Details Behind Taylor Armstrong’s Return To RHOBH


Taylor Armstrong will be returning to next season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and according to a new report her return wasn’t without a little drama. Armstrong was reportedly asked to return the show after pop-star Cody Simpson’s mom Angie turned down the offer.

Angie Simpson “was being pursued to join the show,” an insider explained. “She came very close to signing a contract, but ultimately decided not to. Producers were left in the lurch because they were confident that Angie would be on board.”

Since filming had already started, producers turned to Taylor. “She was moving back to Southern California from Colorado with new husband, John Bluher, and so it worked out. She definitely wasn’t a first choice, or even third,” a source told RadarOnline. Producers are hoping to add “two more very glamorous, wealthy women that will stir up the drama on the show.”

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  1. I don’t want Taylor at all to come back but Angie Simpson would have been a disaster!!! They only wanted her for Cody and why should the RH be turned into a teenie boppers show! Gigi is with Jo Jonas now so that would have been silly.

  2. Meh. She can return or not, and it really wouldn’t bother me , as long as she’s SOBER. I think Taylor’s previous relatabilty issues on the show were due to her problematic relationship and connection to Russell, then later her alcoholic tendencies: it made for dark tv that was very uncomfortable to watch. Perhaps at this stage in her life she might be in a place that makes her a better fit for the show. I plugged into this show for glamorous escapism reminiscent of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous with a dash of Dynasty or Falcon Crest thrown in for color. While drama is fine to create story arcs for these girls, I don’t care for this franchise to go the way of movies on Lifetime, leaving me drained after viewing and pondering what is wrong with this world. So if Taylor is in a healthy place, maybe it’s time for her to get back in the sandbox. If not, then please…no. And keep Brandi Glanville Kim Richards and Carlton Gebbia away as well…this bunch goes beyond drama and straight to toxicity.

    1. Well said and I totally agree. A little drama sprinkled in with glamour is fine but like you said , feeling exhausted after watching a lot of the episodes was no fun. Have never been a fan of wanna be Taylor and hopefully she will only be used as a filler.

  3. The more and more that comes out I’m expecting this season to be a disaster.

    Rushed scheduling, 3rd choice housewives, still haven’t found new housewives and they are already filming and they expect to add 2 more.
    Why didn’t they just hold off filming for a bit, this all sounds awful.

    1. It seems to me they’re not rushing the scheduling / filming rather than following the usual one, and as is generally the practice of the network and whichever production company is filming, you start with your confirmed players then add a few FOH into the mix to test them out for audience response before offering a full contract with Diamond Status. I don’t know who the Cody Simpson lady is or why she’s considered a 3rd choice housewife, but it could be interesting to vet out her lifestyle and connections to see if she fits the archetype for the franchise.

      1. Right but in previous years that makes sense, they had a full cast in season 2, brought in new women to test run and upped one of them to diamond status.
        They did the same in season 3/4 but didn’t keep Marisa on.

        In Atlanta they did it with Claudia and Demetria and kept on Claudia, but again they had a full cast.
        RHOBH lost almost half it’s ladies and hasn’t replaced any of them.

        RHOBH has been notorious for being hard to cast, going back to normal scheduling without any new wives makes it seem rushed to me.

        Especially cuz I think if they go into season 6 with 4 main housewives, Lisa V., Kyle, Lisa R and Eileen, the show is going to be awful. Nothing about those 4 interest me as a group, I was hoping some new blood would save it from sinking, but Taylor is not the answer.

        1. SidewinderVX – You got it! Boring! Andy Cohen called an African American 16 yr old teen a “Jackhole” on National TV, because she criticized Andy’s idol, Caitlyn Jenner’s daughter,Kylee. Amandla Stenberg advised Jenner, after she posted a sexy selfie with “cornrows”, saying if she is going to take African American Fashion, she should use her position of power to also direct attention toward police brutality and racism. For that reason, Cohen called the 16 year old Stenberg, “The Jackhole of the Day” on Watch What Happens Life. Might be good advice when you look at Sandra Bland! Twitter and Social Media have organized a #BOYCOTT BRAVO! The way, Beverly Hills looks, boycotting Bravo won’t be difficult.

      1. I completely agree. Everyone says, I don’t want the drama, yet when there isn’t any like last weeks OC they complain because it’s boring. The cast they have for BH is not only boring but completely whiney, fake and I am having trouble seeing how this season will be any fun to watch. I think it is very telling when they cannot find someone new worth the time who will film with the existing women.

        1. I think they can probably find some other ex soap stars…since there are many of them out of work, though they probably can’t afford the BH lifestyle any more. I think Taylor is the worst choice. She was never entertaining to me. She was annoying. If it is a character I love to hate, it is one thing. They have to be believable characters with a somewhat interesting life for the most part, even if they do play it up for the cameras at times to entertain us. If they could find another Lisa VP type…if that even exists…it would be interesting.

