Demetria McKinney Confronts Kenya Moore About Roger Bobb


During Sunday night’s episode of RHOA, we were introduced to new Housewife Demetria McKinney. Even though Demetria is new to the group, she already has a problem with Kenya Moore. A photo of Kenya, Cynthia Bailey, Peter Thomas and McKinney’s boyfriend Roger Bobb made its rounds on the blogs and Demetria wasn’t pleased with how Kenya handled the situation after rumors emerged that the two were dating.

“I know she heard the rumor, but she never tried to deny it,” Demetria told Cynthia Bailey of the situation.

Adding fuel to the fire, everyone was shocked when Roger Bobb didn’t show for Demetria’s music video launch.

“As your manager, shouldn’t he be here?” Kandi asked Demetria, who reveals that a last-minute editing session forced Roger to bail on her event, but she still can’t help but admit her disappointment in their on-and-off situation.

“He could propose with a Cheerio and the answer will be yes,” Demetria admits.

During the launch party, Demetria decided to confront Kenya and discuss the situation with the photo. Demetria approaches Kenya and tells her that they met about ten years ago through a mutual friend, even though Kenya insists she has no recollection of the meeting.

Demtria tells Kenya that Roger Bobb is her man and brings up the how a group picture was spun into a story that Kenya was dating her boyfriend of eight years.

“You took a group picture, and it turned into you dating Roger Bobb,” Demetria tells Kenya.

“Let me just put your mind at ease: I do not want your man,” Kenya says. “I like money, I like a successful career… your man can help me achieve that.”

However, Kenya didn’t hesitate to throw shade in her interview by wishing Demetria good luck with Roger Bobb because “she’s going to need it.”

Watch the confrontation below.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


9 Replies to “Demetria McKinney Confronts Kenya Moore About Roger Bobb”

  1. I can see why Demetria is jealous because that Roger Bobb barely acknowledges her as his girlfriend even though they’ve been together a very long time. To the eWorld he acts single. That said she shouldn’t take it out on Kenya or other ladies that Come into Roger’s world. Then he publically makes a fool out of her by not even bothering to show up at her big video launch.- or making sure it went off without a hitch- knowing it would be on RHOA. Nothing shows love and commitment like letting your girlfriend fall flat on her face in front of millions- alone. Whatn a**.

    1. Maybe she should try paying one again. Well…..on second thought….THAT didn’t work out well either. She needs to just take a seat.

  2. Kenya is as trashy as Brandi. Yes the man did invite her but Kandi invited her first. She just wanted to throw that in Demetria’s face. Kenya is disgusting.

    1. That’s right Aunt Bee- she pulled the same kind of crap with Apollo/Phaedra. These are the type of shady things she does that keeps her hands (and who knows what other body parts) dirty. Then she tries to act like she is SOooo sweet/clean/innocent but she STINKS to high heaven!

  3. Karen and Tam are absolutely right. She is a pig who wants to cause nothing but trouble. Maybe needs a new story line but I believe that is the way she is in REAL real life. Even THE DONALD thinks she is a low life.

  4. You girls are SO right. I thought as I watched Kenya first flirt like crazy with another girl’s man, and then try to get him to turn against the girl he’s committed to: “Here you go again, Kenya.”

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