David Foster Speaks Out About His Relationship With Yolanda Hadid


Yolanda Hadid may no longer be married to David Foster, but Foster is speaking out about his current relationship with the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“Her and I are really good,” David said. “I feel OK about it, and I’m just happy to be here. I’m fine being by myself.”

However, David reportedly went on a date with Selma Blair in early March.

As we previously reported, Yolanda appeared on the Dr. Oz Show and explained how her Lyme disease played a part in the demise of her marriage to David. “At the end of the day, David never changed, I changed. Unfortunately, these are the cards that life dealt me. It wasn’t by choice. But I’m not the woman I used to be and I probably will never be again,” she said. “My focus, my energy goes to trying to get well, trying to make a difference, trying to find a cure for my children … and David’s life is really traveling, going to concerts, loud music. And I mean, I couldn’t, I can barely listen to the radio.”

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38 Replies to “David Foster Speaks Out About His Relationship With Yolanda Hadid”

  1. If any1 believes this is peaceful I hav some property to sell u in the swamps lol. Yoyo is gearing up now to get that spousal support & I bet she gets it in the end. This chick is never going to support herself so she has to make sure her latest victim is bone dry. I realize she is worth 45 m but that’s not enough 4 her. U wld think going through what she supposedly went thru, yoyo wld walk away & live a quiet life, but this has been a long time calculating this move & I believe yoyo feels betrayed by David. Whether u are yoyo’s or David’s sentiment u wld hav to agree that she is way better off than most I wld say the majority of American women

  2. Agreed, what is there to admire about her??? She is a “mommy” not unlike other mothers, but this one bought & paid for the fame of her children & that didn’t come without a price. David has his own girls who it’s my understanding he adores,however Yolanda’s did not have stable relationships with them as her kids had to b front & center. Supposedly yoyo did not even attend his daughters recent wedding, now imagine if it was her daughter & David did not show up. There is an old saying ought there & I understand we have all been guilty of not wanting to go somewhere @ one x or another but the saying goes, ” there is a lot to be said for showing up.”

    1. Umm, hmm. I think the “mommy,” stuff was front and center in her decision to join the show, in the first place. In my opinion, promoting her kids is her new passion–the heck with husband #2.
      And I would bet that they have some sort of agreement not to disparage each other, publicly.

  3. So how much more manipulating and whinny can Yo be? “David didn’t change, it was me…” If David still loved Yo, they wouldn’t divorce–period!

  4. There was no marrriage. Once David put a ring on it, the woman he knew prior disappeared and the wife Yolanda emerged, ready to spend money, travel and then be sick for four years exactly…the entire time they were married. She still traveled the world seeking treatments that cost a fortune for those four years. Was it just a coincidence that she was ill from 11/11/11 until she announced her divorce. Many will say yes to that…or some will. Whatever. Do I blame him if he tired of her constant complaining and need for attention., after he married her.
    Well, he must know when someone wants him for his money by now, you would think. Since Yolanda came with lots of her own and he was no stranger to prenups, he might have thought she was the real deal and no big risk to marry. IMO, if a man marries a woman more than 12 years younger, it is most likely for his money and not love. The younger the woman, the more it is for something other than love and vice versa. Mohamed still has not married his much younger fiance. He may know it all changes when the I dos are exchanged. He was happy to introduce Foster to Yo and then lose the alimony payments too, I imagine.

  5. David did not change, she did, so Yolanda says. Her true colors came out and he ran for the hills. During this season, when we see them together, they put on a grand show of love & devotion when the marriage is already over, hiding the true facts from friends & audience when, at the start of the season, she announced the marriage was over. But the games continued. Oh well, same old, pack of lies & deceit & boring. So over the ”Journey.”

  6. Real Sandy, I haven’t had any sleep in over two weeks…so this may sound a little crabby but I mean no disrespect. The failure of their marriage can’t be all Yo’s fault. Last I knew vows included for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, etc. He’s an arrogant @$$ and it takes two to tango. When she was playing the piano he walked up and said ‘it can be better’…really, nothing like downgrading your ‘wife’ on national TV and grabbing her breast on the way to have the implants removed – really – how superficial can he be? He realizes he’s getting a bad name in some of this so he’s doing damage control. Yo doesn’t need his $ she’s worth $45 mil. And I totally disagree that if a man – or woman marries a person 12 years younger it’s most likely for money – my husband is 8 years younger than me and it was for love – pure love.
    Now, is Yo 100% innocent, no – but the failure of their marriage can’t be all her fault either….
    Again, no disrespect, just disagree and we can agree to disagree as we’ve done before…