          1. My personal open ion is they cannot find anyone who has the lifestyle who will film with these ladies. I think they all, not just BG, but every single one of the BH women have ruined their name in BH and no one wants to be associated with them. Also people have had time to see how the media plays out and may have skeletons they don’t want out there and as a reality star people seem to not only dig up your skeletons but bring them back to life.

            1. You’re right about finding skeletons. Once your life is on reality TV, people come out of the woodwork and no one is safe from having their life exposed. If you are very wealthy and successful, you don’t ever need to do these shows. It is only the ones who love the cameras, fame, maybe want to sell their wares and can never have enough money that really want to do it.

          2. Sure , there are plenty of females like LVP that exist, the main issue is whether or not they would be willing to give strangers a window into their lives. Most people wouldn’t’. I think to take part in something like this you already have to have an exhibitionist streak ingrained in you. Still, in a perfect world, I think the coup of all coups for this franchise would be a few guest appearances by the one and only Jackie Collins; if Joan can strut her turbaned, mink stoled self through a few lunches on the show Drama Queens (which is on a far less influential network) how hard could it be to snag Jackie, the Empress of All-things-Hollywood book chronicles who is already a viewer of the show? I mean really, could you imagine the commentary that would come out of HER guest confessionals, lol?

            1. Great choice! I think the look for women around their forties or so, or younger, though they have several in their fifties. I don’t think they ever start someone in their sixties or older on these franchises. I like all the stars from “Hot in Cleveland” which finished its last season. I am not sure where they live. Betty White amazes me too! 🙂

              1. Reply to self…as an addendum. I love Hot in Cleveland and it is over now as I mentioned. What is Jane Leeves doing…She would be great and a perfect fit. All of the ladies were great.

                1. Addendum: Then again Jane Leeves played Frasier’s housekeeper, so she worked with Kelsey Grammer…and I don’t know her relationship with Camille. I just think Jane is funny, a Brit, and well, she would fit in nicely…but probably wouldn’t do it.
                  Enough. I am probably looking desperate. I was just imagining her on RHOBH. She doesn’t need to do it. She is quite successful…but maybe some guest episodes…I think that might be great.

  4. Both of these women would have been bad choices. Can’t wait to see the disaster of a choice bravo will make and hire 2 new women! Hope Taylor will only appear like half part-time ! Haha part-time si too much Taylor already.

  5. Taylor coming back reminds me of a moma bird feeding her babies–BRAVO is the bird, and Taylor is the regurgitated worm.

  6. Not a good idea to bring her back, but might as well if they are going to keep Brandy, after this last season Brandy needs to go! I like to watch the glitz and glamor but the cast is off! Kyle is trying too hard to be a “nice girl” which to me comes across fake, Kim just needs to get out of the scrutiny and work on her sobriety, love Lisa V and Yolanda, the soap opera chic is different and doesn’t fit the group, Lisa R well I got a different idea of who she really is but I like her spunkiness, and as for Brandy well she is wayyyyyy to trashy for RHOBH, use to be a huge fan of hers but not anymore. To Brandy bye Felicia… But now her comes another Felicia ugh!!

    1. I actually don’t mind most of the girls because I do think that for whatever their small personality faults, they do offer an authentic, Beverly-Hills-slice of life archetype that represents their particular social strata (however superficially). We’ve got a restaurant mogul, child star, retired succesful Euro model come interior designer, a couple soap/small screen stars..I think what they’re missing is someone connected to hoteliers and general entertainment like Maloof, and then a really SOLID big screen connect. Joyce Giraud and Marisa Zucker seemed like they could have been major coups from the movie side of things given the men they’re married to, but their storylines were ridiculous to me. Instead of giving us the glamour of being part of the celluloid world, all we got was a shrewish fishwife publicly belittling her husband, & and the pretty girl being hazed by the drunken would-be Betty Rizzos of the group. Total waste of monied connections there.

  7. I like Taylor, and I’m glad she is back. Being on a reality show is probably a pretty cool experience and it’s unfortunate that her first experience was muddled with the horrible drama in her personal life. I hope she’s in a better place now so she can enjoy this experience. I hope her only drama is with the other ladies! The way it should be lol

  8. just looking at her botched plastic surgery makes me uncomfortable. why doesn’t she get it fixed?? she looks like an alien (no disrespect to the aliens reading this blog)

  9. I just have a hard time listening to Taylor, her problems and her drama are all of her making yet she always has this poor me syndrome.

  10. I have nothing against Taylor but never found her remotely interesting. I wondered how she got on a RH show in the first place.

    1. I completely agree, why and how did she get on RH is a mystery. She was on Celebrity Marriage Boot Camp and played the victim there too.

  11. Bring back Camille instead of Taylor. Add Denise Richards and Babyface’s wife, Nikki. There’s your drama and glamour!

    1. Now THAT’S a yummy combination! But now we have to think of a good potential antagonist to act as resident Villainess: someone who’ll make mischief, but not be so psychologically imbalanced that they’d attack people’s kids, families, businesses, ect. I’m not down with betraying confidences to the point of hurting children, planting seeds to cause stress in people’s marriages, exploiting substance abuse, etc.

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