Details Behind The Giudice/Gorga/Wakile Family Feud! Teresa’s Father Thinks Joe Gorga & Kathy Wakile Shamed Their Family!


The Giudice/Gorga/Wakile feud has had viewers on the edge of their seats for three seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and now an insider is sharing with RealityTea what exactly happened to cause the infamous family feud. The site reveals what Teresa’s parents, Antonia and Giacinto Gorga’s issues are with Joe & Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile! “Teresa’s parents were against Melissa, Joe, and Kathy joining the show,” the insider tells the site. “Why? Because of all the family drama. Who would want their family drama on TV? So, yes, Teresa’s father holds a grudge against Kathy and her family as well as their own son and his wife.”

“On the show Sunday night and in Melissa’s blog she says that if her mother didn’t want the information about her dad in the book, she would have never done it,” the source continues. “She wouldn’t throw ‘her’ family under the bus. Funny isn’t it, since she threw her husband’s family under the bus on national TV.”

Which is apparently why Teresa’s parents blame Joe and Melissa! “No matter what Teresa did or didn’t do in the eyes of their parents, Joe and Melissa disgraced the family by going on the show. They knew the intention was to sabotage Teresa, so can you blame them?” the source says.

“It’s really sickening to watch Joe, Melissa, and Kathy talk about how much they want to be a family when they joined a show with one common enemy….Teresa,” the source continues. “Teresa’s parents will never forgive them. So, that is the guilt Joe has to live with and long after they are gone…..he shamed his family. If the roles were reversed, Teresa would not have gone on the show. Teresa listens to her parents as though she is a child. She would never want to hurt or upset them.”

The insider also sheds some light on Melissa’s upcoming book about marriage. “Melissa talks so much about her wonderful marriage. She doesn’t talk much about their early years,” the insider reveals. “She doesn’t talk about how she felt like #2 and Teresa was #1. She doesn’t talk about all their fights. She is just telling you what she thinks will sell. There isn’t ONE person who knows them well, who says ‘I admire their marriage’ The only people who may say that are those who see the fake marriage they portray for TV.”

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32 Replies to “Details Behind The Giudice/Gorga/Wakile Family Feud! Teresa’s Father Thinks Joe Gorga & Kathy Wakile Shamed Their Family!”

  1. Thank you Theresa for enlightening us. YOur parents did not write this you did. Your influence on the entire blog screams Theresa is jealous that the others have become so popular. I don’t know this family but there is no way you can convince me that the elder Gorga’s had ANYTHING to do with this article. If you believe any of this your crazy!!!!!!

    1. I believe this article is completely true, The elder Gorgas like any parents do not want to see their children fight in public ,,,,Let alone on a Television show, Teresa was on two seasons and did not air her private famliy fights, Either did the Manzos for that matter,

      Melissa and Joe wanted reality show fame like Teresa, And if that meant banging on a table calling Teresa garbage in front of his parents during his youngest son Christening,,,,,,He was going to do it.

      I feel so bad for Kathy’s mother ….Last season Melissa hosted a bbq with the Walkies and the Marcos…in other words A Teresa bash session, Kathy’s mother offered words of wisdom,,,If you want to be family stop talking, Then in the last show, Kathy and Rosie were having dinner with their mom and she kept telling them to stop talking about her brother. You could clearly tell she did not want this on national televison,

  2. I so agree, Melanie! These nasty comments, always attributed to “insiders” have Teresa’s fingerprints all over them! If her parents do blame Kathy, Melissa, and Joe Gorga it has to be because they don’t watch the show, or they don’t recognize their daughter’s nasty nature.

    1. Teresa’s mother watch the show. Joey and Kathy shamed the family not because of the feud, but because they put the family’s personal business out on national tv for everyone to know. You just don’t do that. You can hate each other all you want but outsiders should never know that and you should show a united front against outsiders.

    2. are u on cracked???take the pipe down and watch the show on how melissa threw her own dead father under the bus she has nooooo respect for anyone.kathy is a joke with her brokeazz husband.if toothy richie was so succesful owning a gas station how come he wrote bad checks to the gas company.

  3. I found this to be an interesting read. Never thought about how the “old school Italians” would look at it as shaming their family. Good article!

    1. Actually I believe most parents, old school or new …or any national would not want their children to put personal family problems on TV for all the world to see. Just so heartbreaking,

  4. Melissa and Joe should never have joined the show and for this I blame Melissa! She is so jealous of Tre’s success and fame that she would drag this family through the mud on National TV, under the pretence of making things right with the family. She wants some of that fame and money at any cost! I do believe this story!

  5. Why would u want to work with someone you don’t get along with I’m so done with the Tre bashing if it wasn’t to start drama why would they come on the show it is a lot of hate going around Tre should just get a spin off and let it be let them have this show cuz its going down hill anyway smh

      1. you’re right. but as was previously mentioned it wasn’t until melissa and joe joined that the family drama became a storyline. Tre did the respectable thing and kept it off the air for the first 2 seasons.

        meaning it’s clear why Tre signed up to do the show. yes for the fame and money but not at the expense of her family.

