David Beador Arrested For Domestic Violence In 2003


In a shocking revelation, Vicki Gunvalson alleged on this week’s episode of the RHOC, that Shannon confided in her that her husband David had physically abused her in the past. Now, court documents reveal that in 2003, David was once arrested for battery.

According to The Daily Mail, David Beador, who owns Beador Construction Inc., was charged with misdemeanor counts of assault and ‘battery against a cohabitant’ in February 2003. At the time, David was living with Shannon and their three daughters.

Shannon denied there was ever any physical assault, telling Star Magazine: “There was no abuse, no physical anything. We had an argument that was resolved very quickly afterward. I just thought that if I called the police, the fight would end. We’ve moved on; it’s over and done.”

It is claimed that David pleaded guilty to both charges and completed three years of informal probation. He also allegedly completed 10 days in a work program and a voluntary batterer’s treatment program.

In a separate report at the time, it was claimed that David was investigated by Newport Beach police on the two counts of assault and battery but the case was dismissed after he pleaded not guilty.

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  1. Assault and Battery–mandatory batterer treatment program AND he pled guilty–this wouldn’t have “just verbal” like Shannon wants to spin it if it didn’t happen–public record.

    She is living with this nightmare of a person by her own choice. She is on National TV show. It is “reality”. If idnt want it revealed to world and critized, the get off TV. (Just like any other celebrity or d-list–they want the fame and money, but nothing bad revealed)

    1. I do remember hearing about this the first season they were on when he was being such a scumbag to her.
      It’s horrible. My dad was an abusive POS and I would never ever let another man put his hands on me. Screw the fact that it was so long ago or that they have little girls. That’s precisely why you have to fight back and get away. They’re going to grow up thinking it’s okay and normal for a man to treat a woman the way David treats their mother. Absolutely horrendous.
      Argument my ass. That’s what a lot of battered women do and don’t press charges. I think this last time there was some visible damage and officers had to follow through whether Shannon was complicit or not.

  2. No Shannon…you don’t call the police because you want the “fight” to end, you call the police because you are fearful of your partner! Does she think people are stupid? If you have to call the police during a fight, then someone needs to leave. AND he pled guilty…! Sounds like Vicki was right and Shannon is lying about the situation.

    1. Agree!! So many women stay in abusive relationships for many different reasons. If they worked through it and she decided to stay… Okay. Own up to it…. Like she was so proud to do with the affair. She put the affair front and center! She is so right in saying it wasn’t her fault at all because David(loser) had an affair!!!! Same thing… Not her fault if he abused her… Which her phone call, the police and courts support. I’m sure it’s embarrassing…. But she should not be shamed… Makes me wonder if she’s more worried about how this could effect his business. Affairs are okay… Assault is not! Think Donald Trump!

  3. Either way, it was not Vicki’s story to tell. POS that she is cannot be trusted and for her to compare Shannon’s secret, to her lies about Brooks’ cancer treatments is even more despicable.

    1. Exactly. When your own daughter –a highly credible daughter– says Vicki “fights dirty”, that’s all she wrote. Vicki is just a desperate attention hound.

  4. This is very sad and heartbreaking . I do wish Shannon and David are on the right track , given that was 13 years ago, but I would still be on my guard. Regarding that POS Vicki, it’s incredibly hard for abuse victims to open up or trust anybody , and then there goes Vicki using this sensitive information as revenge . She’s the lowest of the low

  5. This was reported Shannon’s first season, do I believe it was just an argument.. NO..do I think Shannon talk to Vicki about it ..Yes..is the truth somewhere in the middle..yes. Vile Vicki should keep her mouth Shut there’s young children involved I feel badly for these children

  6. Vicki Gunvalson has reached the lowest of low and I really didn’t think she could go any lower. She is a disgusting piece of crap and so is Bravo/Andy if they bring her back. This old hag thinks she can get away with anything – it’s time she finds out she can’t. I absolutely loathe her

  7. This is sad. Vicki should never have opened up that can of worms. It was told to her in confidence. The worst of this are the kids. Very dysfunctional.

  8. This happened 13 years ago and apparently there are no other charges since that time. It seems that the couple is working on saving this marriage and I would like to see that. Vicki is a jealous old hag who couldn’t fill the love tank of Donn or the father of her children – because Vicki only care about Vicki and her love tank. So selfish she could not even stand by her latest “best friend” in Ireland. How any one could ever forgive this sociopath is beyond me. Team Shannon all the way on this.

  9. That is so wrong. It is their families business. Vicky is a cruel, vindictive woman. She had instances of abuse in her closet. And I really believe she emasculated Don her ex-husband. Unless she was eye witness to something she has no business speaking on it. She has reached a new low. I am truly disappointed in her behavior; instead of learning & getting better she is envious of everyone else & no monetary success she has will ever replace her loneliness. And because she’s lonely she tries to knock down everyone else’s happiness.

    1. right on – she’s disgusting – I cannot believe the type of person she is and expects people to want to be her friend – she doesn’t know the meaning of the word. She’s a user – I think everyone learned an important lesson – you cannot trust her with any information at all

    1. Shannon fights dirty too, but she lost. She spread ugly marriage rumors about Kelly, tampered with her drink, ganged up on her like some thug, but it all backfired. Shannon’s garbage was thrown in her face. Karma always wins.

    1. Obviously it wasn’t a secret but that doesn’t mean that she wants to discuss it . Shannons kids are older now vs when that happened 13 years ago. It’s logical that she doesn’t want this to be something brought to their attention in detail . She may have confided in Vicki or Vicki found it in a blog. Either way , Vicki the reptile decided to manipulate this info into a storyline and she succeeded . The biggest casualties are Shannons kids but Vicki obviously could care less about that … I’m a parent and I’ve done and said MANY terrible things as a young woman ( or last month lol) , doesn’t mean I’m eager for my kids to find out about them

          1. I hadn’t read anything about it and if Vicki had kept her big fat mouth shut I for one would still not know about it! I’m sure there would have been a lot of people the same. I think her twins are 11 so they weren’t even born when this happened and her oldest girl would only have been a one year old. This whole thing has sickened me to the core. Vicky and Kelly are slime! Xoxoxoxo

          2. It wasn’t just reported in a blog or a gossip rag.

            Shannon spoke about in less than truthful terms.

