Depositions Prove Joanna Krupa Never Broke Up Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid’s Marriage


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump and friend Mohamed Hadid have blasted Brandi Glanville’s allegations in a court battle that is on-going against former RHOM star Joanna Krupa.

Vanderpump and Hadid have denied ever telling Glanville that Krupa was having an affair with Hadid, and they claim to have never said that Krupa’s private parts smelled.

Brandi previously claimed that Lisa and Mohamed, who have been friends for more than ten years, told her at Vanderpump’s home that Hadid had been cheating on Yolanda Foster with Krupa during a two-year affair.

Glanville and Krupa’s court battle first kicked off in January 2015 after Glanville mentioned the alleged affair in an interview with Andy Cohen and spoke about the smell of Krupa’s private parts.

Krupa first sued Glanville in Miami Court. She accused her of slander and emotional distress demanding monetary damages for the damage she did to her reputation. Since then, Mohamed has said that Joanna had zero to do with his marriage to Yolanda ending.

On August 18, Krupa filed court documents to amend her complaint to seek punitive damages from Glanville, revealing that both Vanderpump, Yolanda Hadid Foster and Mohamed Hadid all said Glanville’s allegations are not true. Krupa said that the three key witnesses deny the story Glanville claims as her defense.

Hadid stated that he never informed Glanville of an affair between him and Krupa, and that he never made comments about Krupa’s private parts. Vanderpump also says she never had a conversation with Glanville regarding the above. Krupa claimed that Glanville changed her story several times, and she hopes to amend her complaint to seek punitive damages, which under Florida law allows a jury to award her up to $2 million in damages.

Transcripts of Vanderpump and Hadid’s depositions were filed as part of Krupa’s motion, and reveal that both deny Glanville’s story of the conversation between the three of them, as obtained by The Daily Mail.

Vanderpump claimed in her deposition that Glanville is known for her reputation of making false and malicious statements about people. She mentioned in her statement that she is no longer friends with Brandi. “I think through trial and tribulations, really reality television, and things she did and said here just – kind of ended the relationship.”

Lisa also blasted Brandi for comments she made on her podcast, where she said Vanderpump lived in the Valley and even filed for bankruptcy. She said all the claims are lies that were detrimental to her and her husband’s reputations.

When asked about the alleged conversation with Hadid and Glanville over Krupa, two which said that Hadid never said a bad word about Krupa and only spoke about how nice she was. Lisa claimed that no comments were ever made about Krupa’s vagina or her having an affair with Hadid. She said that she doesn’t believe that Hadid even had a sexual relationship with Krupa, claiming that they are friends and always have been. She added that she doesn’t believe that Krupa should be pursuing a lawsuit, adding that she believes that nothing Glanville says has credence or credibility. Vanderpump said that Glanville’s allegations that she got her fired from Real Housewives are false. “I’ve been a victim of a lot of her lies. I don’t have the power to have anybody fired, and if I did, she would have been fired the year before.”

During Hadid’s deposition, he blasted Glanville’s story and denies any of it. He claimed that he has never spoken about Krupa to Glanville and that he wasn’t even aware that they knew each other. When asked if Krupa had anything to do with his marriage to Hadid Foster ending, Hadid said, ‘absolutely not’. The judge has yet to make a decision on Krupa’s motion to add punitive damages.

Last month, Glanville claimed Krupa’s lawsuit was nothing more than an attempt by Krupa to keep her name in the headlines and help her her land a spot on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, due to the Miami spin off being canceled years before because of low ratings.

Now, Brandi is demanding Joanna hand over her tax returns. Glanville says she is demanding tax documents from the year prior to the alleged defamatory statements and the two years following to the interview she gave to Cohen.

She points out that the returns will show the amount of money Krupa made during those years and are vital to the case, due to Krupa accusing her of ruining her reputation and causing her to lose jobs.
Krupa objected to the majority of the demands from Glanville, saying the reality star’s requests were nothing more than an attempt to harass her in the legal battle, saying many of the documents requested have nothing to do with the issues at hand.

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32 Replies to “Depositions Prove Joanna Krupa Never Broke Up Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid’s Marriage”

  1. Depositions proves Vanderpump has lies under oath ^^ .Brandi doesn’t lie if she says LVP told her that Mohammed had an affair with Joanna, it happened. Now they’re just lying about it to cover their reputations/trash Brandi cause LVP hates her now. But Brandi doesn’t lie and it’s been proven before.

