David Foster Reportedly Wants Yolanda Out of Condo


According to RadarOnline, things look to be getting a little nasty in the David Foster & Yolanda Foster divorce.

An insider reports that David wants to be able to move into his condo  “David wants her out so he can move back in. He is spending a lot of money he doesn’t have staying at a hotel in Beverly Hills. Yolanda is refusing to move out and is claiming she doesn’t have anywhere else to go.”

“The condo has one of David’s favorite pianos to work on, and she won’t allow him access to it for work purposes,” the source claimed. “They are no longer speaking, and only communicating through lawyers.”

As we have reported before that Yolanda is telling those close to her that she is broke and doesn’t have very much money.

Seems things have gone from bad to worse for Yolanda. Comment below and let us know what you think.

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26 Replies to “David Foster Reportedly Wants Yolanda Out of Condo”

  1. This is so sad, whatever has happened between them there are going to be so many different stories over the next few months. I agree with 3D these sources said are so ridiculous.

    1. I’d leave -and go to NY where her daughters are – Leave that slimy skinny nasty David Adios Puta JMO I am sorry but there is NOTHING attractive about him NOTHING –and he sure as hell doesn’t have a personality Just Venting

  2. That seems more vindictive than necessary. If it’s his condo pre-marriage, pack up & get a hotel, rent a house, move in with Mohammed, or pitch a damn tent on the beach. Anything to de-escalate tensions. She’s sick so it’s probably not a great idea to be arguing on something easily remedied.

    1. I don’t see Yolanda being stupid enough to jeopardize a safe, secure exit from this divorce with Foster. For whatever her faults, she is a grounded, practical Dutch girl who has always demonstrated a very Nordic, rational approach to how she views relationships post-divorce.

    1. I agree. Let him buy another piano! This is pretty normal. At first it’s kumbaya…”We had lovely blah, blah, blah.” Then the the claws come out on both sides & he wants her on the street, IV & all and she tells him to kiss her lawyer. I’m not moving cause I’m sick, okay? So now the lawyers are the only ones talking & charging up a storm. David’s $200k piano will cost him $600k by the time they’re through. And the condo? They should’ve kept the Malibu palace. Doesn’t David have a mistress somewhere where he can stay? Your sick ex-wife-to-be needs her bed more than you do. Hey, David. You’re the one that bailed. Yo’s sickness interrupted your lifestyle. Gee, that sucks.

  3. Lord, so now she’s hindering the man’s ability to work by not allowing him access to his beloved piano? What a load of malarkey. Here’s a tip for the “sources” who clearly have no knowledge of a musician’s work process. Being married to a pianist with some 30 years music industry experience, ummmm, I can tell you we live in a digital age where the studio process is now PORTABLE.

    1. Whatever piano is in the condo, Foster will not need it to get any work done. The average Joe session musician has an assortment of acoustic and e-pianos & keyboards that can be moved at a moment’s notice to where ever they need to compose or record if they are not actually working within a formal recording studio- where ALL the equipment they need is RIGHT THERE in front of them. We are not rich or famous by any stretch of the imagination in my house, but my husband, even in semi-retirement- has 5 instruments housed in a studio across town outside of the main “work” piano and keyboards we have at our place. That does not include all the sound and mixing gear that goes with them in either location. Someone as prolific and wealthy as Foster will have optional equipment leaking out of his nostrils like a fat baby with the flu. Plus has a 40 some year career at the highest level of achievement- full of equipment endorsements. With the bat of an eyelash he has the ability to get instruments and equipment for FREE, just based off of his musical pedigree.

    2, More important than any instrument in and of itself, a pianist/composer/producer’s work done outside of a formal recording studio is done with a e-piano connected to their MAC COMPUTER, using either a PRO-TOOLS, LOGIC, or CUBASE system (we use Logic in my house). In addition, they will have thousands of dollars worth of sound libraries installed said computer that produce the sound of every instrument on planet earth through the keyboard, that can even compose full orchestras. The computer is the real key to everything they do in today’s work environment: technology utilized by the everyday music professional makes them completely mobile in being able to get their work done independently of a single instrument. If Foster has any concerns about his piano, like ANY musician going through a break-up, for sentimentality’s sake it will only be that his mate doesn’t suddenly go nuts and destroy it…and I doubt that will happen…

    The tabloids are really reeeeeeeaching for anything they can to capitalize on the “scandal” of a divorce.

    1. Wow! I think it’s time you started writing for the blog! I love reading your comments I really wish I could hear more of your life it’s so interesting! I agree these comments I guess will just get more and more out there as time goes on!

    2. You do realize this is Yolanda’s PR machine? They send Yolanda out to preach love, respect and fairness at the same time they are the very source of all the negative PR. She’s a genius. Practical? Maybe. Calculating , sleazy, and low rent? Definitely.

      1. It was supposedly a joint statement at first. And I’m sure David has a PR machine, as well. He’s no angel. He was out there pretending to care when they both knew it was over. You see Yo as calculating; I see her as a survivor. David moved her into his condo. He must’ve felt that she needed it. The woman is sick. David isn’t. He can easily buy another one & let her get better or pass away. He’ll get it back, eventually.

    3. Plus, doesn’t Foster get millions in royalties for anything he’s written throughout the years? Anytime one of his songs are played or used, ka-ching! The guy is rolling in $$$$.

    4. Bon V., I LOVED that post. I am also so happy to hear that you, in post almost retirement, have been traveling all over the world doing whatever it is you do! Nice to have you aboard as Sally so eloquently said before me.

  4. Suggestion: Move the piano out of the condo. He can have it somewhere else.
    I do understand that he may love that piano, but still. Yolanda also should empty that medicine closet too. All of that stuff is killing her IMO. I hope she did not sign some document when she was medicated…like a new will either. Some of these providers of care may not be in it for Yolanda’s benefit but rather their own. It is a miracle she is still alive. This is more than Lyme. It is so much more…and she needs real help.

  5. Did I miss something? What happened to their huge, beautiful house with the see through fridge? And aren’t they both worth millions? Are they fighting over a little condo?

  6. If my daughter had multiple million dollar contracts, I wouldn’t be broke. I also wouldn’t be living in my now ex- husband’s condo. I do not understand. Is Gigi really going to sit on the sideline like this?

  7. WOW……how selfish David Foster is being. I have no respect for David what so ever. Your wife who you claimed to LOVE has a life threatening disease and because she could not be your arm candy you toss her out like an old piece of sheet music! POS

  8. I can’t! Are you all seriously so absorbed by this “sources say” thing?!? We know nothing but bits and pieces, maybe less! I’m just speaking for myself here when I say, we shouldn’t sit here behind a screen and a keyboard and judge who’s right and wrong. Until we hear from Yolanda and David themselves, l believe nothing and STILL might not believe all of it!! We have zero idea why, how, when, who. The show was filmed months ago. Who knows where they are now? Let it go and let’s worry about our own lives. Just saying.

    1. This is a blog designed for us to state our opinion on Housewives. I agree who knows where they are now but this is the story we are commenting on right now. Next week it will probably be something completely different and we will comment on that. 😀

  9. I read she bought that condo for $5 million & didn’t their Malibu mansion sell for over $19 million!! I’m confused⁉️ What is truly the real truth‼️

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