            The information is available to the public via the website for the State of California.

            I suspect it is highly likely the girls witnessed the incident.

                1. I am going to have to leave this thread, I cannot abide smug idiots that think they are so clever because they cut and paste and not even thinking about the children and how posting this trash could effect them! Love you Rain xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️

                  1. It’s my fault Suze, I shouldn’t have given it oxygen. Yes I’ll quiet the thread too. Good thing I don’t have alerts ❤️❤️

                  2. Hi Suze. How are you.
                    Honestly, even I posted a link about a year ago about David having been arrested and what it was for, and I still don’t think it is right for anyone to bring it up on TV either. However, it is public record and has been written about since then more than once, and the reason for that is because Shannon and David signed up to be on RHOC. When anyone gets into the public eye to that degree, all skeletons will come out of his or her closet. We cannot stop their children from finding any of this out either. In a world without Internet, it was a whole lot different.
                    Because of the Internet, even many years after the fact, we can find out info. about our ancestors and just about anyone. We cannot protect the Beador girls from the truth, however, their parents can get off TV and out of the public eye as much as possible and try to heal their family in my opinion. Money isn’t everything and they need to prioritize IMO.
                    I understand why you are upset, but I don’t think that posting links to All Things articles are personal attacks, but just information.
                    Take care, Suze, my friend.


                    1. Hi Sandy, I don’t think it was personal against me! Also my point is if you tell someone something in confidence you don’t repeat it ever. I have friends who have told me secrets, one yesterday and I hate it but I still would never repeat it. Also the poster went to all the trouble of cut and pasting old documents but then said in his opinion the children would have witnessed it. The two younger ones weren’t even born, they are only 11 now. Then the older one was only one years old. This is what I meant was vicious or whatever word I used it was just nasty. I had given up on this thread but as I usually do if I see your name in recent comments I just click on it. So I guess we are just going to differ on this unless I have misunderstood your comment. Love you Sandy whether we agree or not. Xoxoxox

                    2. I agree with you that it was wrong for “friends” to bring up the past when it was so awful and just not what friends should do. Shannon never should have told them, yet, as was written here and many times before in recent years, there was an incident in 2003 that is a matter of public record. The children were very young and would not recall, so hopefully they remained ignorant to it up until now, perhaps.
                      The problem lies in David most of all, then the two of them going on TV and having everyone and his brother dig for any police records, etc., to use as fuel in an angry fire at some point. It happens when you choose to be in the public eye. Donald Trump can tell you that…just for an example. The Beadors never should have gone on TV if they wanted to protect their daughters from access to this information right now and all the public scrutiny they receive. David screwed up in many ways, and everyone else suffers as a result. It is a shame, but it is true.
                      V Icky is no one’s friend. Kelly will say the absolute most hurtful things to anyone she can when she is angry and drunk. There are no friends here, and Shannon’s life is an open book, some of which was her own choosing.

                      Love you Suze. XOXO

  10. It was beyond just vengeful, for Vicki to reveal this info to another person, who blurted it out. In some instances, the abused confides in a friend, just in case something worse happens. How would Vicki feel, if David was some sort of out of control maniac, who then decided to beat on Shannon again, for talking? I don’t think he would, but still. NOT SMART.

  11. In February 2003, David Beador pleaded guilty in court to willfully and unlawfully using force and violence against his wife.

    Additionlly, Beador pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts of assault and battery against a cohabitant.

    Beador was released on a $10,000 bond.

    He was placed on 3 years informal probation.

    Beador also participated and completed a batterer’s treatment program.

    All of this information is a matter of *public record*.

    Read this:

    “In Section 242, the Penal Code defines battery as a “willful and unlawful use of force or violence against the person of another.” Section 243(e)(1) of the Penal Code criminalizes battery within one of the specified familial or intimate relationships. Alternatively, a prosecutor can choose to charge the defendant with battery under Section 243(d) if the defendant “inflicted serious bodily injury” on the victim. Battery under Section 243(d) reflects a greater degree of harm suffered by the victim of domestic violence.”

    “The Penal Code also criminalizes domestic violence under Section 273.5 when an individual’s willful conduct leads to a “corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition” suffered by a person with whom the individual has one of the familial or intimate relationships specified by the domestic violence laws of California.”


        1. Good for you !!!! You obviously need this. You win you win you win woo hoo !
          When you comprehend what I’m saying, then we can have a conversation. Until then, I’ll stay clear of your smug opinions. G’day babe xoxo
          Oh and yes? You win ! You’re the king! And the Queen ! And the princess too

          1. I comprehend what you have written.

            However, I disagree with what you have written in relation to the domestic violence issue.

            This would not be a subject of discussion if David Beador had not chosen to react violently when faced with conflict within his marriage.

            The issue became a matter of public record the moment David Beador chose to engage in violent behavior.

            The fault belongs to David Beador and only David Beador.

          1. I hope you use a crown of thorns so I can know what it’s like to really suffer like Jesus and Vicki.

            That’ll teach me about what happens to people who cut, paste, and post *publicly available* facts on the Internet.

            1. Please Ace_Orion comparing Vicki to Jesus Christ is blasphemy – you are not helping your cause here with that heretical thinking.

              1. I am sorry Aunt Bee. Did I miss something here? Did Ace defend Vicki? He or she agreed with Geminigirl. I do not see any like for Vicki, in the least, but only a post of David’s arrest record. It was just a statement that David had a record for a domestic violence occurrence at one time, but not a defense of Vicki, yet rather a defense of truth, not fiction. Ace has also stated that Vicki is the worst for not keeping a friend’s confidence, and does not like her.
                I am sorry if I misunderstood ehat was going on here.
                I think it is just over the top, since none of us here like Vicki. She is a friend to no one and has lied in the past a lot. She is untrustworthy. I don’t know how anyone would do business with her either.
                Love you, Aunt Bee. ❤️

              2. If you make ride around in a family van w/ 6 other people and 12 pieces of luggage instead of a limo sipping Mimosas while wearing said crown of thorns, that’ll really, really teach me.

