Demetria McKinney Shares Her Thoughts On Other Housewives Who Sing


RHOA star Demetria McKinney is an accomplished actress and singer and in a new interview, she is revealing what she thinks about the other Housewives who have released music over the years.

“I’m aware of [Kim Zolciak’s] ‘Tardy to the Party.’ I’m aware of [Porsha Williams’] ‘Flatline.’ I am aware of all of these different things that have come and kudos to those who have made it work for them,” Demetria tells The Daily Dish, adding, “NeNe and I may not be besties, but I can definitely respect what she’s been able to do with the platform.”

“Now, as for these singers. Do you, but don’t be intimidated when I do me. Soulja Boy is a little bit different than Drake. That’s all I can say,” she said with a laugh, making it clear she was Drake in the scenario. “You know, there is a market for everybody. I’m not one to come here and say, ‘Move, there ain’t no room for you.’ But I know you can’t do me like I do me. And I’m confident in who I am as a vocalist, a performer, and a person so I think that makes me stand in a different lane than, I’m just gonna say, what Porsha does.”

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9 Replies to “Demetria McKinney Shares Her Thoughts On Other Housewives Who Sing”

  1. She really didn’t share any opinion at all all she said was she was “aware” of the other housewives songs. And her way if speaking is really odd or she wad misquoted- because it doesn’t really make sense. But from what I read I don’t get any shade. (Pun intended).

  2. i’m so glad they have added some new ladies to the show.
    Kandi and the new ladies are fantastic!! All talented and very attractive.

  3. Demetria cannot hold a candle to kandi. Did she forget to remember land I sings too, or did she conveniently forget? She’s acting like she’s the first “real” singer in housewives history. Sorry girl but u look messy.

  4. I’m sorry but I can’t with this woman, she is not an official Housewife. I swear she acts like she is. I mean good for her for her accomplishments, but all she has done, is come on this show bragging about a guy that the public doesn’t even know or care about.

  5. Demetria and Kandi are professional singers. The rest (Kim Z., Porsha, the Countess) the are just embarrassing. I thought Demetria answered it very well – not actually lying about the others but politely not overtly saying they stunk, either.

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