Details Behind The Giudice/Gorga/Wakile Family Feud! Teresa’s Father Thinks Joe Gorga & Kathy Wakile Shamed Their Family!


The Giudice/Gorga/Wakile feud has had viewers on the edge of their seats for three seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and now an insider is sharing with RealityTea what exactly happened to cause the infamous family feud. The site reveals what Teresa’s parents, Antonia and Giacinto Gorga’s issues are with Joe & Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile! “Teresa’s parents were against Melissa, Joe, and Kathy joining the show,” the insider tells the site. “Why? Because of all the family drama. Who would want their family drama on TV? So, yes, Teresa’s father holds a grudge against Kathy and her family as well as their own son and his wife.”

“On the show Sunday night and in Melissa’s blog she says that if her mother didn’t want the information about her dad in the book, she would have never done it,” the source continues. “She wouldn’t throw ‘her’ family under the bus. Funny isn’t it, since she threw her husband’s family under the bus on national TV.”

Which is apparently why Teresa’s parents blame Joe and Melissa! “No matter what Teresa did or didn’t do in the eyes of their parents, Joe and Melissa disgraced the family by going on the show. They knew the intention was to sabotage Teresa, so can you blame them?” the source says.

“It’s really sickening to watch Joe, Melissa, and Kathy talk about how much they want to be a family when they joined a show with one common enemy….Teresa,” the source continues. “Teresa’s parents will never forgive them. So, that is the guilt Joe has to live with and long after they are gone…..he shamed his family. If the roles were reversed, Teresa would not have gone on the show. Teresa listens to her parents as though she is a child. She would never want to hurt or upset them.”

The insider also sheds some light on Melissa’s upcoming book about marriage. “Melissa talks so much about her wonderful marriage. She doesn’t talk much about their early years,” the insider reveals. “She doesn’t talk about how she felt like #2 and Teresa was #1. She doesn’t talk about all their fights. She is just telling you what she thinks will sell. There isn’t ONE person who knows them well, who says ‘I admire their marriage’ The only people who may say that are those who see the fake marriage they portray for TV.”

Photo Credit: Bravo