                1. I would love to do that! Just kidding…sorta kinda. Vicki comparing herself to Jesus on the cross was beyond disgraceful. I know you mean it in jest, but still.

                  Enough already. Ace, are you in the US? I just wondered. Some here are in other countries. I am almost assuming you are male, but I am not sure. Then I was thinking of Ace Hardware in Orion…somewhere? “Ace is the place with the helpful hardware folks.” Orion the hunter? 😮

                  Let’s all play nice. I hope we all can get along here. I mean that. It is a great group here.

                  1. I understand and appreciate what you are conveying.

                    However, I do not abide by bullying.

                    I will defend others and myself against bullying at every opportunity.

                    1. If you feel bullied, then you have to do what feels right to you, of course.
                      I am sorry that you have felt that way, and I am trying to see both sides of this as much as I can, Ace. It does become like a war with the back and forth comments after a while, and I want to end it somehow, since honestly, I enjoy reading posts from intelligent people. I think we all can get along if we start over with a blank slate.p, and maybe with other topics it will get better. I do not like bullying either. I do respect those who comment here when it is not an attack on others. We are all equals.
                      I have no problem with pasting real facts or links to them. I live and learn every day and do try to remain open minded as much as possible.
                      I hope we can all move on. I say that not just to you, but to everyone. 😉

                    1. Yup , move on ! Don’t worry, you can troll again tomorrow and have something real smart to say . And RealSandy will applaud every word you say

                    2. It appears people are reading into comments and extracting new meanings. I don’t see any threats by you. I saw a question. I just wish my friends were not invloved here. I have no idea why HWL is so incensed and coming at you and now me. It is all blown out of proportion.
                      Some people’s grasp of words is just beyond me. I do support my friends, and I do not support bullying. I support free speech. I know what trolling is and I see your points. Right now a troll is amongst us and it is not you.

          2. I hope you use a crown of thorns so I can know what it’s like to really suffer like Jesus and Vicki.

            That’ll teach me about what happens to people who cut, paste, and post *publicly available* facts on the Internet.

            1. I can see the humor in your posts. I would like to teach you a lesson with a crown of thorns…not! Just kidding!
              Ace_Orion. Let’s all play noce now, please. 😉

    1. Ace_Orion your point is……???????? .This all happened in 2003 and the only reason Vicki and Kelly decided to bring it up was just to viciously embarrass Shannon. Yes I do believe this whole thing was planned by Vicki and Kelly who are always claiming they are being set up. These two women are sick in more ways than one.

      1. I love you Bee. I am sorry there seems to be some disagreement here. Ace presented facts and never attacked anyone. Yes it was old news but has been written about in recent years since the Beadors went on Housewives.
        I feel for their children yet we cannot control the Internet. Anyone can find this out. Even I did last year.
        I appreciate your views always. I just do not attack anyone unless really provoked as a personal attack and then I try to see both sides.
        I see no attacks from Ace other than replies after being provoked.
        I am not in a clique here and speak my mind with the facts as I see them.
        Sorry if I am not in agreement now.

  12. Vicki has done more malicious things than I can count.

    Perpetrating assault and battery against Shannon Beador during the course of a domestic dispute is not one of them. That is on David Beador.

    Blame shifting and minimizing the violent actions taken by David Beador assists with the perpetuation of his violence.

    Shifting the blame to Vicki for David ‘s violent behaviot is, to put it bluntly, indefensible and wrong.

    1. While I think it was dirty for Vicki to gossip about this like it was someone who had toilet paper hanging from their shoe, I agree with you about how David is coming out of this pretty clean. It nauseated me when I saw the look on Shannon’s face. Almost like the full force of how deep she’s in it with David came to her face and she couldn’t pretend all was well. It broke my heart.
      For her to lie, is typical of battered women. She feels as if she needs him and can’t be without him and that’s because he’s mentally worn her down to believe that. I never liked David. I hated the way he spoke to her in the first season and how demeaning he was to her. I feel like one of the main reasons he got his act together is because this all played out in front of cameras for the world to see. I honestly feel like a tiger doesn’t change its stripes and he may be Mr family Guy now, but it won’t last. He’s a narcissist and a woman beater. He’ll only keep up appearances for so long. Shannon needs to get out now.
      Somethings can only be so forgivable, but between David and Vicki… I wouldn’t want anything to do with either.

    2. Hi Ace. These people here are my friends, and they come to the aid of each other as well as some of the favored Housewives, yet, I do see your point.
      It was wrong, in my opinion, for anyone to bring this stuff up on the show for all to see, considering it was many years ago and the Beadors seemed to have worked through their problems, as well as have older children now who are more aware of what is going on.
      Yet, as you have proven by your pasted information, this is a matter of public record. Not only has it been written about over the years, but people do talk. Children will eventually hear about it from peers or elsewhere. It is not just a secret that a few people knew. Still the point is that it was wrong for a supposed friend to bring it up while filming and maybe we should all try not to dwell on this now.
      Sure we do not know if Shannon is a battered housewife, since I am not privy to their homelife. If David pushed her once (or did more) then she called the police so many years ago, he then took a course for batterers, and maybe it never happened again, but how would we know. We just do not know enough, so it is best to leave the past in the past and wish them well IMO. Hopefully they have worked through their differences after so many years and with therapy.

