David Foster Says Lyme Disease Wasn’t the Cause of Divorce to Yolanda Hadid

Former RHOBH star Yolanda Foster has publicly said that Lyme Disease caused her divorce from ex-husband David Foster. But after the release of Yolanda’s new book; Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease, David is speaking out, saying that Lyme Disease wasn’t the cause of their divorce.

David was at the Grammy Museum’s third annual gala in Los Angeles and said, “We just always did our best. We had some other issues as well, but everybody’s in a good place now. The main thing is that she’s healthy and in remission. She worked really hard at it and now she’s reaping the rewards of that.”

“I haven’t read the book,” David told Entertainment Tonight. “But she seems to be doing great. She’s healthy and living back east and happy and her kids are doing great, so it’s good.”

While Yolanda reportedly received no spousal support from her ex, David has allegedly provided her with a healthy settlement.

Do you believe David?

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6 Replies to “David Foster Says Lyme Disease Wasn’t the Cause of Divorce to Yolanda Hadid”

  1. I know people who have dealt with him in the past: one of the greatest pop composers of all time, but allegedly a little on the slippery side when it comes to his tv production developement interests and relationship life. It’s a relief, at least, to see that both sides are pursuing a respectful tone when speaking of each other in the press. It’s very Old School… and I like it.

  2. Foster, has been married more than a few times. He Practically raised his step sons, “Brandon & Brady Jenner” ( Before, Bruce Jenner, became Caitlyn)
    As, far as settlements go, Yolanda, was given an Obscene Amount of $$$ from Mohammad. Foster paid her a Pretty Hefty Sum of $$$.(One of my oldest Friends in Cali, has known Foster, for Decades!)
    From, what I understand, there was Many Problems during their Marriage.(Not, all Tulips, Sexy Photo Albums and Lemons)
    The Main Problem was Yolanda becoming a RHOBH.
    Foster’s Wife Prior to Yolanda, Linda had Brandon, Brody & (ick), Spenser Pratt on a short lived Reality TV Show, “The Prince’s of Malibu”. After that disaster of a Reality Show was cancelled? Linda & Foster divorced.
    Yolanda? I respectfully ” Plead the 5th”.
    I believe Foster took the, “High Road”.
    I have learned a great deal about Lyme Diease. It is a Vile Unpredictable Diease.
    One of my GF’s has it. I have gone through every Seminar with her, many Specialists etc..
    In my, Opinion, Yolanda had an “Excellent Opportunity, to “Educate the Public”, but even if her Intentions were Honorable?
    I Believe she did a “Disservice to the Public” Suffering with this Horrific Diease.
    Crystals, the Wackadoodle
    Treatments from Soothsayers, Witch Doctors and Alternative Gifters? Come on..

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