Details About Brandi Glanville’s Book! LeAnn Rimes Won’t Be Happy!

Brandi Glanville

Life & Style Magazine is exclusively reporting that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Brandi Glanville’s new book, is going to go into detail about her ex-husband’s affair with LeAnn Rimes. The magazine reports that there’s a lot of details LeAnn doesn’t want the public to know, and Brandi is going to reveal everything about Eddie Cibrian’s affair with LeAnn Rimes! An insider tells the magazine that LeAnn is about to exposed!

“She [Brandi] details the lies, affair, hurt and how it all went down,” an insider tells the magazine. “There are things she [LeAnn] does not want her family and fans to know and soon they will,” the insider explains. “There are tons that no one knows that went on, and Brandi holds nothing back.”

LeAnn “has painted the picture that it was just out of her control and how she fell in love with Eddie and it was done respectfully but that could not be further from the truth.”

“Things are gonna get worse [for LeAnn] before they get better,” the source says, adding, “LeAnn won’t be happy.”

I can’t WAIT to read Brandi’s book! Click here to preorder it now! The release date on Brandi’s book is February 12th, 2013!

Photo Credit: AP Images


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