Did Albert Manzo Cheat On Caroline Manzo?

Caroline & Albert Manzo

Cheating rumors are surrounding The Real Housewives of New Jersey again, and now a source is claiming Albert Manzo cheated on Caroline. RadarOnline is reporting that Teresa Giudice and Kim DePaola are scheming to prove Albert’s affair. Last year at the Posche Fashion Show, Radar reports Teresa and Kim were probing La Chateau Allure Salon owner Penny Dross about which House Husbands have been faithful, and which haven’t. “Penny was a little bit hesitant to speak with them, but Teresa and Kim were relentless in their pursuit of digging up dirt on their fellow housewives,” an insider tells the site.

“Teresa and Kim rattled off the names of all the men and when they got to Albert Manzo it was clear that was who Penny was suggesting is having an affair.” According to the source when Penny wouldn’t elaborate on Albert and his mistress, Teresa got frustrated. “When Penny wouldn’t elaborate Teresa shrugged it off and made a cruel remark about how everybody knows about his affair and inferred that it has been going on for what seems like forever.”

Do YOU think Albert cheated on Caroline?

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5 Replies to “Did Albert Manzo Cheat On Caroline Manzo?”

  1. Of course Teresa was adamant about pushing Penny to reveal which husbands were cheating,she knows HER husband cheats on her and she can’t stand to see anyone in a happy marriage.Ugh,I don’t know if I can even stand to watch this train wreck this season,she is so mean spirited and unable to let anyone else succeed at anything.

  2. Hands down I believe Al has cheated/cheating on Caroline. It was all over the internet last season BUT the reason I feel he did/does is because he seemed very detached and bored with Caroline last season. Caroline transfers her lack of attention/affection from Al to her “boys” who are grown men – which makes their co-dependence so creepy and unnatural. For many “years” as described in many tweets/blogs Al’s affair – long term- that he actually loved this woman, whose name escapes me. But again, his behavior toward Caroline last season was the big red flag for me. Don’t expect the truth or this “rumor” to survive this season. Andy needs Caroline’s lame book to make $$ so he will make sure that it is all rumor and…..it will be Teresa’s fault. Gheezzz, how damn predictable and trashy is Bravo and their producers. Another SatNightLive skit will probably insue, I’m sure. LAME

  3. Really Teresa? This again? Your gonna lose everyone that has ever truly cared about you, when your fans finally turn on you, and they will, all you’ll be left with is reruns. Please stop these horrible lies for your own sake! Loneliness sucks…

  4. I wish these ignoramuses would learn to speak English. When someone makes a comment hinting at something they are “implying” it, and when someone is hearing something as if it’s implied they are “inferring” it.

  5. no way i can’t believe he did!..those bitches just like to stir things up! Thresa cant be happy then she thinks no one should be! Thresa needs to grow up!

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