Did Alexis & Jim Bellino Threaten To Sue Tamra Barney? Is There A Lawsuit?


Alexis Bellino is taking to her Bravo Blog to clear up a few things about The Real Housewives of Orange County. Alexis clears up the rumors that she and her husband Jim were suing Tamra Barney for calling her “Jesus Jugs.” Alexis explains she was prepared to sue Tamra for defamatory statements, but Tamra backed off once she knew she and Jim had a case!

Alexis writes, “There is one thing I want clear up from this episode, and that is that I WAS NOT suing Tamra for the “Jesus Jugs” comment. You cannot sue for blasphemy, so it’s ridiculous for Tamra to even make that statement (although we should all pray right now!). Jim and I went through a year of Tamra making false accusations, spreading false rumors, and telling lies and we were tired of it. You CAN sue for defamation, slander, and libel and that is exactly what we were prepared to do if she didn’t stop. Once we met with our attorney and heard our rights, we knew we had a case. I have all the tweets saved, all the quotes documented, and we had enough evidence to pursue a case, so we made it known. And I guess she got the point (that we would have sued her) because she shut up.

With that said, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and I can handle criticism. Tamra can call me Jesus Barbie, Jesus Jugs, dumb, ugly, horrible, worthless, gold digger. . .etc. However, she is not entitled to spread lies, attempt to ruin our family name, or affect my husband’s ability to earn money. With that said, I am not a fighter. But you better be damn sure to know that I have a pair of boxing gloves buried in my heart, and they are prepared to come out when my family is under attack. I think we all have that in us. . .that horn that comes out when it involves more than merely ourselves, that gun that fires when someone involves our precious families. I will fight to the end before I lay down and let anyone heartlessly drag my family down.

I know many of you are wondering about why I quit and have now returned. Last year was one of the most difficult times in my life. . .watching these women demean, belittle, and call me names every single episode. I don’t think the worst part was what they said, but it was having it occur every time I had to turn on the TV, and that it was all happening behind my back. I was blindsided. I was shocked. Then Costa Rica happened. I would have been able to handle Costa Rica if it had been done in love. None of these women came to me and told me they had an issue with me prior to the “gang up.”

So at the end of the season, I was broken. I felt at that time the best decision for myself and my family was to quit the show. A few weeks after I quit, I was pursued to reconsider. Vicki also told me she needed me on the show and really wanted me to come back. So I didn’t take the decision lightly. I thought long and hard about it. I had long talks with Jim about it. I’d had a month to heal and I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to send the message to my children that it was OK to quit when times got tough. I decided I wasn’t going to allow anyone to bully me out of my career. I suddenly got a fire in me. I felt strong again and I wasn’t about to let other’s negativity stand in the way of my dreams. So I’m back. . .stronger than ever before.”

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11 Replies to “Did Alexis & Jim Bellino Threaten To Sue Tamra Barney? Is There A Lawsuit?”

  1. No, the Bellinos were not going to sue Tamra for “jesus jugs” as Tamra would like you to believe. They were going to sue her for tweeting something about Jim that was over-the-top libelous. She quickly deleted it, but have no doubt, proof of it does exist and Tamra was terrified. She is definitely not innocent, and knows its not about “jesus jugs”, but she has to lie to her fans to get their support right?

  2. Career???? What!! I’m sorry, but cameras following you around and recording everything you say and do does not make it a career. She is really clueless!

  3. Your right MKTB and she’s as phoney as a three dollar bill.
    I think she is not aware that there are some people who can see right through her act.
    In the past she has had gotten by with delusions of grandeur and still thinks she can fool most people.

  4. Luv Lex and Jim glad they are back.She is a sweetheart and tweets me back all the time.she has been my fav since season 5.I do think by mid-end season She and Heather and even Tamra will get along.Gretchen,she should of stood by Alexis,Not a very loyal friend.vicki good,Lydia i think will add a nice touch.We will see keep watching.I think this will be the best season ever!

  5. The way Tamara treats people, she will one day get sued. She really needs to learn to shut up. Not everyone cares about what you have to say on every single subject. Sometimes Tamara, its best to mind your own business.

  6. While I am no fan of Alexis…I am not a fan of Tamra, either. Tamra is a middle aged, immature, attention grabbing bully! She thinks her actions are funny and make her popular with the viewing public, when in reality they make her look uncultured, uneducated, classless and desperate. I say Alexis should sue her…and sue her big time! Make her put her money where her big, fat, unattractive mouth is!…or ZIP IT!

  7. Tamara and her crazy, following bully friends are all discraseful. Grow up!! Tamara, everyone knows ur just jealous. A failed marriage, u r so insecure ur dating a younger Man that u manipulatively control. Get a life and stop loosing ur shit on camera, u crazy bitch Tamara.

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