      1. Just to clarify here, I do like Shannon the most on this show or at least I. have all along because she seems the most real, but I was not happy when she gave Kelly the booze, even if Kelly likes to drink a lot of the time. That being said, that has nothing to do with my feelings about whether or not she was a battered wife. I honestly feel she was not, but, being a registered nurse who worked in the Emergency department, I have seen injuries and people who cover for their spouses too. Many battered women would not call the police unless they feared for their lives maybe, and they would hide bruises as much as possible, but most likely, they would not go on a housewife show…but maybe they would…
        Therefore, based on my professional opinion, I have no idea whether David just shoved Shannon across the room once and she called the police or if she had a black eye, bruises, etc. once or more than once. Still, maybe she called the police the first time it happened and he learned his lesson not to do it again. It happens. I remember my first year of marriage and one time my spouse got more physical, and I said, if you ever touch me again, I will call the police and this marriage is over, and he never did. Now it is many years later. Tempers may flare at times. I don’t defend him if he is wrong, and we still have our disagreements, and it is best to avoid each other, honestly, to cool down and avoid friction.
        So, I am not offended that anyone cut and pasted real facts. What happened in 2003 was the only time it happened as far as far as we all know, so chances are, they worked through all of it and still are working through a not so perfect marriage, but who has perfection, really. Mutual respect in marriage and in life. I respect the opinions of all here and all have a right to post, unless it is an attack at other posters, and honestly, I am embarrassed at some of the attacks here from fellow posters. Sure Vicki and Kelly were wrong to reveal what a friend told them in confidence. There are no real friends on this show.

      2. Thank you for your reply.

        I really enjoy reading your posts.

        It seems to me divulging sensitive information shared in confidence between castmates has become an unwelcome staple of the RO franchises.

        The casts collect intel on each other for later use on the shows under the guise of friendship. Some cast members are better at it than others. Vicki is scary good at it.

        It needs to stop.

        1. Thank you. Your posts are well written and factual. I have no problem with the truth. I agree about the Housewives not keeping secrets as well. They are certainly not real friends
          I know most here cannot stand Vicki for all of her lies, and anything that comes out of her mouth is taken with a grain of salt. She is the worst. Kelly may be her puppet.
          All of it needs to stop. I agree.

  13. Oh for God’ sake. Everyone get a grip. Am I the ONLY person here, who during the first year or two of marriage, got so mad at my hubby I wanted to strangle him? Am I the ONLY person here who’s had a fight with my husband during the early years (or what we call.. “the blue period…) and we threw things? Am I the ONLY person here who did things, during a fight, or said things, during a fight, that I regret? They were newly married, things got heated, something went down, Shannon called the cops and pressed charges. That’s how it works around here. I don’t think David is an abusive husband. I think a fight escalated and things got out of control. Now, that being said… I do NOT agree with anyone hitting, pushing, etc. another person out of anger during a fight, however…… David getting out of control isn’t even the main issue here. The main issue is that Vicki had to open her big fat plastic mouth to make herself look good AGAIN. And honestly? I’d rather have a good old fashioned fight with my husband ANY DAY than have to explain to everyone again what that old hag did re: Brooks and his cancer.

    So stop with the cutting and pasting. Or else give us your full name and let me run a background check on you and your entire family and see what I come up with. Somehow I have a feeling, I’ll find something you don’t want to get out.

    1. My heroine…again!! (though I love you all.) Oh, heck ya, my hubby and I can dish it out to each other. I have slammed a door, even threw a travel mug at a door. He said, you broke my favorite mug. I just looked at him as I could picture myself putting him in a headlock. Do you know what I did instead? Burst out laughing and crying. I’m the kind of person who only touches people in kindness. The best part is, I can’t even remember what we were arguing about. But, that’s not the point. We all have had arguments with our spouses that can get very passionate because we love them. Only when you love and care about someone can they get to you. Hitting, verbal abuse, absolutely no way in hell would I do that or take it either, that’s me.

      I did read a couple of years ago about these charges against David and forgot about it until vile, gross, disgusting, jealous, immature, selfish, cold-hearted, mean, despicable, Icky opened her ugly mouth. She’s using Kelly to get back at all of them. And, using a person who is mentally unstable is beyond anything that I can get my head around.

      I’m done with this show and have been for awhile. Even reading the recaps is too much, but I want to say hello to all of you and wish you all a good day. It’s good to have differing opinions as long as we be kind and civil to each other right!!

    2. I wish the laughing (crying) emoticon worked on this site cause a GigiCat I’d be using them all of the time replying to your posts. Girl you make me laugh hard out loud thank you! You are the epitome of common freakin sense. (Oh and I need a thumbs up emoticon too). ❤️❤️❤️

    3. You are condoning it though because you’re making excuses for domestic abuse. It’s NEVER ok to hit your partner, even “just” a slap is too far. Plus it’s not fair to ask to do a background check on a POSTER on a forum, who hasn’t decided to put his/her personal life on TV for the world to see. Tbh some of you here are coming across as a bunch of bullies including you.

      1. So it’s ok for that same poster to state in his opinion, the children would have watched the abuse when two weren’t even born and the other was a one year old baby? That comment as far as I am concerned is lower than low. He went to all the trouble to pay for the information but didn’t bother checking the ages of the girls? SMFH!

        1. Did you read my responses to your posts which corrected my erroneous assumptions regarding the Beador children? I wrote “fair points”. Twice.

          In the future, if you reference or quote my posts, do so accurately.

          Do not reboot or alter the context of my posts.

        2. Suze, Ace coreected it after you said the children were too young when the event occurred. Still, Suze, this information has been all over the Internet since David and Shannon decided to go on TV. We cannot stop it from coming out since in the U.S., arrest records are published for all to see and not private. In the US, you are guilty until proven innocent as well. It is different in the UK.
          When the event happened in 2003, David did what he had to do in the eyes of the law. Since that time, no further arrests were made or anything that ever involved arrests.
          Sure, we all want it to go away, but it does not. If only Shannon and David did not go on TV, then maybe their past would not be delved into like it is today. It was their choice. They let their kids in on dad’s affair too. This is their style of parenting. It may not be ours. We cannot shelter their girls, sadly.
          Love you, Suze. Sorry of we disagree at times, but I consoder you my dear friend. Take care, sweetie.


