David Foster Spotted Out For A ‘Cozy’ Dinner With Selma Blair


It was announced back in December that Yolanda Hadid and David Foster were ending their four year marriage, but even though that was only about four months ago it looks like the Grammy winner has already moved on! A source exclusively told Radar Online that David was spotted on a date with actress Selma Blair.

A witness saw the two at West Hollywood hot-spot Craig’s on Monday night. “Selma and David were alone together at dinner and they looked really cozy.”

Though they were out for a so-called intimate evening, Caitlyn Jenner stopped by their table the onlooker shared. “Caitlyn sat with the couple for a while and then she went to her own booth.”

As if this world doesn’t get any smaller, Selma is starring in the current FX Series American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson and plays Kris Jenner.

What do you guys think of this supposed new couple? Is David moving on too soon? Sound off in the comment section below!

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14 Replies to “David Foster Spotted Out For A ‘Cozy’ Dinner With Selma Blair”

  1. If they are getting divorced I wouldn’t have thought he would do anything else. Personally I think he is creepy and wouldn’t want to be number five to any man. But then again who knows I’m sure there will be many names in the press as there always is.

  2. Of course all these rich old goats seem to think women their own ages are inferior to the one’s who are their daughter’s ages if not granddaughter’s ages. When they get used for their money, they deserve it.

  3. Picture David Foster going out with someone 23 years older than him rather than 23 years young than him. She would be 89 years old.

  4. Millions of people like being in a relationship or even just dating…I like David Foster and don’t blame him for wanting to get out in the world again after the last couple of years he spent sticking it out with Yolanda. With her being so sick and such a different person from whom he married not too long before, I don’t blame David at all.

  5. David certainly replaced Yo quickly & I’m sure he didn’t bat an eyelash. I’m sure he enjoyed a quiet meal without complaints for a change. That’s as much as I have to say.

  6. I read that David and Yolanda’s marriage was actually over long before filming began for this season. I think Yo wanted it kept as quiet as possible so it wouldn’t be discussed by the other ladies. To that end she probably persuaded David to appear on this season to make it look like all was well in King David Land.

  7. David got a lot of heat for leaving poor sick Yolanda. Only they and God knows what happens in a marriage. But after watching Yolanda these last few weeks I think David escaped a very bad situation.

  8. Oh please. He’s just happy to be sitting at a table out in public and not have to listen to Yo a) ramble on about her “model” children; b) insist he pity her for her fake diseases; c) beg for more $ – all while she chews with her mouth open and talk with food in her mouth. So I say, good for him. I don’t particularly care for him as a human being, but he’d be happier eating with LVP’s ponies and living in that shed Mo built than spending one more minute with that imbecile Ho.

    1. When I clicked this article I did not realize it was 2 months old, almost 3. I’ve never had a problem with David. He is a musical genius, and people like him have a calling. He didn’t seem to be a jerk, he simply didn’t attend functions, just 2, both of which he left early. He was a nice host when Yo had parties, and he took care of her for 4 years. Maybe if she hadn’t started every sentence with “Now that I am sick, since am sick, being sick has made me….because I am sick, sick, sick, sick” God Almighty people get divorced.
      I will never forget when Taylor was trying to explain to Yolanda her difficulty and discomfort at first being around them as a couple, since Linda Thompson was one of her oldest and dearest friends. Apparently their divorce process was long and not amicable, and very hard on her friend, Linda. Yolanda was even worse than her usual judgmental and condescending self. She starts going off how no one has the right to have an opinion about anything involving “King David” She even has the guts to say “he treats his ex-wives well” as if that totally discounts any residual feelings, and now that she is the queen, no one in her “court” is allowed to speak of the heart break of others and THEIR feelings as it concerned David. That was a few seasons back, and I knew who she was back then, that conversation simply cemented my feeling about her.

  9. I also feel that in their 4 year old marriage that 3 of them were pretty much on his on while she flew all around the world spending his money on treatment for “Lyme Disease”, had to be hard on him.

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