David Beador Accused Of Being A Flirt, Vicki Gunvalson Admits He’s Sexy


During part 1 of the RHOC reunion Monday night it was revealed that Shannon Beador’s husband David is a flirt, especially when it comes to her BFF Vicki Gunvalson…

Terry Dubrow claimed that Vicki is the one who “wound him up” about David Beador making sexual comments towards his wife. Terry claims Vicki would tell him that David “loves to flirt with me and touch my underwear.”

“He doesn’t touch my underwear!” Vicki responded. “He never touched it. I said we were totally flirting that night. I think it was at the Hoedown.”

“We were flirting, no doubt it was full throttle,” Vicki admits when Heather explains the picture she was painting when telling these stories about David.

Tamra and Vicki both admit that David is “hot” and is a “flirt.”

David apologizes to his wife, saying it was “very disrespectful to Shannon” for him to be flirting.

“I shouldn’t be flirting with Vicki,” David says. “Vicki and I have a nice banter and it was harmless.”

“It’s not like I’m going to go make-out with David,” Vicki adds. “He’s my girlfriend’s husband.”

Watch below.

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94 Replies to “David Beador Accused Of Being A Flirt, Vicki Gunvalson Admits He’s Sexy”

    1. he is totally hot and funny and sexy and obviously smart yet he seems down to earth

      so screw you Duborings !!!! you are so jealous I swear

      and him and Vicki are joking relax why can’t they flirt ?????

      wasn’t it you two who came up with the marry or shag game at your stupid party yet you claim Vicki got you riled up talking about flirtatious David was HUH something doesn’t add up

      Shannon and David are nicer kinder and better looking than the Duborings

      and I think Terry was wearing boots with a heal at the reunion hahahahaha he is such a goober

  1. Shocking. One of the Dubrows blame someone else for their behavior. Deflect much Terry and Heather. There seems to be a pattern here… Inside the Dubrow World:
    I was a bitch to Shannon – not my fault I was feeling left out.
    My wife was a bitch to Shannon – not her fault because it was weird for her to ask my wife, the “source” for the truth.
    I was a prick to David – not my fault because 1. he was lewd in front of my kid’s gamgam. 2. David flirts with Vicki.

    1. Thank you for the clarity. The Dubrows have something to say about everyone. Please tell them that their apologies, that seem to always come with stipulations in distinct levels of sorry-ness = HUGE EGOS and less compassion for their fellow man.

  2. I love that the Beadors handled the Dubrows so well. David and Shannon both came off much better than Terry and Heather. HOW could he lose 2 months sleep over what David said about spread your legs, when he claims he JUST found out about it when they went to Bali? You could see both Terry and Shannon steam inside when everyone said how sexy David is. Terry wants to be bigshot surgeon/rich husband/star, but that didn’t work out. He is the most jealous mean girl type out of all the ‘oranges’. I hope his patients realize what a two faced non trusted person he is, and search elsewhere for their fakeness surgery.

    1. Terry needs to stop being jealous of David period. It is obvious no matter what David says he is going to be wrong in Terry’s eyes. The whole spread your legs comment was also followed by EDDIE saying ride it like you do Terry. Both of these comments were disrespectful, but if Terry is going to call out David on his comment (and lose countless hours of sleep) then he should do the same for Eddie. Terry is acting like a childish school girl. If Terry is so worried about his children hearing stupid inappropriate comments, then maybe he shouldn’t through a party with his children if alcohol is being served.

  3. Yes David it is “disrespectful” to flirt with other women while you are married, I hope these two can work out their issues for the sake of the family/children. They are a cute couple who do love each other.
    Trampa couldn’t wait to spread the gossip, then the other mean girl joined in (joker face heather), seriously—–heather & terry just made themselves look worse and their “conveluted / contrived” reasoning is ridiculous——-if you watch them at the reunion, when Andy asked a question (they both respond, “it paints a picture” at the same time), which shows this is their narrative, so rehearsed and total BS (terry is a mean girl, jealous).. botched won’t save these two tools……..

    1. Me either, DeeDee. And Vicki was proud of it… And what about terry using it? Lol…also trashy tamra got rite there with Shannon and David’s weak spot n started using it. Saying David was hot. Then how he is a flirt, and her smirk at Shannon when she said it. Those debrows will be known for stupid. From now on. Tamra as trash. Poor children. She also degraded her sons girlfriend again. That’s going to be the mother of her grandchild. No wonder he left.

    2. Yeah, I don’t think I’d want to be Besties with Vicki anymore after that. Poor Shannon- who CAN she trust in all of this? Not Vicki, not David, not Tamra, Heather or Terry… I’d be fuming at David too. That was really embarrassing for her. I don’t like David as much & have got to think a roving eye could be the source, or one of them of theses marital issues.