            1. Suze, Suze!!!! Who does this remind you of??? Someone who always talked like that, I bet you thought the same thing along there somewhere. Let me know, OK? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❌⭕️☮☀︎♡♔

              1. You are now escalating from bully to troll. You are using a very old school tactic, BTW.

                Are you sure that is a course of action you and others really want to pursue?

                Think about it long, hard, and very carefully.

                1. Now you’re not only insulting , you’re threatening people. What do you mean by a think long and hard??! You’re out of line

                  1. There are zero threats in my post.

                    You know it.

                    Your job here is to cause further escalation by rebooting what was written in my post to include an implication which never existed in my original post.

                    The fact you didn’t dispute trolling is taking place is noticeable.

                    1. Calling posters trolls is rude. And while RealSandy will defend you, I will not. You owe them an apology for calling them that. You make no effort to be nice to anyone and yet you complain about being bullied.

                    2. Please do not speak for me. I do not defend every comment from anyone.
                      My posts reflect the comments I responded to and not everything. I do not defend all posts by any one person. Now you are generalizing. Please stop.

                    3. And yes it was a threat. What does ‘think about it hard, long and very carefully’ mean?? So now you’re a coward . You wrote it , didn’t you ??

                    4. @HWLOVER

                      I don’t owe them an apology.

                      They owe me an apology.

                      They are trolling. You are helping them.

                      I will not tolerate bullies and trolls.

                      I am quite good at defending myself w/o issueing threats or behaving like an immature RHOC.

                      The posts fr/ 3 Ds, Aunt Bee, and yourself prove what is described below is taking place:


                      “In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroÊŠl/, /ˈtrÉ’l/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion,[3] often for their own amusement.”


                      Get it together, stay on topic, and behave yourselves.

                      Above all, if you don’t want to be called a troll, don’t behave like one.

                    5. You wouldn’t apologize even if you knew you were wrong. ‘Defending yourselfl’ doesn’t mean insulting people. You pretend to be better than them but you’re behaving worse . I am not helping them , I hardly
                      like any of them but as you said ‘wrong is wrong’ and you are wrong to call them trolls then threaten them. Management has been contacted so I’ll leave it to them to review the posts

                    6. Please don’t feed the trolls.
                      BTW, I do not see threats from you. I see words that some will not like, but no threats.
                      I do not like any of this fighting, and you don’t have to apologize.
                      I have a good idea now who is writing this under another name too, and I also know this happened before…different, but similar. When I defended a certain person in the past who was just speaking her mind, she was shunned. She stopped posting, I also was shunned periodically as well. That is why I try to make peace. Then I am picked on for that. No one appointed me anything. Life is too short for this. People who act like this are the ones who do start wars. They displace their aggression here.
                      We are adults here. I am…maybe not all by the attacks. I will not resort to trolling under a new name like another here is doing and coming at “friends”. This is almost as bad as the Kelly, Vicki OC feuding, and it is inexcusable.
                      Ace, I honestly cannot believe it.

                    7. “And yes it was a threat. What does ‘think about it hard, long and very carefully’ mean??”


                      If you had to ask ‘What does think about long, hard, and very carefully mean??”, how were able to come to any sort of conclusion as to it’s meaning, let alone deceptively deem it a threat?

                      Your thinking is faulty.

                    8. Your b.s ‘logic’ won’t work on me . As I said , let management decide. Your poor attempts at denial only make you seem more guilty

                    9. Your b.s ‘logic’ won’t work on me . As I said , let management decide. Your poor attempts at denial only make you seem more guilty. You’ve picked fights with everyone (except one person) on this site, but somehow you’re doing nothing wrong ????

                    10. @RealSandy

                      I am so sorry your name has been dragged into this.

                      I apologize for my contribution to this.

                      You have been nothing but kind.

                      Again, my apologies.

                    11. RealSandy, of course you think I’m the bad guy now ! Typical ! I’m not speaking for you but just commenting on your posts here . If the shoe fits . It’s ok to admit he said your friend and you defend him but it’s too late to play this card

                    12. RealSandy I am not anyone pretending to be anyone else. When were you ever shunned ? You’re one of the mean girls and you guys are usually the ones attacking people. You got called out and now you’re trying to find an out. So Ace doesn’t need to apologize? Feed the trolls? That’s rich. For the longest time I actually did think you have integrity but I know better now. You’re not trying to keep peace, just trying to protect someone you like who has insulted people. So stop the bs of thinking I’m someone else because that’s not true. I’ve posted on and off for years under RHOBHLOVER , but now it won’t let me sign under that name. You’re not the victim here and neither is Ace , but you can band together and tell yourselves that . And you’re defending free speech?? Very rich ! Good one RealSandy

                    13. You have me mistaken with someone else. Find a “mean” post of mine.
                      You came here and picked me out and read into posts and saw what was not there. I read them and saw what was written. I don’t extract other meanings.
                      If anyone here is trolling, it is you. You have singled me out and called me a mean girl. You generalize about people you do not know. I am my own person. I speak the truth. We do not have to agree but we can agree to disagree and act like adults here. I am not going to spend the night here. It is late, and I have had enough of the harrassment. I will no longer respond to you. Goodbye

                    14. Nobody is asking you to spend the night here or even to comment. You’re doing that willingly. And when your friend Ace attacks people you applaud him under the guise of free speech. Maybe you and Ace are the same person. That would make sense

                    1. “And yes it was a threat. What does ‘think about it hard, long and very carefully’ mean??”


                      If you had to ask ‘What does think about long, hard, and very carefully mean??”, how were able to come to any sort of conclusion as to its meaning, let alone deceptively deem it a threat?

                      You made the deceptive decision to call my post a threat *before* you understood its meaning. Quite frankly I doubt you care about what I meant. You saw an opportunity to get me in trouble by falsely accusing me of making threats and are now running with it.

                      Your thinking is faulty and quite scary.