        Joe and melissa however purely joined for malicious reasons. have you been watching? the SECOND any progress toward peace is made they manage to bring up more negative crap. If Joe REALLY wanted for things to end then stop acting like a 16 year old girl getting all upset over damn tweets. Seriously, GET A LIFE! Go to work, spend time with your kids, try and fix things with your family. If the tweets piss him off that badly then get the hell off twitter. Delete the account and truly be done with it. Stop whining every week about how it weighs on your heart. He’s supposed to be a grown man…start acting like it!

  6. This all seems so petty and stupid. Am I the only one who feels this way? These people all need their heads checked.

  7. I agree with you Lacy it is if fame they wanted did they have to go about it this way calling elders liars and cowards is so sad Joey didn’t even defend his parents…I would never defame my parents at no cost Its just real sad and to be recognized you must bash Tre why they allllll have skeltons let’s hear there drama I’m just so done with this Melissa story line and everyone else Tre if your husband beats this case please go for your own spin off I would be glad to watch….luv u

    1. There is nothing special about elders if they are part of the problem. You respect people that deserve respect.

  8. ITA with Lisas comments. I would DEF watch a Teresa show. at least, it would be light and funny between Tre, Juicy and the things those kids say, it would be a HIT!!!!!!!!

  9. It amazes me, Melissa is constantly trashing Teresa, I never thought Melissa was very bright but she just proved it last Sunday. She made such a big deal about how she didnt know whether to put it in the book about her father cheating, didnt know if her mother would want her too? Uh excuse me Melissa you announced it to the world that your dad cheated, WAY before you said anything to your mother to see if she objected.? You dont need to put it in your book, uh you just anounced it to the world BEFORE you checked with your mother. So you can stop pretending that you are concerned about her feelings. If that was truth you would never of said ANYTHING about any of it on National TV. you just want to be famous, wow unbelievable.n

  10. The elder Gorgas always go to Teresa’s to make sausage and sauce. Why doesn’t Joe Gorga drop by or host that bonding time at his home? Another thing, I have to be honest, Joe and Melissa’s youngest son, Joey looks nothing like Joe. He looks like that bulldog guy that Melissa had an affair with. Just saying! I wouldn’t blame the elder Gorgas for not liking Melissa if that’s true.

    1. Teresa you vapid piece of shit. What a nasty thing to say. That boy looks just like your brother as a kid and you know it. Over half the stupid comments here are written by you and your assistants. Go to hell hag.

  11. Wow. That’s a really ugly allegation, Teresa. I mean, Frick. The child looks like a combination of Melissa and Joe when he was a child.

    1. Ha! I’m not Teresa but if it makes you feel better to think I am, rock on. Also, I’m not the only person that thinks that about baby Joey. If Joe would just quit being such an idiot and open his eyes then he’d realize the same and demand a paternity test. It is what it is. It’s awful to pass off another man’s kid on your husband and lie to your child.

      1. It’s funny – one of Teresa’s girls doesn’t look like Joe or any of her other girls …. Why don’t you point that out too?

  12. I’ve watched this show from the beginning and the “details in the feud” have it pretty much right. There wasn’t a whole lot of backstabbing going on, except for Danielle, and Little Miss Melissa was feeding her information on Teresa…..She doesn’t think her s–t doesn’t stink…but it’ll all come home to her soon…she’s beginning to get too sloppy, almost like she’s trying to get caught. Miss Jacqueline, wasn’t there enough attention being paid to you in the dress salon and the bar??? She made sure she was going to be heard.. I think she’s going off the deep end, she needs professional help.

  13. This is so funny, the elder Gorgas should get their priorities in check now that the lovely and talentless T has disgraced, herself, her kids, her family and the whole state of NJ all in the pursuit of fame and money.

    1. To ALL,

      First of all, none of the HW of NJ are actors although they try to be. The only one that has any
      decency is T. She never has said anything cruel to anyone. Whereas, the rest, besides Rosie,
      constantly use T as a dart board.

      Do you see the change in Joe Guidice? I believe something he has been taking, is gone.
      As far as the rage Joe Gorgo displays, he’s still taking something.

      This family is in trouble. As far as the Italian family goes, everything to them is ABOUT the family. I can’t
      explain it, but one is taught to NEVER disrespect your siblings. No one else matters: cousins, spouses,
      friends….family comes first. T is following that rule, but no one else is.

  14. Look,,, the family need boot camp and deep counseling , way more than a regular show!!!! SMH with those Guidices !!!!!it s sad!!! The most important thing coming from the show is their kids!!!!!!!!!!! They went thru a lot , looking up at their parents!!!!! SMH!!!!!!

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