David Foster Questions His Marriage to Yolanda On RHOBH


Yolanda Hadid announced her divorce from David Foster in December, but in this week’s episode of RHOBH you could see the strain in their relationship. The couple flew to New York with Kyle Richards, Erika Girardi, and Kathryn Edwards to attend a gala held by the Global Lyme Alliance, where Yolanda was being honored.

At the end of the night David gave a sweet toast to Yolanda. “I’m so happy that my wife is out,” David said. “After 10 months of that robe. And we are gonna burn that robe. We’re going to have a burning-robe ceremony.”

However later that night, David seemed to have forgotten he had on a mic because he let the facade down. He sat on a couch with his friend and admitted that he was feeling better, but that “it’s been a stretch.”

“I want your life to go back to the way it was when you first got together,” his friend told him.

“How’s that going to happen?” David asked.

“It’s gonna happen,” his friend assured him, however David replied, “I don’t know.”

Although Yolanda didn’t hear any of this conversation, she stood by her man in her interview saying, “I got sick — I am the shell of the woman I used to be. So yes, he gets impatient. We’ve been trying to work through all the ups and downs.”

Later in the episode Camille Grammer there a charity event which led to another confrontation between Yolanda and Lisa Rinna. Rinna confronted Hadid for hanging out with Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville on the same night she bailed on Erika Girardi’s party.

“I felt that the other day I saw a picture with you, and Kim, and Brandi on the same day that Erika’s dinner was, and then you didn’t come to her dinner, and it got me,” Rinna said. “I didn’t understand why you would cancel that dinner and not come.”

“I don’t know how that would affect you or make you cry,” Hadid told Lisa. “I can tell you one thing about Brandi and Kim: They’ve supported me more than all of you together in my journey.”

“You can get away with anything when you’re sick,” Rinna told the cameras.

Whose side are you on?

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37 Replies to “David Foster Questions His Marriage to Yolanda On RHOBH”

  1. You ask whose side am I on???????? Definite not on pity party Yolanda’s. I have friends who are really sick – I am on their side.

    1. Me too. I haven’t even watched tonight’s yet, but not Yolanda’s. And never, never on Kim’s. Being friends with Brandy is always a slap in Kyle’s face. I guess she has so few friends, and no family left, she has to keep someone who actually hates her own sister. For all those who wonder why Kyle isn’t still stopping her life for Kim, because Kim will end it soon enough. Kim is worth NOTHING.

    2. Bee, I’m not on her side and never will be. She is welcome to the ‘friends’ she has!!! For how lng will they be friends???

      1. Suzely If this country keeps going on its current trajectory I may be joining you in Scotland. Sorry off topic but I can’t even care abt hw crap at the moment

        1. I’m the same, if it wasn’t for this blog I would just give up with it all but I care about too many here to stop. Join me here any time! We have had a week of sunshine it’s lovely! On saying that snow is forecast for Easter, not good news for my garden! Xoxo

    3. I agree with you. I am on the side of those truly sick. I nearly fell over hearing David’s comments. He had checked out by that time but I think he may have been contractually bound to film with Yolanda and pretend all was good in Paradise. His comment about burning the robe made me laugh. Eileen is now manipulating Rinna who allows herself to be lead around by the nose. Kyle is right, both she and LVP are leaders. The others want to be but just are not. Rinna is a people pleaser and will side with whomever scolds her for being on somebody else’s side at a particular moment.

      I also know why Brandi didn’t go on the Dubai trip. She’d have been locked up the minute she hit customs. To bad she didn’t go.

    4. Exactly.. Many of us have loved ones that are actually much sicker than yo.. And they don’t feel the need to act out their illness. They strive to live a normal life and many are still advocates for illness as well.. But during their struggle to live a normal life while being an advocate the last thing they would ever do is take selfies of themselves. Never the less post them constantly online. What adult besides the kardishons post so many pictures of themselves besides yo?? What good does her 500 sick pictures do for bringing awareness to her disease. I think the average person could have figured out she was ill after the first few.

