David Foster Wants to be Refunded Yolanda’s Past Medical Bills


Juts as we thought David and Yolanda Foster’s divorce couldn’t get much uglier, according to RadarOnline it looks as if it’s only getting worse between the two.

The lawyers of both David and Yolanda are attempting to work out a settlement in their divorce case with the source saying they are “attempting to reach a settlement that will allow them to file for divorce and submit the proposed agreement to the judge all at the same time.” Now Apparently the most recent snag is with Yolanda’s past medical bills

David, “spent a fortune on medical treatments for Yolanda’s Lyme disease that weren’t covered by medical insurance, as the expensive alternative medical treatments progressed and David wasn’t seeing her get any better, he urged Yolanda to stop going overseas.”

“She absolutely refused, and David was stuck paying the bills. Now with David’s record label shutting down, he needs that money.” Yolanda, “is disgusted that David is asking for that money and has instructed her lawyer to not to even entertain it as part of the settlement,” the source added.

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43 Replies to “David Foster Wants to be Refunded Yolanda’s Past Medical Bills”

    1. I totally agree with you ! So is he saying if they stayed together he wouldn’t keep paying her medical bills ? Come on now !

  1. LMAO, even David doesn’t believe munchausen lemonbrain…..
    The woman will not be cured because she has (mental issues) which are not being adddressed, along with ordinary garden variety menopause (just like everyone else her age), time for lymes to put on her big girl pants and get over her stupid nonsense—it’s shameful….
    Please stop with the stupid selfies, we don’t care. Believe it or not, EVERYONE else has problems too and we don’t broadcast them on twitter/facebook……munchausen needs to get over herself….

  2. Can I just ask why this site is just taking stories from ROL when they are known to make stories up? There seem to be so many.
    As far as David and Yolanda the stories will just keep getting worse! Sad

    1. On one hand it’s sad to watch how the tabloids are really taking advantage of somebody else’s bad time by milking and making up stories for profit, but on the other side some of what they report is hilarious because they’re so misinformed about the people and topics they’re writing about. The stories could pass for “official” with a passing glance, but with a trained or informed eye, they read almost immediately the same way a Nigerian phishing scam reads when you get in your email, lol. Like the bit about David and “his record label…shutting down” :

      1. David has no record label. in addition to his own prolific songwriting/producing career, he’s the Chairman of Verve Records -yes, THAT Verve Records , the label home to Ella Fitzgerald & Billie Holiday that also brought Bossa Nova to America . Whether you like classic or modern jazz, chances are your favorite vocalist or musician is on their roster (Dame Shirley Basey, Bebel Gilberto, Shirley Horn, Diana Krall, Chris Botti, Barry Manilow, Igcognito, and 100+ more ). Under the umbrella of their mutual parent company Universal, Verve also works in conjunction with “Brit born” Decca Records to manage music catalogs from Broadway/West End musicals.

      2. Verve Records is not shutting down. Being owned by Universal Music (my husband’s former stomping grounds in his younger years), they are simply being folded into a different underling company for distributing its music. Every decade or so this happens with Verve (as with most record labels): in the 60’s they were with MGM, in the 70’s it became part of Polygram, then Seagrams in the 90’s, then under a joint Polygram-Universal umbrella, and NOW all the music with be distributed by Interscope/Geffen (recognize Geffen? David Geffen the flamboyant music mogul/former Cher beau who is Steven Spielberg’s partner in Dreamworks Studios, that operates out of UNIVERSAL studios in Universal City?). Anyhoo this all is an everyday occurrence in the music industry, and label heads like Foster are generally safe, almost like a king to a throne. Even if he no longer headed the label, Foster’s still richer than sin with the song catalog he has under his belt.

      Between how ignorant they are about the music business and how misleading they are about basic Divorce Law, you can just laugh every time tabloids like ROL tries to pull wool over your eyes. They reach so far it’s ridiculous!

