Details On RHONY Season 6! Ramona Singer & Sonja Morgan Not Speaking!


The Real Housewives of New York have been filming their sixth season since May, and the NYDailyNews reports, the sixth season is going to be the most dramatic, both on and off camera! “Ramona [Singer] has turned into Joan Collins,” a source tells NYDailyNews. “She is telling everyone that she is the star of the show.” Ramona’s cast mates are calling her “ridiculous,” and of course Aviva Drescher has been the only one to confront Ramona so far. Ramona and Aviva ended season 5 on bad terms, but the insider tells the site that Aviva apologizes to Ramona in the first episode! “Aviva tells her how much she has missed her,” the source reveals. “She is being so nice to Ramona that it is freaking her out. Ramona hates to be touched, and Aviva is hugging her every chance she gets.”

The source continues to explain that alliances are forming, especially when Ramona and Sonja gang up on Heather Thomson by not attending one of her parties. But a shocking feud ensues, because Ramona and Sonja are no longer speaking! “They are no longer speaking because Singer feels betrayed that Morgan used her lawyer to land a more lucrative contract at the show,” the insider reveals. “Sonja’s in her own world. She’s still trying to perfect her toaster ovens.”

“Heather is using the show to promote her brand, and producers are constantly telling her to stop trying to ‘pull a Bethenny [Frankel].’ Carole is constantly firing off nasty emails to the other ladies telling them to stop talking about her,” the source continues. And Aviva and LuAnn have become friends as LuAnn wants to help Aviva decorate her new apartment.

But the biggest feud of the season will be between Carole and Aviva! “Aviva thinks Carole is a fake socialite,” the source says. “She is desperately trying to find evidence that Carole had a ghostwriter for her book and did not get the $800,000 advance she claims.”

Photo Credit: WireImage