Details Of Teresa Giudice’s Life In Prison Revealed


Teresa Giudice began her 15-month prison sentence at FCI Danbury on January 5th. I have to be honest with you, I have been shocked about the amount of information that is being leaked about Teresa’s life behind bars. Many have speculated that other inmates are speaking to the tabloids, giving them information about her time in prison.

Some of the latest details come from a source who spoke to US Weekly.

“Someone left and old magazine with her on the cover on a table where she could see it. It was mean spirited,” the source shared. “The magazines with her face on them are all over the place.”

Since Teresa has been forced to remove her hair extensions and dial down the makeup, the insider says the other inmates are shocked at how different she looks.

“They can’t believe she looks so different in real life,” the source said, adding that Teresa scored a top bunk in her cell.

“The vultures who want to be her bestie were all over her,” the insider said. “One inmate with waist length dreadlocks even tried to become her ‘protector,’ but Teresa sort of ignored it.”

“She knows to watch her back,” the source added. “She’s been cautioned that some of these women might be nice in the beginning, but they like to instigate trouble.”

“Turns out one of Teresa’s cellmates is friends with her pal Renee Graziano from Mob Wives,” another source told In Touch, adding that Teresa has also met a trainer and has been working out everyday. “Teresa even found a personal trainer, an inmate who teaches classes, so she’s been working out every day.”

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16 Replies to “Details Of Teresa Giudice’s Life In Prison Revealed”

  1. How wonderful for our convicted felon….finding a trainer for daily work outs. How sad that she must remove her extensions. Fortunately with her LOW Simian forehead, our fav felon has plenty of hair ON (literally) her face.

  2. Just stop with the daily updates about this dirty felon. NO ONE CARES. She is a CONVICTED FELON doing time. She doesn’t deserve any publicity.

  3. Would love to see a pic of her without all the falseness…her own hair, no makeup with false eyelashes and plaster covering her complexion. She actually looks like a bad attempt to be a transvestite and i love me a good tranny. She doesn’t even do them justice.

  4. Good luck Teresa! I’m sure w friends & family like yours you’re well prepped on watching your back. Sending love to you & your family.

  5. I’ve heard that inmates can wear full make-up. My thing is she is suppose to have a job there. Does she?
    She will also have time to write a book and also have freedom to walk the grounds of Danbury. And she will not be in a prison cell to my knowledge. All the above I’ve mentioned seems to be the case for everybody there. But this is information I’ve read on the Internet. I’m not sure how true this is. So take this information with ” a grain of salt.”

  6. How great she has a personal trainer to work with and she doesn’t have to pay for it – oh that’s right she never pays anything. The only thing I’d be interested in seeing is her without all that make up and hair.
    You never know Teresa might be the source too as she wants to stay relevant.

  7. Oh someone left a magazine with her pic on it out? Mean spirited? Lol Tre is an attention whore, she loved it I bet. The only news or info I want to hear about is when she gets her first beat down or gang rape!

    1. Oh Lexa: teresa is NOT my favorite AT ALL, but Im not excited or looking forward to reading or hearing about her getting beat or raped.

  8. Can we please stop with all of these updates on her? Many of us don’t care. I, personally, was hoping that her going to the big house would give us a break.

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