Details Of The Drama-Filled RHONJ Finale


Viewers were stunned on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey when Rino Aprea was accused of sleeping with his wife’s mother, Santa. And according to a new report, producers waited to film the season finale until earlier this week after the drama-filled episode aired.

An insider tells RadarOnline that James Marchese was banned from attending the finale episode which was filmed at an event for Dina Manzo’s Project Ladybug charity. Insiders claim Marchese told Victoria Gotti about Rino’s alleged affair.

“Producers waited to film the finale until after the explosive episode about Rino and his mother-in-law having sex aired because they wanted to get that raw emotion captured on camera,” the source said. “And it worked!”

The source continues, “Teresa and her twin sister Nicole went after Amber for what they say are lies Jim is spreading about the family. Dina got very upset that everyone was fighting at her charity event, and Teresa Giudice just hung back and let everyone else act like fools.”

“There was plenty of alcohol flowing at the event because producers were truly hoping there would be another moment similar to Teresa Giudice’s infamous table toss,” the source said. “But even though it didn’t get quite that dramatic, there were plenty of tears, yelling, and threats of violence.”

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  1. Not defending Jim Marchese, and I do like the twins but the rumor about Rino and Santa has been going around for years upon years in Colts Neck and I doubt Jim nor Victoria started it.

  2. How did Jim start the rumor if Victoria Gotti said that Rino told her and several other women about his tryst with his mother in law? Very simple to find out, ask the other ladies who were present. I think people hate Jim so much that they will blame him for anything. Just like Melissa blamed Teresa for any gossip. I don’t get all the hate and distaste for Jim. All you read on these blog sites is negative and hateful comments towards the Gudices, people want them to burn. Here we have Jim, not wanting to associate with the Gudices and her f****** up brother, and he’s the bad guy. To each his own. I dislike Melissa & Joe more than Jim & Amber. I think they are all crooks, & have shady pasts. And I loved it when Jim went off on Joe Gudice, the dumb MF that called his sister HORRIBLE names on TV.

    1. The main problem with Jim is he comes off as a whiny baby. If he was so concerned about being about the two Joe’s…he never should have agreed to do the show. He sounds like an idiot when he says…he can’t be around them because of this or that. It was not a secret that the Gorgas and Guidices are apart of the show.

      1. Jenqueen…TOTALLY AGREE!!! It’s not like he was coming onto the show blind and didn’t know who the cast members were! He either should’ve said “No” or he could have refused to be filmed with them. I understand that his position as a sometime prosecutorial expert witness he needs to keep his nose clean…but seriously??? If it’s all caught on film…no one can really claim any kind of misconduct. They’ll have the proof of the interactions from the show. As long as he kept it casual, ON SCREEN and never off camera…he would’ve been fine.

    2. I suggest you read more about this RAT Jim Marchese. He was the scammer who got an unapproved cancer drug paid for by medicare, so thousands of people were given a drug that was not approved, so who knows how many people died because of his greed. And then he got fired from the company, he turned them in. The private emails that were exposed of him bragging about how great he was at finding sneaky ways to make them all rich is disgusting! I don’t know if I can post the other website, but google it, the evidence against him is disgusting! His whistelblower money was reduced because he was found to be the ringleader of the scam. I wonder how he would feel if his wife, during her cancer treatment got the drug he sikked on innocent cancer patients. And he also is an attorney, but can’t practice? This guy is way worse than Juicy or all the rest of the husbands.

      1. Haha me neither I would never have known if someone didn’t mention it poor Melissa, I have to say Melissa is so desperate for people to think she is a sex bomb with that ridiculous photo shoot YUK!! she wasn’t even wearing sexy things it was more like stipper outfits…I would have to say it is always explosive finale so I will look forward to it!!

    1. She evidently was not missed. Nikki use your influence to maybe get the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF
      NEW JERSEY and not an ethnic Italian group. I went to Keansburg growing up and their were
      a lot of Irish and they just got up in the morning went to the beach and waited for Daddy to come
      down on the weekend . That was the shore most of these bimbos are from Brooklyn.
      They give a bad name to all. And actually If you are going to look at the real summer Jersey Shore
      Your are going to see the Irish and the real good descents of the Jersey Shore.

  3. How many episodes is this season supposed to have? Is it going to be a short season since the ratings have been bad? I hope they leave the twins they need to continue into season 6 I think they need to get rid of Melissa and Amber, they maybe have to replace Teresa depending on what she gets in her sentencing so a fresh new cast except the twins would be great! I think the twins bring a little spice to the show! PS second comment be nice lol.

    1. what I am thinking. No ‘trips’ this season, or did I miss it they used to do a lot it seems. Idk, this series seems to be short to me. But maybe because its so bad this season. Boo. Andy, dont save this one pls, walk away. I would rather watch NY any day.

  4. Get rid of it all. I think that Andy would like to be a house wife. Don’t these fools what fools he is
    making of them. Look at his face. And he has the power and how they all kiss his ass. Look at
    his pic in how he wants to save RHONY. He thinks his shit don’t stink.
    I think that he hates women and will screw any thing that he sees. Maybe that’s why the dog?
    Yes, No talent and somehow we give him money. Let’s put a vote up and see what people think of
    him. I am not just saying Aunt Bee let’s go> Lia, Teresa come on. Ste

    1. Ann, haha I don’t know if they are going to let us on here anymore I am laughing so hard right now I can hardly see, you know I am always with you hahaha even when you are outrageous it is only 11am here but I feel like a need a drink after this!!!

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