                    2. Why would I get you in ‘trouble’??? You are the one who wrote those words after calling them trolls. Don’t try and play victim now and say everybody is bullying you. That’s an excuse that nobody believes from you because you’ve been rude and you’re ‘trolling’ me now actually after I repeatedly told you that managment has been notified , so we really have nothing to say to each other. If you don’t want to get in trouble, as you put it, then don’t run your mouth then go squealing when you’re caught

                    3. @HWLOVER

                      “You’ve picked fights with everyone (except one person) on this site, but somehow you’re doing nothing wrong ????”

                      You’re lying again. Your lie can easily be proven a lie.

                    4. They are tolls and so are you HWLOVER.

                      Your collective posts prove it.

                      What I meant by “Think about it long, hard, and very carefully.”, is when an individual chooses to engage in trolling, they prove the following about themselves:

                      “The investigators found that Internet trolls tended to have personality traits related to sadism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism – a term used by psychologists to describe a person’s tendency to deceive and manipulate others for personal gain. The link between trolling and sadism was the strongest out of all three traits, the researchers said.”


                      Well done.

                    5. You’re still trolling. Wrapping it in your version of a smart package doesn’t make it less trolling . So stop trolling . You’re really pathetic it’s laughable . Have some dignity and stop trolling me . Again stop trolling . No trolling ! None! Nada! Zilch ! Troll free zone ! Comprnde?

                    6. Appreciate th google Realsandy! So he threatens your so called friends and you’re ok with that? I’m glad you don’t consider me a friend

              2. I don’t think any of this is funny. It is a shame really.
                I understand what is happening here, and I am going to exit. I hope everyone is happy now. I mean that. Take care my friend.

    4. Oh Gigicat you are one in a million. I can always count on you cut thru the BS and speak the truth. Love you.❌❌⭕️⭕️

    5. I am underwhelmed by your attempts to intimidate me.

      Since I’m sure there will be a next time, maybe your tactics will new and improved?

        1. Ace, it is okay now. I do hope that you can continue to post your ooinions about the topics here, since you are intelligent and able to express yourself quits well. However, and I certainly do not represent anyone’s opinion other than my own, I do hope we can ALL start over anew.
          Many here are emotional, and many of us here have been posting at this site for quite a long time and consider each other friends. We try to agree to disagree, but sometimes heart rules over mind, and it may get out of hand.
          Try to consider Aunt Bee as your aunt. She is really one of the nicest people here, and she is funny and sweet. She also has a strong moral compass. Others here are direct and in your face, but they are all really good people except for the occasional Internet trolls who pop in.
          Right now I feel like a bit of an outcast, coming to your defense for posting facts, but I am my own person. I do really care for my friends here too, even if they may not agree with me on this topic and may be a bit upset with me now. They are such wonderful people who are dealing with all sorts of real life issues, like major health problems, disabilities, loss, and you name it, and yet we come in here almost as therapy to meet and greet online as well as comment. Gigicat, asuze, Rain, Aunt Bee, Daisy, Miss Monepenny, and so many others here are awesome people. ❤️
          Well, I am sorry if I wrote so much.

          1. I meant Suze…sorry I am emotional and cannot type now. I hate to see any disagreements here. I like to avoid stressful situations.

          2. Re: Aunt Bee

            In the immortal words of Monty Python, “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

            Especially on a reality TV blog.

            Heck, as a Catholic, I had no idea Pope Francis had put the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition back in Medieval business.

      1. Gooooood Moooooooornin Mornin Mornin lovelies! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
        Sandy? I hope you’re the head nurse where you work because you have a heart of gold and are such a keeper of peace and calm. Very excellent skills and innate altruism ❤️ I appreciate that about you. Now line up everybody here comes my specialty; big soft bear hugs and butterfly kisses xoxoxoxoxo love you all woot!

        1. Good morning Miss M. You are too kind, really. Thank you.
          No, I was never a head nurse, and even as a charge nurse, people usually were not listening to me so much. I guess being the youngest of 4 made me the one who was better at taking orders than giving them, really. I did wish I could keep the peace with my own family growing up too, but really was kind of like a ghost…no one listened to me.
          I was fine just working as a nurse, and I loved the ER because there you can utilize all of your skills from pediatrics to psych nursing as well as surgery, medicine, gyn, etc. It was very rewarding to me. I just have not worked in a number of years, and I do wish I never left, but I had no real options when I did, and when I went back…it was after a refresher course and was just not the nursing I had come to love any more, but something else. It was not me, actually, since I was capable, however, attitudes of others really stunned me. The world has changed in a big way, and a lot of that was reflected in some of the people I saw in the profession (colleagues) and it was not all good sadly. Maybe it was the place I was working in, but the people there were cold and not very knowledgable, and the compassion was just not there.
          Okay, I wrote too much. I have to say that I am happy to be amongst all of you, my friends. You, Miss M., are so sweet. I would love to meet you.
          Are you on Long Island? I just wondered. 🙂

          1. Sandy❤️ I know *exactly* what you are talking about how much the medical community has changed. And though I’ve only been a patient we can see that (we, meaning in our 50’s $ 60’s) the quality (in the teaching hospitals, imo) and the culture has taken a dip. No doubt. There are very few now left who have that sweet mothering bedside disposition, I think it’s become a lost art.
            I’m the baby of my family too lol so I know about being ‘unheard’ when trying to assert my opinions. It’s getting better though because I just won’t NOT be heard hahaha.
            I’m not on Long Island sound but rather further north. I’ll let you guess as I hesitate to share too much. Still in the U.S. but barely 🙂

            1. Well, you sound Like you are newr a Great lake maybe in upstate NY…perhaps. If so, then you are used to a whole lot of snow. Otherwise you are in Maine. Either way, you live in a beautiful place. You don’t have to share. It sounds like it is more than a few hours from here. My sons have gone skiing in the Lake Placid area, and it is gorgeous in all of that part of the country. I have been to Maine and parts of NY state, Mass., CT., etc.

              1. Ok you’re close. Actually my best friend lives in Buffalo, the snow belt. I live in the Lake Champlain Islands on an island 😉 near the Canadian border.