    1. Right… Mohammed told crazy Brandi Joanna’s p….. Smells. Brandi being off the wall worked for awhile… I really liked her! But then she went bat s… crazy thinking that’s the way to stay revelant. Didn’t work. Hope she loses big time! Lose everything. You can’t slander your friends to make a living.

  2. Interesting…can’t she just sue for defamation of character, or is that what she is already doing? The punitive damages seem silly, but there is certainly enough evidence on film that Brandi made these allegations, and no one is backing her up. I’m glad this isn’t all over the fishy part of it, but more about the allegations of an affair and home wrecking.

  3. I don’t care about either of these two, both as bad as each other. Interesting Yolanda could have stopped these allegations of the affair when they were first made! ….. Hmmmm fishy me thinks! Pun intended!

  4. Good day Suze , lol so funny everyone is talking about fish today . No seafood for me today . Hope you’re having a great day

    1. Yes thanks Daisy eyebrow waxing day today so looking good! I hope you have a good day.
      Yes I don’t think I could eat fish after all this talk!

      1. Sexy mama .l desperately need to have mine done . It looks like I have a small animal on mine . I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to stomach seafood again haha

  5. All that fishy smell points to an infection. On that note, I remember sitting next to a girl (gorgeous and sweet girl) in h.s., and a smell was sickening me. I said, What is tha smell? She said it was her…vag. And she sprayed tons of perfume on it. Eventually she must have told her mom…so she could get some help.
    In the ER, women would come in walking funny, and I would have to assist the doc with the gyn exam, and we tried not to pass out during the process. One doc had his head way back away…and I do not think he looked too closely. 😮
    Some info I found.

    1. Oh my gosh, real Sandy…I can’t stop laughing at this story in my head…Real Sandy in class, “Eww, what’s that smell? “…Pretty girl next to you, “Oh, that’s just my vagina”…WTF?? lol. Too funny. I couldn’t even imagine being a GYN or a Proctologist, Bless their hearts. They must see things we never want to experience in a million years.

  6. Lol lol haha haha , the only thing I can say is ugh ,puke , God bless you Sandy but I’m so glad I’m not smart enough to be in the medical profession

  7. I hope Brandy gets her just dues. She is an even dirtier peace of trash than even I imagined.
    That remark she made to Andy Cohen about Joanna K, could not have been lower. I’m glad Mohammed & LVP denied her atrocious lies. She is a menace to society. Her poor, poor sons.

  8. Wouldn’t be the first time the Vanderpumpor her husband have lied in court.
    Also it makes perfect sense to see tax returns, if Krupa is saying she lost money from the comments she would have to prove that

  9. I like Brandi but she needs to learn to not say whatever pops into her head . I don’t think Joanna is innocent but come on that comment from b was too much

  10. Every time I heard Joanna Krupa’s name all I can think is she of the smelly pussy. Pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks that when Krupa’s name comes up. Brandi did put that out there and it is staying there so she can’t argue she didn’t hurt Krupa’s reputation.

      1. Thanks, Rain! I am well and enjoying the summer. I try to stay offline as much as possible during the summer but do visit now and then 🙂 Hope all is well with you as well!!

  11. All of this seems so childish and ridiculous. Brandi is like an immature misbehaved teen with a mouth that spews garbage all the time. She really put her foot in her mouth with this talk about Joanna too.
    It is hard to think that she just manufactured this rumor about Joanna Krupa. Maybe Mohamed did go out with Joann, and maybe he was still married, but maybe he wants to keep all of that private. For all we know they had threesomes with his wife and Joanna (not a fact, just a what if) and the reason I say that is because we have been shown Mohamed’s “harem room” on the show and maybe on another real estate show too, so it did exist. Was it just a name? We may never know. Joanna had more than one home and one was on the west coast too, I believe. She easily could have met up with Mohamed.
    I am sure if Lisa was told anything by Mohamed, it was something she would not share with Brandi unless she herself was drinking too much, and she would recant it instantly if she did say it, of course. I believe Lisa V. may not get along with Yolanda and for good reason, but I don’t think she ever wanted to risk losing a friend like Mohamed by betraying his confidence.
    Some things are better left unsaid, and Brandi really needs to learn that her blabbing mouth is her own worst enemy.

  12. All I can say is, who in the hell cares and eeeewww on the subject matter. What a total waste of time and money!

  13. I only liked Brandi for a split second when she started her season on the housewives…. I cannot stomach her and will not watch any reality show she appears on. I can only imagine the embarrassment she has caused her sons.

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