  2. Lisa R. is pulling the same stunt as last season only this time she’s zeroed in on Yolanda rather than Kim. Trying desperately to be relevant.

    I hope they get rid of homewrecker Eileen next season. She really contributes nothing.

  3. Rinna…
    Yolo is playing everyone like that piano in NY. …
    Like Rinna said…you can get away with anything when you are sick.
    I hope we move on soon.

    1. I agree with LisaR. Yo is using her illness. Look at the way she abruptly had to leave after her discussion with LisaR because she was tired. You can hear Yo telling someone when she was leaving “that was a cluster F.” That is the real Yo. That’s why she is friends with Brandi & Kim.

  4. 1. That haircut is HORRIBLE.
    2. When Ho said she thinks she is psychic now due to her being bedridden, that clinched it for me that she is officially OFF HER DAMN ROCKER. Seriously? Now she’s a psychic? What’s next with this nut job.
    3. If Ho says she is now psychic, wouldn’t she have known David was leaving her?
    4. Nobody is surprised David left and found someone else.

    1. GIGICAT, I Agree. Her haircut is Horrible! actually, I cant think of one single thing about Yo that is not horrible at the moment. To think she’s psychic now. Add that to her self-endowed list of virtues.

  5. I’m not a fan of David but he realized he married a fruit loop and he took off running, can’t say I blame him…RUN..but please burn that smelly white robe before you go!!

  6. I am curious to know when Kim has had the time to.support Yolanda.In jail? In rehab?she’s been home,what 15 minutes and she’s been more supportive than all the cast mates.She’s just amazing

  7. Whose side???????? What a question, should not have been even asked. Definitely not Yo the fake. Again, her “Journey” cant stand the word anymore because of her. Who does she think she is saying that Brandi & Kim, unlike the other women, have been there to support her during her journey. Oh yes, she’s the Queen of Sheba, the King of Siam & Saint Yolanda the Great, who is a martyr no less. So glad L.Rinna confronted her on her meeting the lush & the addict for lunch, but was too white robe sick to attend Erika’s dinner party. But notice folks, she had her answer down pat & then did a saintly exit as is her habit when she feels hot coals under her feet. If this is how she acted with David throughout their marriage, have to say he’s the saint to have taken what she would’ve dished out to him 24/7

  8. I have a totally different perspective than most of you here. I believe that Yolanda has an illness, whether it be Lyme Disease of some combination of issues. Having a chronic illness is tricky. Most conditions don’t manifest themselves to others because there’s no outward signs, but they are there nonetheless. The symptoms come and go…sometimes one feels better than other times, often in the same day. The chronic daily suffering can affect the mind over time…ever heard of “brain fog”? It does not surprise me that Yolanda’s mental state has deteriorated through her “journey”. For Lisa R. or anyone to question someone’s health issues and associated behaviors is ridiculously lacking in compassion. You do not know what that person’s feeling from day to day, or hour to hour.

    This in no way means that I’m a fan of Yolanda, but I don’t have to like someone to be open-minded and sympathetic to devastating health issues that have negatively affected their quality of life. Unless I can walk in their shoes it’s not my place to judge what they’re going through physically or mentally.

    1. She’s got nothing more than the following:
      1. Leaking implants that infected her entire body. Her choice to put those stupid things in her.
      2. Another failed marriage. Her choice to marry these types.
      3. Menopause. Can’t do anything about that.
      4. No kids at home. Can’t do anything about that.
      5. No fire inside her for anything since she’s always gotten by on her looks. Her choice to be shallow.

      These 5 points, in a mentally imbalanced person, will cause depression. And that’s what makes someone lay in bed all day. Nothing more, nothing less. She’s been traveling the globe with David the last 3 years. There are photos of the 2 of them from all over the globe. She hasn’t been bedridden. She’s fooling all of you with her feel-sorry-for-me BS. Her problems are a result of choices she made and real life. Real life isn’t a bed of roses. It’s painful and raw and exhilarating and it’s a roller coaster of emotions. Grow up Ho and act your age. You aren’t a coy little ingenue anymore. Get over it.