                  1. I used to watch NJ, but living here in NJ and after all of the events…I don’t any more. So, you are lucky they don’t live in your state! With Jersey Shore, Sopranos and NJ Housewives…well, we are not put in a very good light. NJ has always been in jokes too for a long time. I heard it was the most hated state in some survey months ago. It is actually a very beautiful state in many parts.

                    1. Sandy I was previously engaged to my college honey way back when who hailed from Wayne! I loved going to NJ especially the Willowbrook mall lol. I got lost trying to find the ladies room as I recall. We consider you a neighbor and we love you.

                    2. Btw, he was studying to be an architect and he took me to Franklin Lakes to show me all the mansions (late 70’s) being built and I remember them looking like castles!

                    3. Oh yeah! I love your diners! They’re huge! Ok now I gotta get busy it’s been so fun sharing !❤️❤️❤️

                    4. Sorry, Miss M. My son just came back with lunch..subs. We call them subs or submarine sandwiches. Mine is roasted turkey…they roast turkey there, so it is good…from Jersey Mike’s…but not all of them roast their own turkey breasts. 🙂
                      I do remember the diners. We don’t have any good ones where I live now, though. Up north and even in NY state, they are great and even have their own bakeries with amazing desserts…like NY cheesecake…mm.
                      I used to live in Wayne, and yes, I remember when Willowbrook Mall opened…showing my age. I was a young girl in high school and used to love to go there with my friends. I am sure it has changed now. Malls are actually on the decline due to so much online shopping, though.
                      Yes, I used to drive to Franklin Lakes in my youth to look at the mansions as well. Now my sister and my nephew each have one amazing home there…and others in other states. My nephew’s master bedroom is larger than most people’s homes…for real.
                      Anyway, I live near the Jersey shore and not in Northern NJ, but more central now.
                      I do remember you mentioned your ex bf being from Wayne too. It is a small world really.
                      Take care and enjoy your day. 🙂 XOXO

                    5. Not to worry, Reno has been the butt of jokes for decades. When I moved here in 1981 the schools were some of the highest accredited schools in the country. And, it was because of the gambling industry. They put a lot of money into the education system for all the time mine were in school. Also, this is a pretty little town, wonderful places to hike and picnic, there is a competent amount of culture here, and many live, cultural events during the months of Spring, Summer and Fall. We have Farmer’s Markets that bring their fresh goods from California, and a lot of decent shopping. I mean, being real, it’s not London! And, when every state got the OK for gambling, the accreditation numbers for the schools dropped, and the city planners were way too far behind, IMO, and the opinion’s of a lot of us here. Still, they came along and brought in other businesses & moved us into places so that our economy didn’t do a complete fail, even in those terrible economic times.
                      We know who we are, we know what our City and State stands for, as do most others across the country. The same as we do, the people across the country know that those shows don’t even begin to represent the people of the state of New Jersey. I never think of you when I see the ridiculous things the cast of the show does. I don’t watch the others, I’ve never seen Jersey Shore or the other(s) you mentioned. I just wanted you to know that, my friend, Sandy. ❤️❤️❤️❌♤♡♢♧ 🙂

                    6. Thanks so much 3 D’s. I appreciate your thoughtfulness a lot. ❤️
                      . I understand about the impact of casinos too, though Atlantic City is not a Reno. I used to live in the AC area, and now that casinos are in CT and elsewhere, they have felt it big time. Now they propose casinos in northern NJ (on the ballot for yes no vote) and that would wipe out what little is left there in AC in the southern part of this small state.
                      I know that the state I live in is beautiful and has a lot to offer. Where I live we are surrounded by a state park, horse farms and close to the beaches, etc. It is not far from NYC or Philadelphia either. The schools are some of the best in the state.
                      The problem is the taxes are so high here…property taxes very high, etc., they are taxing so many out of the state for retirement. We hope to stay here, somehow…not in this house, but downsize at some point.
                      I am so sorry for your recent loss. I know about families too. I have had a similar incident…actually worse…with the alienation of all the sisters by one brother, and I won’t go into it, but I feel for you in a big way, and my deepest sympathy. You are a good person and you deserve only happiness. I consider you my friend and neighbor in Reno. 🙂

                1. I have to look that up on a map. It sounds beautiful where you are, and I am sure it is very scenic there. You must see some amazing sunrises and sunsets there too. I hope the rain helps with the drought there. We have had droughts here too, but where I am it is not as bad as elsewhere in the state.

              2. My first guess would have been pa. But now I agree with Sandy sounds like Maine . Where ever you are miss m they are lucky to have you.

                1. Vermont. The lovely Green Mtn state. I’m close to Ny state to the west and to the north I’m a stones throw from Canada. I love it here. Daisy they’re lucky to have you where you live! ❤️❤️❤️

                  1. Thanks Miss M. Some days I wonder . It sounds lovely in Vermont , I’m in Texas so we have hot and unbelievable hotter , that’s pretty much our weather here

                    1. I have been to Vermont. We visited Weston Priory and went to Mass in a huge barn. It was so beautiful. The monks sang and there were birds flying over head. As my friend said “it was so beautiful my heart hurt.” I wanted to stay longer as I love the mountains but we were on a time constraint. This blog and you my friends bring back so many lovely memories.

                  2. Daisy my husband just went to Texas last Oct to a cowboys game he brought me back the coolest tshirt from there ! Yes he said it was hotter than Hades, our blood wouldn’t be able to take it. I need a fan on higher than 65

                    1. Lol cowboys . … boo boo. Ha ha just joking but we are Texans fans at my house . When I woke this morning it was actually in the 60′ s but now the ac is on again

                  3. I’ve read many books in my Gardening Library that say Vermont is the most beautiful state to visit in the Fall. Many photo’s accompany the comments, and I have dreamed of seeing it. My own tree in my front yard is stunningly showing off now, I can only imagine miles and miles of the color! Not only the Fall according to my books and what I have seen in documentary form on TV. I have quite the extensive library on Gardening, and often gardens are featured in your fruitful State. And, let’s face it, you live there. Another stamp of approval for Vermont. ♥️

                    1. I have seen some of VT and in the north, the fall colors are awesome. We have nice colors here where I am, but as you drive north, it becomes more mountainous (we have some hills) and the colors change earlier there than here…awesome in the mountains of NY state, VT, etc. Vermont is pretty.