    1. Kt, It definitely takes two to tango as they say. I agree. I never said David was the epitome of the devoted husband either. Yolanda dated him for years. She knew who he was by his track record too. He jumped from his prior wife quite quickly to her too . I see it differently because when someone takes a drastic turn after committing, it puts a great strain on the marriage. Martiage is an effort, but if the person does a 180 after he or she married, then it is like marrying a stranger. I read somewhere that they had a great sex life before they were married. That all changed by the article. Yes, she was sick, but found energy when she wanted it. I think Yolanda wanted her next wealthy husband and married for the wrong reasons. She may have forced herself to be with him and then illness, real or imagined, was an escape.Just my take on it. She did the filing for a divorce too. Yes, he looked like an ass at times, and not taking his side, we rarely saw them at home together, so what really went on when Davis was home, we do not know for sure. Yolanda, no matter how much she said she did not want him to stop his work for her, wanted just that by the way she said it. She wanted him to change his life for her. He was always very career oriented. I doubt he was different when they dated when it came to writing his music and his career. I read that he was losing his ability to write music because of her and her illnesses too. Honestly, who could live with her or him. He really should stay single.
      Yolanda should focus on her mental and physical health above all.

      1. David, not Davis..typo. Oh, it is okay to be crabby after no sleep. I still think highly of you, Kt. 😉

      2. Because she drastically changed, he is ‘more’ excused than her? Things happen in life the day after, the month after, the year after people are married, it’s not an excuse to throw in the towel or one person to be more at fault. Heck, you just described a lot of marriages…sex lives change after marriage – it’s the number one cause of arguments in the first year of marriage – IMO. He may have always been career oriented, so he can’t put his long and glorious career on hold to help his spouse (even for one year or month)? What gives you the impression she wanted him to change…I haven’t seen anything on RHOBH…but I don’t read all things Yo either?
        I think both parties are in the wrong…I think Yo knew she married the wrong man and I think he’s a wimp and an arrogant A$$. He wanted pretty arm candy cause he’s such a looker himself – NOT! And can I add without botox Yo looks so different – would be interesting to see the ladies without theirs, but they would never…
        Again, I’m seriously not arguing with you…I’m asking questions to see your perspective. It gets annoying, I know…I can’t help myself :0)

        1. I agreed. It takes two to tango. They are both imperfect. Neither shoild be married, especially Foster. He is way too busy to be in a committed relationship with anyone, really. I saw both sides. She wanted more than he could give. He wanted more than she could give. They both probably married for the wrong reasons. No, I don’t think it was the real deal. Real love sticks it out. She never loved him enough and vice versa. He got tired of her complaining too. You could see it on his face. She had her reasons too. His track record alone should have scared her off. She has her own wealth yes, but from all accounts she is very miney oriented and always cried poor. We heard her speak of not enough money to afford a second horse, etc. She seems very shallow to me. She married for more wealth IMO. This is my opinion based on what I saw. Some people should never be married, and David is one of those people IMO.

      3. David refused to continue paying her Quack doctor and treatments sound s like YoYo to me she went to over 100 doctors watch the show yes she said it and she is seeing a quack doc who DX’d her…..
        in the USA she was tested fore Lyme said at the 2012 Gala she tested negative for Lyme her words look up Gala for Lyme april 2012 Yolanda Foster watch her speech she is unwell and for her to attack Lisa Rinna is BS

    2. By being ill she can have a pre-nup declared null and void, this is a very calculating woman, she will get married again to someone mega rich, and she will be ill again and get divorced and another big payday! Maybe she’ll buy a new robe some shampoo and maybe some lip gloss.

    3. I highly doubt that Yoyo is worth $45 mill. There are sites that report that stuff and we keep repeating it. None of that makes it true.

  7. Here is how I read this: She is tired of bowing down to him and doing the choo-choo train dance around the piano while he plays “The Saints Come Marching In” (her first season on RHOBH) making a damn fool of herself. She is tired of endlessly working out and doing those stupid cleanse diets to stay skinny. She is tired of being “on” all the time around him. And she is really tired of flying around the world, sitting on the sidelines watching him get all the accolades. Especially since she wants those accolades for her daughters.

