can’t really afford that car she just wanted it to look like she could) However I agree where are her priorities if money is an issue Lease a cheaper car.

  1. I doubt he pays her nothing first of all… and secondly, he is remarried to a working performer. If he is living the life, it is on her dime and Brandi has absolutely no say in the matter, nor should she have an opinion. She opens her mouth to even hint at bashing her ex is poor parenting at it’s most basic level. I never want to hear her say how great a mom she is because time and again… she speaks.

  2. I feel sorry for her sons, I really do. No amount of popping something to get up at 5 to take them to school will ever undo the vile, vicious slutty way she talks and acts. Can you imagine being a teen age boy with a mom like her. Of coarse she has a right to have an adult life. IMO she doesn’t have the right to screw her kids up with her awful behavior. She destroys everything in her path. Families, friendships, parties, events and anything else she gets near. Go back where you came from Brandy.

  3. Keep trashing Eddie every chance you get BG, that’s the way to keep things civil and cool. Every therapist out there says the opposite – they all say let the kids find out for themselves (and they will) – which parent was the parent who did the right things and which one did the wrong things – which parent was selfish and lazy, and which one was slutty and drunk. The truth will come out. But as usual you can’t keep your mouth shut. You and your pity-party ALWAYS comes before your kids.

    1. I quite agree with you, Karen. This trashy woman-Brandi, will forever put others down, while painting herself white. There will come a day when her boys, unfortunately, will see her for who & what she is & will be totally disgusted & ashamed of her. UNLESS she is a mama joyce & inflicts, into adulthood, guilt as to how great a sacrifice she made to feed them.

    2. I don’t think she was trashing him here. Don’t get me wrong she has done some serious verbal damage to him, but here I think she was saying she was jealous of his life he married into. I do understand why she would be upset he has this “great” life with someone when he cheated on her with this woman. It sucks for anyone who gets to live the way he does while he is not really working (he isn’t that great of an actor, so he will always be stuck doing hallmark movies) while she is working her butt off. Please don’t hear I think she is a sweet loving girl. I get accused of this anytime I disagree with someone who says she is a terrible person. I just don’t think she was bashing him this time.

      1. She was shading him- “he’s not working- so I have to pay for everything my kids do.” Saying that publicly is not trashing him? She slightly softened it by saying most of Hollywood is out of work, but she still makes him sound like a 100% loser to his kids (which I’m not disputing BTW- he should look for other work to help raise HIS children) making sure his sons and the world knows that Eddie has this cush life while “poor” (worth over $4.5 million) widdle “single mom” (not true – 50% shared custody) BG struggles so hard to get by in her $100,000 ride and hill top home with a view. My point is that she, for her kids sake, just needs to keep it out if the public eye. Her sons will KNOW if Eddie is a deadbeat dad and a lying scumbag.

  4. Brandi didn’t break in, it was Sidewinder. Police just had a similar problem to us commenters on AllThingsRH – couldn’t tell the difference.

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