DETAILS On The RHONJ Reunion- Season 4!


The Real Housewives of New Jersey recently taped their Season 4 Reunion special and to say it was intense is an understatement. An insider of the show spoke to All About The Real Housewives ( to dish on what went down at the taping.

The source begins, “The reunion began around 10am and was intense right off the bat! It was 4 against one and while Teresa handled herself well in the beginning, she started getting real upset especially when Joe Gorga came on the stage. Teresa and Joe have not seen each other for almost a year now so Teresa got emotional and it was touching for all of us who were there to see that she really does love her brother.”

As far as the siblings putting their war to rest? “Joe was accusing Teresa of saying Melissa was a stripper. Teresa pointed out that she never said Melissa was a stripper and that she only heard rumors about it. Joe wasn’t buying it and the two kept going back and forth at each other.”

What about Jac and Teresa’s friendship? “Jacqueline kept saying Teresa always spoke badly about Melissa and Joe and wouldn’t drop it! Teresa didn’t keep quiet either. She revealed that Caroline had told her that Jacqueline was a stripper. That made Jacqueline freak out especially because she constantly denies it when asked. Teresa kept telling Jac that Caroline used to bash Jac to her all the time even saying that Caroline said Jac wasn’t a good wife to Chris! Teresa revealed that Jacqueline was a dancer when she lived in Vegas and it’s a fact because Jac and the Manzos had told her prior to them not being friends! Jacqueline was also flipping out on Joe Giudice calling him names when he came on set to tape.”

What about Kathy vs. Teresa? “Kathy says something about Teresa’s mother that really ticks Teresa off. Teresa freaks out and is shocked that Kathy could talk about her mother considering the two are family. That was Teresa’s boiling point. Caroline was actually seen comforting Teresa for being so upset but after the two get ugly with each other.”

So how did the reunion conclude? “Things aren’t good with the Gorgas and Giudices. It ended rough and Melissa, Joe, and Kathy did not make up with Teresa. If anything this reunion made things worse. It looks like that relationship is done and the family will never be what they were. Melissa even says something about Teresa’s children that blows Teresa’s mind!  As for Jacqueline, Caroline and Teresa. That friendship is over which is sad since they were all such good friends prior to Teresa’s family coming on the show.”

I think this is the most anticipated reunion in the entire Real Housewives franchise!

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  1. Sounds like it could boil down to Teresa being the only HWONJ chosen back next season or she will get her own show? If bravo keeps the others instead than good riddance. I’m tired of watching the level of nastiness/trashiness they go to and besides they are so annoying & boring to watch.

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