Details About The RHONJ Season 7 Reunion


The cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey taped the season seven reunion last week and now we have some new revelations to share with you of what came from the explosive day.

Sources reveal the reunion was taped in New York City and the ladies stayed in the city over night. “Jacqueline was upset with everybody,” the source said. “Jacqueline was upset with Dolores [Catania] and Siggy [Flicker] and that’s when the head producer sat them all down and had dinner.”

“Jacqueline was beside herself when she saw the edit that everyone was against her,” the source explained to RadarOnline, noting that the women get to see advanced copies of episodes before the reunion. “They have all the girls holding hands without Jacqueline.”

The insider shared that nobody held back at the reunion and all the women were out to defend themselves. Teresa Giudice reportedly had to address rumors that her husband Joe cheated on her, but quickly turned her focus to slamming Jac for talking badly about her while she was in prison. Laurita retaliated by telling her that it was actually Melissa Gorga who was doing all the talking.

“Basically Jacqueline told Teresa all the sh*t she knew that only Melissa could have told her while Teresa was in jail,” the source explained. “Teresa just stood there with her mouth open.” The source noted that Gorga “basically jumped out of her seat,” but Andy Cohen didn’t pay any attention to her.

The insider also shared that Andy Cohen cut the reunion short to attend an event with Anderson Cooper, but that didn’t stop the ladies from fighting off-camera. “There’s no question that nobody’s happy with each other,” the source said.

According to the insider, Jacqueline and Siggy have not spoken since the reunion and Laurita is waiting for a phone call from Flicker. “When the reunion was over, Jacqueline was all by herself with the producers and walked back and hung out with the producers,” the source said. “Teresa, Siggy, and Melissa hung out together which was a slap in the face.”

“Siggy was brought on by Jacqueline to be her friend and now she wants to be friends with everyone,” the insider explained. “She’s not going one way or the other. There’s a lot of hard feelings.”

“They divided everyone,” the insider said. “That’s what the show does.”

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11 Replies to “Details About The RHONJ Season 7 Reunion”

  1. If any of it is true, it proves that Jaqueline wanted to get between Melissa and Theresa all along. She didn’t like it that they stood firm for each other, and she is beside herself that since they made that vow to each other, they haven’t brought up the past, either one on the show so far anyway. Jealous, for sure! One minute she is sobbing that she loves Theresa, the next screaming at her “Narcissistic bitch criminal.” And that she has the guts to do that with hers and Chris’s criminal theft and fraudulent cooking of the books for years, blows my mind. She must think, and maybe she’s right, that they won’t go after her because of Nick. Too bad her other son, CJ, has to fight to be noticed at all. I can’t stand her, she needs to wean herself off of the benzos maybe. The last time I saw her saying CJ’s name at all was way back when Danielle was on and she had a BD party for him. But then, Nicholes wasn’t born yet. I looked back at a few seasons the day I hurt my foot, and didn’t find ONE time she even mentioned his name. The way she balls like a baby over Nick not having the same life as other kids, doing Judo or basketball, and not one word about what CJ does, not his grades, not his sports events, maybe a part in a school play, I don’t even know if he has some musical talent, maybe he wants to be an artist…… makes me sick.
    I will definitely watch the reunion as I have the season on Amazon. We have 7 or so shows left to go first though. I am so pleased that Theresa and Melissa have stood with each other, and as shocked as I am at myself, I actually like Melissa so far this year. I have always liked Theresa, seems she has grown up too, I guess it proves, to me anyway, that people can change.

    1. Jacqueline talks about Nick because he insulates her with victim hood. You cannot argue with her. He is her excuse for everything. She’s upset? It’s Nick. Said something completely vile? The trouble she has with nick. She is a child. She is a bad parent. Exhibit A is Ashley. She will never learn that there are some blows too low to deliver. That once you go to such a gutter level exposing really painful secrets told in the confidence of friendship that no matter how you feel later you cannot repair those wounds. She goes for the jugular grabs hold and rips it apart with spilling every last secret you ever told her.
      I have fought with family and friends thinking that I hated them 100% but there are places you just don’t go. Jacqueline will never have a friend because she is an immature lunatic.

  2. 3Ds I with you I agree with every thing you said. I like watching Theresa and Mellisa together their funny. Sigggy is too when jacks not around This season was good. Better than the last couple seasons.

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