Details Of Claudia Jordan’s Relationship With Kordell Stewart


On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kordell Stewart made an appearance during the opening of Sports One, a bar in which he is partners with Peter Thomas. During the grand opening party, Kenya Moore encouraged Kordell and Claudia to get to know each other.

“They trying to get you married?” Kordell asks Claudia.

“I think Kordell might be feeling me a little bit,” Claudia said in her interview. “Why not? I’m a decent catch and I know how to spell and he likes a smart woman? I think?”

“Look, I’m in Atlanta now. Let me get your information,” Claudia tells Kordell as they exchange numbers, take a selfie and continue to flirt.

But are the two dating? Absolutely not, Jordan confirmed.

“I’ve actually known him for years,” Claudia said. “Kordell has always been the same nice, classy guy.”

“I’ve never been the kind of girl to actively go after the ex of someone I’m in close proximity to, but we’re not really friends so I could if I wanted to,” Jordan admitted. “I just don’t prefer it.”

Watch the show highlight below.

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11 Replies to “Details Of Claudia Jordan’s Relationship With Kordell Stewart”

  1. I think Claudia was just joking around for the cameras and of course big mouthed Kenya (does she always have to yell?) had to push it and make a big, obvious deal out of it because she wanted to get a slam in on Porsha- gee your SOoooo subtle Kenya-NOT! But I had no idea Kordell was so animated and friendly. When he filmed before he was such a fuddy-duddy! And BTW- how incredibly rude to show up 3 1/2 hours late to the opening of Sports One!

    1. You’re right! Remember how livid Cynthia was when Porsha arrived 45 min late to their luncheon? She did worse to her own husband. Beyond rude. Its downright disrespectful!

      1. I agree – who shows up so late? Better off to not come at all. What in the wolrd could take that long to get to a place you have known you needed to be for a long time prior?

  2. Kenya cails herself classy but there was absolutely nothing classy about her last night especially on the road trip. She is the most disgusting female and probably the main reason for the lateness.

    1. Kenya is a loud mouthed hypocrite- and even when she is wronged- like by Apollo’s lies- her complicity in the issue and her attitude towards others garners her little to no sympathy. I have no idea how Claudia and Cynthia could stand being in a car with her for more than 5 minutes much less 3 HOURS! I would rather get a root canal.

    2. Kenya looks for any opportunity to make someone else look bad. And can she not just speak, does it always have to be so loud and yelling? We are not deaf Kenya.

  3. Didn’t Kenya imply that Porsha was Kordell’s ‘beard’ – and now she’s setting him up with Claudia. I never believed it…just her being evil. Claudia you broke every girl rule, ever!! Disgusting.

  4. I like Claudia, but even though porshas a complete idiot, and a follower, that wasn’t cool, there was some payback in that selfie, hoping porsha sees it..

    1. Porsha isn’t the sharpest tack in the box…she’s not an idiot (that’s rude) She DOES have a big heart and I think is just trying to find her way with these ladies. For Claudia to even JOKE about dating Cordell tells me she’s a mean girl in disguise. As for Kenya…I think she’s taking all the shots at Porsha that she can, knowing that due to the reunion mess….Porsha can’t/won’t do a thing. It’s sad that Kenya gets to whine “victim” all the time….yet she just keeps poking Porsha with that stick. One day she’s going to poke at someone and when they snap…Little Miss USA will need stitches.

      1. Stitches or a pine box. This woman is evil and nasty and someday she’s going to meet someone who will put an end to her nastiness.

  5. I cannot stand Kenya or Claudia. Kenya talk and insults ppl in every interview she does. She’s two faced big time. Claudia works with Porsha & on the same TV show, that’s enough to not mess with her ex husband. Also, Kordel was so much about looks and even picked out Porsha’s clothes. So how do u think Kordel will feel once he sees the hammer toed feet of Claudia’s?? Hilarious.

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