    That’s my take. She got what she wanted from him, played the game for as long as she could and now that she’s done, it’s over. I really don’t follow David Fosters career so I could care less about him but I’m sure he’ll find another moron to bow down to him and throw rose petals down on the hard, cold earth before his little feet hit the ground.

    And she will live in the shadow of her daughters, being the stage mom type, getting used to menopause and looking for her next victim. The two of them are idiots. And I highly doubt she is worth 45mil. It’s definitely not liquid.

    1. Gigicat, I totally agree and if she only got $3.5 in cash from Mohammed and the estate was the estate worth over $40 million. It doesn’t make sense.

  8. David’s last ex-wife is 60 now. That means they split around when she was 50ish. He then looked for younger it seems. Here is a bit about his last ex from a source about tea..sorta. Camille discusses castmates…2012. A source has some info about Linda Thompson:

    I have to say that, while I know they now get along, it’s odd to see Camille on the Splits love train! Likewise, while Camille can’t speak much on Yolanda, there is another lady lurking in 90210 who has plenty to say about the newcomer…David Foster’s ex-wife Linda Thompson!

    This woman’s relationship history is something else, for sure! Before marrying David, she was Mrs. Bruce Jenner, and she once dated Elvis Presley. Now, according to the New York Daily News, Linda is furious at Yolanda for stealing her husband–and her spot on RHOBH!

    A source tells the site that Linda “was campaigning hard, trying everything” to secure a place on season three. While she’s been a staple in the background since the show’s inception, the source reveals, “She’s tried everything to get in front of the camera at parties.”

    The insider continues, “When [Linda] found out Yolanda was cast [on the show], she told everyone, ‘Not only did Yolanda take my husband, she also took my show!’ She was so desperate to get that role, but Yolanda got it.”

    The source adds that after her initial disappointment, Linda hoped that Yolanda’s good fortune may help her get on . The insider says, “Linda thought then at least with Yolanda on the show, as David’s ex-wife, maybe she’d get more screen time. [However, Yolanda] knew that Linda wanted the part and told Bravo that she didn’t want Linda near the cameras.”

    Yes, the above is from “a source” but it may show a pattern with choice of wives.


  9. Phew! Finally have an opportunity to log on the site!
    #TeamYolanda ❤️❤️✌️. I think better things in life AND love are in store for Yo

  10. “Her and I” ugggh. #badgrammar. Either we are good or She and I are good. But her and I? Thank god he has musical talent I guess.

  11. I have gotten chastised from this blog before when their separation news broke by saying I didn’t blame him because I always thought she was a nut job with Yo working her illness. I’m glad more people are seeing it now.. One thing that makes me sick and I turn the channel every time is when yo face times her kids and talks to them like they are 5. For the love of god you have adult children and don’t talk to them like they are babies. That is disgusting to me

    1. Oh my Lord, I thought the same thing every single time. First of all, she gets her baby voice going which is 3 octaves higher than her God given voice (she also uses it when she talks to David) and she thinks they are 3 year old. I can’t stand her. I. Really. Cannot. Stand. Her.

  12. I’m glad Yolanda is accepting responsibility for the demise of her marriage to David, as well she should. She is correct…she is not the woman she used to be. We can all see that. She has evolved into a complete nut. Why would someone like David Foster want to be married…or even associated with…someone like the new Yolanda? He is in the prime of his life and wants to enjoy the fruits of his labours with someone who can keep up with him. Yolanda is no longer that person, clearly. I just wish the new Yolanda could have taken the high road and ended with appropriately accepting responsibility for the end of the Foster marriage but she could not…she had to take a jab at David. ‘David is into loud music while I am into life and loving my children…’ or some such self-serving drivel. Such an awful woman and such a transparent nut. I am soooo anxious to find out if Bravo will invite her back for the next season. Hating on Yolanda will make good tv, I suppose, but I can see no other reason to bring her back.

  13. I just saw a current picture of Yo on another website that She posted a pic of her recent trip to bora bora. She looks very healthy. Matter of fact she looks healthier than the average middle aged woman, and oh snap, her hair is very colored light once again.. Damb I’m so relieved she recovered so great from her disease she was able to travel to Bora Bora and look so great and the sun was able to naturally turn her brown and gray hair blond!!! Good for you yo, you must be a miracle worker.. I hope David spent good money on the best running shoes to get the hell away from that wack job.

    1. I missed the Bora Bora pics, but I DID see an article about Bella in St.Bart’s. Looks like both have recovered from their “chronic” Lyme Disease and are living full lives, once again.

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