    1. Lol Skeptic. That haircut is the worst!!!! not Daisy, after all Yo refers to her as her “Nurse”. I guess it must’ve been her cleaning lady.

  9. I can see both sides. I agree 100% with Lisa R. that Yolanda is making the most of her Lyme disease…perhaps to ‘raise awareness’ as she has said is her intention. I also agree with Yolanda that it really is not Lisa R.’s place to get upset that Yolanda was a no-show to Erika’s dinner. Having said that, Lisa is more than entitled to have an opinion on the matter. Yolanda cannot control that. Unfortunate for her.

    1. Simone, I also think L. Rinna should not have been so troubled about Yo pulling another fast one in not attending a function of Erika’;s yet again. Of course Yolanda had her answer down pat—it was Kim’s birthday 2 WEEKS BEFORE & she owed her this celebration. 2 WEEKS BEFORE, Not that day. She could’ve delayed it for one more day & support Erika who has been totally loyal to her & she’s not supported her in a single thing thus far. Yet in her fake speech last night, in the NY Hotel, she said she would give back 24/7 That woman is one big fat contradictory mess. Deceitful is what I’d call her & a true fake.

  10. Oh, and just a side note…it did not escape my notice when Yolanda was giving praise to Camille stating “not too many people have the balls to make their journey public”…what a despicable self-indulgent way to let us all know Yolanda is really thrilled with herself and just had to pat herself on the back for making her own Lyme ‘journey’ public ad nauseam. I agree with Lisa R. that Yolanda is manipulative…she sure manipulated the hell outta that ‘compliment’ to Camille…at a cancer charity event, no less! Disgusting.

  11. David looked like a deer in the headlights last night. He knows a heck of a lot more than the public. He is the one who insisted on no more (quack) medical treatments until Yo get a full body scan. That is probably what saved her life. If we are sick of all of this, I can’t imagine how he feels.

  12. I feel sorry for those who are truly sick, not those in need of a storyline or going through mental issues. But definitely not Yoyo. Perhaps she should leave the show and go be with her BFFs. Speaks volumes about her. It seems David was also getting tired of her BS..

  13. I don’t want to get into my private business since I am new here, but I just have to say my sister suffered from Lupus which made her look healthy but taking a toll on her organs inside. When we called her and asked how she was doing she would tell us she is tired of talking about her illness and wanted to talk about bday parties, holidays, weddings etc anything other than her illness. She loss her battle 7 days before her 45th bday. for me to watch someone “acting” this sick makes me angry. My sister never stayed in bed and yes she had good days and very bad days where she didn’t have the strength to get dressed but didn’t stay in bed. For Yo saying she is bringing awareness to her disease through her “journey” I feel like she is turning people away from people who are truly suffering silently. This woman needs to go away I had enough of her “journey” and want to get off this ride. Thanks for letting me vent my anger.

    1. Sue-b, I am so so sorry about your sister, how devastating for your family! Xo there are many people here on this blog who are a lot sicker than Yo or are nursing husbands, Gigicat, who are really sick. Yo will never get much support, of course there are some who like her but most see right through her fake journey and 18 hrs a day in bed! Take care and welcome again to the nut house! Xo

    2. sue-b, so sorry about your sister, I feel with you. My sister also has Lupus & as tired & in pain as she is, she does not sit & wallow, but is hands on with all. As for Yo, she’s made a mockery of Lymmes to indulge herself in the constant pity parties she forever craves, not for the good of the cause, but for herself. No awareness there, just a big turn off.

  14. It was very telling when David responded to his friend’s statement “you will get back to normal” and David replied “I don’t see how.” David knows something is up. Supposedly Yo was doing better when she was accepting an award. So why would David say “I don’t see how,”? Something is up with Yo.

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