David Beador to Fight Shannon About Spousal Support?

RHOC star Shannon Beador has been going through a lot, as she’s been fighting it out in court with her estranged husband David Beador. A new report claims that David is trying to find a way not to pay the Bravo star spousal support.

Since joining the show, Shannon has become an entrepreneur. She launched QVC Real for Real Cuisine, whose tagline is “Real Food for Real People.” It is a food service featuring pre-prepared meals with balanced nutrients. This has reportedly become worth several million dollars.

According to RadarOnline, David Beador is seizing this opportunity to try to lower his spousal support payments.

“He thinks that Shannon is just being greedy,” a source explained. “And it isn’t fair.”

But Shannon is refusing to budge. “She doesn’t care what he thinks anymore,” the source shared.

The next step would be for David to ask a judge to modify the agreement. “Shannon already dropped the amount of what the judge thought was fair,” the source says. “When he had a fit in the courtroom.”

When the ruling on David Beador’s spousal support payments were announced, reports say that David said foul and hateful things to Shannon in a shocking tone of voice while still in the courthouse.

It is also reported that, out of spite, he had shut off the water to her house – where his own children live and bathe.

But Shannon is not worried that the court will slash the payments.

The source explains: “She knows that the courts will side in her favor, especially after he caused such a disturbance the last time they were there.”


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