      1. Oh how I love reading your comments! You put all of this nonsense to bed with a few words! I still don’t know why the site is using them so much?? Crazy! I think they have someone in Radar that is into Chinese whispers. I played it years ago and come closer to the truth than they do!!
        Really interesting out the record labels, Dame Shirl was on the 7pm talk show last night here, she still looks pretty good!

      2. Bon, thanks for the clarification as YOU are an insider. If David Foster was responsible for the introduction of Bossa Nova music in America…what an accomplishment! BTW, I love Bossa Nova music, especially Sergio Mendes. I’m having a holiday party and I’m buying the digital version of Brazil 88 to enjoy. Thanks for the reminder of good music.

  3. Of course twenty-times married David dumps her the minute she’s not cute and fun anymore. Apparently, he’s never looked in the mirror or considered his lack of a personality himself, if he thinks he deserves better. Now he wants to slander her and toss her out on the streets when he has a zillion dollars. When these gross old men die alone or surrounded only by gold diggers who just can’t wait for them to take their last breath as so often occurs, they deserve it.

  4. David should think himself lucky if he is as rich as everyone says because in Scotland it’s 50/50 my niece has just lost out as she had the most money.

  5. LOLOL!!

    Really? I think most people know that a spouse cannot “recoup” money spent on medical bills during a marriage. ROL reaching again, as usual.

  6. Just reading the headline to this sounds so ridiculous. Refund?? That alone sounds so stupid when talking about a spouses medical bills. We need real gossip!!

  7. In California, it’s 50/50 UNLESS you had an air tight pre-nup which I am sure David had. However, if you are married for over 10 years, the pre-nup can be contested. There seems to be pretty bad blood between the two of them as I believe he was either cheating and/or he just did a 180 and walked out on her. I doubt she was cheating and I doubt she was the one who wanted to end things. So for that reason alone, you just don’t leave when your mate can’t be at your beck and call. Honestly, I never liked this little twerp.

    1. He came off as a pompous a$$ at their dinner party. His own sense of importance was off the charts. Who has a party, but will not allow guests to sing along with his ‘special’ guests. Please. I would rather go to karaoke have drinks & destroy Love Is a Battlefield.

  8. This is from bad to ridiculous. There’s no way a refund will happen as it was done during marriage. This is possibly quite made up. Even if it isn’t made up, and unfair as it seems, David must feel a bit resentful that she took only her own orders travelling all over seeking medical help against her US doctors and her husband’s orders and advice. Wasted money for sure.

    1. But again, we don’t know that this is the case…at all. We don’t know what her health insurance did or did not cover. This is all just wild speculation.

  9. The only thing I wonder is, having parents who both suffered Lyme, why ISNT she getting better? My mom had it bad but I’ve never seen anything like this before. Seems very extreme or that there are def other reasons for her ailments besides just Lyme.

    1. I agree. If she would stop all the overseas treatments & get herself back to basics & stop with the colonics, she may get better. All these crazy medical trials & the medicine she takes, has to be causing her body havoc.

  10. Nice of you to provide David an excuse for his despicable behavior. I dont think we are qualified to judge Yolanda’s private medical decisions.

  11. Unless he looked a lot better 9 years ago- YOLANDA -you can do better- anybody better- plus men with money do not usually Share it that’s how they keep it- his lost not hers….her daughters are a success and still think Mohammed will slink back in……

  12. I have a Samsung on the numbers the second page is symbols, there is a heart but not a coloured one! That’s the best I can do, I use an iPad! Sorry ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. I think the real news in the story is that Foster’s label is shutting down. I’m sure he’s not happy RHBH failed to help keep him relevant while the daughters’ careers took off like wildfire.

  14. The medications etc t that was in Yolandas cupboard was rediculous. It is said her daugter has Lymes disease. I wonder it they were bitten with the same tick. which is how Lymes disease begins. No judgement from me as to what is going on with Yolandas health but just my opinion,something sounds fishy

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