Is Demetria McKinney Still Dating Roger Bobb?


Since appearing on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Demetria McKinney’s long-time relationship with boyfriend Roger Bobb has become a topic of conversation amongst the ladies. But in a new interview McKinney says that she will not allow the show to ruin her relationship.

“Once this is all done, we are walking away together,” Demetria says.

Although McKinney found out that during a “break” in their eight-year relationship, Bobb dated another woman, she tells RadarOnline he’s still “the love of my life.”

The “biggest strain” on the couple is the harm the reality television show could do to Bobb’s career as a film and TV producer, she says, “He is about his business and with our relationship being put out there it kind of makes it a part of a circus that he really didn’t need to be a part of.”

“This is something that he truly did out of love for me and because of that, that’s why I’m so very thankful for him,” McKinney continues. “But that’s also why I’ve tried my best to kind of do damage control as it pertains to him.”

So what is the current status of her relationship with Roger Bobb?

“We are great,” McKinney says. “We are in the best place we’ve ever been. We’ve prayed and we have talked. He is still my best friend.”

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8 Replies to “Is Demetria McKinney Still Dating Roger Bobb?”

  1. Here’s the thing Demetria- if you have a HONEST strong relationship WITHOUT secrets and your partner isn’t lying and hiding things from you then no reality show will harm your relationship or your businesses. But you go ahead and keep living in la-la land, and maybe, just maybe in another ten, twenty years Roger Bobb might propose! Then after a looooong engagement (10-15 years) he’ll dump you.

  2. If you want to do damage control stop throwing his name out there every 5 seconds. you flaunt it and the haters will try to take you down. Obvi we all know about ROGER BOB by now. We get it you date ROGER BOB. So do we really need to hear the name ROGER BOB one more time?

  3. While I think it was rude of Phaedra to comment to a person she just met that she’s too old to be a pop star, and that if her boyfriend hasn’t proposed after 8 years he isn’t going to, let’s face it…she was right. Demetria is delusional. Haven’t we all dated ROGER BOBB at this point?

  4. The fact that he had an opportunity to say nothing to Kendra about being with Demetria says a lot about his support of her. However, I do agree with the other post regarding his name being brought up every 10 minutes. If they were worried about HIS career…it seems odd that his name keeps coming up.
    But now it makes sense WHY he didn’t show up to the Video Release Party & why Demetria is approaching Kandi for help…when it seems like that is something a manager would do.

  5. Who is roger bobb and does anyone care? Never heard of demetria either… people’s egos and delusions are way out of line on this show. Only one who is down to earth and real is Cynthia.

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