Details Of Mama Elsa’s Stroke, Will She Appear In RHOM Season 3?


Many people were shocked that fan favorite, Mama Elsa, didn’t attend The Real Housewives of Miami season 3 premiere party last week, but Marysol tells the Miami Herald that her mother is still recovering from a stroke she had in March. “Right now mom is at home convalescing with a full-time live-in,” Marysol says. “It was a difficult road to finally get her home and back to her daily routines, the simplest things we all take for granted daily.”

Marysol also explained what happened the day of Elsa’s stroke. “I received a call from her household staff that they had arrived at the house and found her unconscious on the floor of her bedroom. I immediately called 911 and drove over. She was shaking and unable to walk or barely sit up and her eyes were fixated staring up to left. The paramedics carried her down the stairs wrapped in a sheet to the ambulance. She was rushed to the hospital for a brain scan,” Marysol explains. The doctors then told Marysol they needed to operate ASAP.

Then, Elsa was in critical care for several months and then moved to a rehabilitation center before coming home in May. Elsa’s recovery will not be shown on RHOM, but she will make an appearance towards the end of the season!

“The production company was very flexible with me and allowed me to film around my schedule which involved hospital visits, coordinating mom’s move back home and my day to day operations of my company,” Marysol said. “I filmed what I could, when I was available in the role of a ‘friend’ of the Housewives.”

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