            2. Nursing has become profession that is rewarded quite well in a monetary sense, but it was not that way when I started out. People did not go into nursing for the pay. Today, many seem attracted not only to a profession where work is found in so many places, and you can help people, but to the high salaries as a priority. It is not so much of a calling as it is just a job today IMO. So many seem to hate it and it shows. It attracts some who maybe would not otherwise work in the field. With doctors too, it may be the same with many, but of course, not all, thankfully. There are still great nurses and doctors, but priorities have shifted in a big way today, and I think robots will be nurses and doctors before long…really. It is coming to that. No hands on exams, but computerized diagnoses… It is a lost art.

  14. And that’s a good gracious afternoonie to miss Scottie hottie! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️xoxoxo 😉

  15. Hi my Suze how are you doing today. ?❤️ It’s raining buckets☂️ here but that’s perfectly okay because the lake levels are so extremely low that we really need it! In fact our lake looks like the tide is out perpetually on the sandbars with vast exposed areas. They say this hasn’t happened but once before in the 1950’s! Oye

    1. Wow, you do need rain then. We haven’t had any for a week but I don’t want any either, the old arthritis gets cross when it is wet! How are you feeling now after the other day? Xoxoxoxxo

      1. Oh Sue we really do. It’s drought conditions in many areas here. For the first time I hope we get a lot of snow this season so in spring when the mountains melt it will bring the level up. I feel fine after my appt. the other day with the kind intuitive. But no different physically lol. That’s ok, it was just to check out another avenue of healing. I’m going to try accupuncture next stop. In fact I’m going to research a good one today.

        1. Good luck with that. I have never gone to an acupuncturist. I used to know one who also took classes at my health club years ago. She was Chinese, and she also liked to use herbs in her practice. She used to say people are generally too acidic…and had to change that eith herbs, etc.

        2. I had acupuncture before the op on my back. My physio, who became a friend, not sure why, had me face down on the table and started sticking needles in! She asked me if I could feel them but I couldn’t. We had discussed it at a previous appt and I said maybe! Ha! she took that as yes! It did help a bit, I had them a second time as well but I was tense as I knew they were coming so I did feel the odd one. That was my fault as long as you relax you shouldn’t feel them. My SIL’s dog had Acupuncture as well! Xoxoxoxox

          1. I have an ACUPRESSURE book that shows the places where pain resides, and where the target muscle group is that is likely causing it. Naturally it can’t cure illness, but I know for a fact muscle contraction knots it is what caused me a lot of pain, for years and years. I used to have this pain in my left foot, like a burning nail was stuck in the middle of my foot. I was a waitress by then, by the time I was at work for an hour, it started. I bought different shoes, went to physical therapy, took all different kinds of medication, considered SURGERY………..I got this book that shows the “Pain” with a big black dot, and where to rub it out for each place. TWO days and that pain was GONE. Turns out it was from the repetitive movement of pulling the food tray off of the counter, using the bottom of that leg to swivel around and walk. I am not even kidding when I say 2 days. After 3 YEARS of really severe pain, pain that caused me to eventually quit my job, pills, tears, money, traction for my leg, it turned out I needed to rub out the back of my shin!! If anyone wants to know the name of the book, here it is. “The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook” Second edition, by Clair Davies, NCTMB. I bought one for each of my kids, and use the info frequently in my daily life for back, shoulder, foot, hand, well, every muscle group in my body. It NEVER fails to work, unless there is something wrong that actually requires a doctor. Used it’s likely a couple dollars at Amazon. Many patients have surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, Headaches, Sore knees and feet, who cured the pain using this practice, and a lot of other chronic pain. I don’t mean to advertise, I don’t know the person who wrote it, it has just saved me so much pain, seriously, that I simply wanted to share it.

  16. Miss M, I skipped VT in my list somehow. I have been to VT too…just a couple of times to a ski resort, but I am not a skier. I tried…took lessons years ago. But my son..the eldest, he snowboarded there and on the last two times there, over a few years, broke a bone each time…so he now says maybe he should not snowboard in VT. (It is not the state. He is fearless really…and he goes too fast…fell into a hole, etc.) Thankfully this last time, he needed no surgery. He is somewhat accident prone. I do worry, since he rides his bike through NYC every day…has been hit by a car…he said it in passing…not too bad…just a door in his face…

  17. Well this has been a shit thread! I apologise to anyone new looking at the site, please ignore this and read one of the other threads! To be clear I’m not apologising to anyone involved as I don’t owe ANYONE an apology but I wouldn’t like to see Nikki’s site, that she has worked so hard for turned into a site just like so many others where commenters just argue and insult each other. I do not have anything to do with the running of the site before someone mentions that. (Just very proud of Nikki and what she has worked for.) I love this site and 90% of the people here. I won’t be back to this thread at all it’s done for me! Xoxo❤️❤️❤️

    1. FYI. Ace apologized to me and there was no reply key and I received no email since I removed myself from the thread. I said to Ace no apology was necessary to me. I see where things were said but I do not see threats. I see wordsnthat are not liked. I see childish games played by some too.

      1. You’re not the one he needs to apologize to so enough of that nonsense. . That’s a non apology . The way you convolute matters makes sense only to you and nobody else . Well , maybe to Ace . You said you’re done but here you are still talking about it and going on and on with your excuses

  18. I think it happened and only happened once for this lesson for this reason: On her first season, it was obvious she was the alpha in the relationship. On Andy’s show guests who knew the OC cast, I forget who they were, were asked: Who was the boss in each relationship. The bosses I remember were Shannon and Heather. It was very cruel of Vicki to reveal that because she knew it would hurt Shannon’s children. As Briana said: “My mother fights dirty, she’ll even make up lies.”

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