      1. I know.and I’m sure her self confidence is down. But she also has a good part. Look at the other men he was being compared to all in all. But goodness just because Shannon don’t flirt I hope she knows she is a beautiful lady. Not a scaffold. Shannon is pretty and in a classy way. Tamra just did that to hurt Shannon. I think vicki and David were cutting up. But ofcourse older women eat up David’s flirting. Heather wanted him to flirt with her. I think that’s why terry don’t like David. Shannon should know she has all these women beat. Hope she knows. David knows what he has. Rem when terry bragging on Shannon for home cooking dinner. He really loved Shannon’s cooking. But I know tamra really hurt Shannon and tamra did it on purpose like she looked at Shannon rubbing it in. Hope Shannon reads some of these blogs. She is pretty and actually she has it all.

        1. I meant Skaggs and this phone didn’t spell it rite. You know Shannon looks younger than any of them. And I think she is 50. She don’t look it to me.

      2. I wouldn’t trust Vickie with her husband if I were Shannon. Vickie is desperate for male attention to affirm herself so who knows how far she would go? But I also doubt David finds Vickie all that hot. Anyway, the bottom line is Vickie shouldnt flirt with David. Just because Vickie blew her marriage for a loser user is n reason to take it out on her friend.

  4. Loved all the comments above so far….Don’t know why Terry was so angry-faced when the whole “spread your legs” comment was brought up. He just can’t forgive and the Debrows both have to be right–how funny no matter how they spun things, they still weren’t in the right and looked really really bad to the viewers.

  5. I think there was too much made of the flirting thing. Does anybody think David would be attracted to Vicki? Really? Vicki seems more like an older woman, not in his league physically, and I think he was flattering her with (as he said) friendly banter. If he’d said anything untoward to either Tamra or Heather, even if it wasn’t directly flirting but something they could spin out of holecloth, they would have jumped right on it with specifics. David is very attractive, and it’s human nature that if these other women are attracted to him (you know they are) they will read more into what he says than they would a guy that doesn’t spark their hormones. Terry’s a putzy girlie boy, and Eddie is outright gay. I don’t doubt both their wives are sexually frustrated.

  6. I think David is hot too. His personality is part of the reason too. It must be killing Terry to know that too. Did he have a lot of botox too?
    The Beadors did a great job and no amount of back pedaling and excuses by the Dubrows could excuse their behavior at all this season. I feel they definitely rehearsed for the camera.

  7. I get it. My best friend’s husband would play with me, and it was harmless!!!! (I look at him like a brother) Did not consider it disrespectful at all. My GF would laugh her ass off, because she knew I would never CROSS that line. We are still best friends for over 24 years, and please…David is hot! But…on the other hand, if it bothers Shannon, then it should stop immediately. Insecure Tamra couldn’t handle it, if Eddie flirted with Vicki. All you have to do is look at Vicki, shes not sexy, not really that pretty, while Shannon has a better body, and it more attractive.

    1. Trashy tamra pitched a fit one season because of Eddie and Vicki. And guess what they were drinking. Anyone else rem that?

  8. Get a life everyone… harmless flirting…. give it a rest… Yes the Dubrows are jealous… it’s written all over their faces and their actions prove it!!!!

    1. Flirting is only “harmless” when it disrespects their partner, belittles the relationship, and may cause unwarranted passes.

      By the way–did anyone notice how familiar the dress Vickie wore at the reunion (size or two too small)? That style looks exactly like a dress one of the housewives wore at another reunion.

  9. Whom ever hired Hearther needs to get fired! She is so self righteous , it’s getting old . She is so phony . The only real ones are shannon and Lizzie .. Tamra once a hoe always a hoe ! She is so botoxed , she looks fake and ugly! Vicki needs to mature this yelling like a little kid makes her look uneducated .. David is the hottest guy! Terry looks like he is pussy whipped by heather. Eddie, looks like he is already bored with tamra.. Loved the show until it started getting classless. Money does not make a person classy.. Just saying …ready to change channel . 🙁

  10. Ahhh bloody hell what else have David and Shannon done haha if that’s his worst flaw that David has is his a bit of a flirt hahahaha stop trying to pick the shit out of David and Shannon DUBROWS you look ridiculous!!

    1. Lol…it’s funny isn’t it? I was just laughing about one of the comments… Look what Lizzie got stirred up, even vicki

      1. Teresa exactly right!! I just find this so ridiculously funny honestly I have to say the men that openly flirt for a little fun are the most trustworthy..as for the ones that are quiet and sneaky that don’t say much and are all for appearance they are the dirty old perverts!!!…flirting within reason is complimentary and a way to open up to others with a bit of fun…now as for Brooks that man I have problems with!!!

        1. And the debrows couldn’t come more stupid. After ole heather said it would be straightened out after the show. U know heather and trashy tamra n Vicki all wanted David behind Shannon’s back and she told trashy tamra about their marriage problems. Lol. Sounds like me . And Lizzie wanted Eddie not David. Nobody wanted terry or the women. Lol

        2. I can just see me coming home looking like heather or tamra. Lol. Or going to work like them. Lol. With boobs like Vicki’s .

        3. My husband is quite and he don’t go flirting. But women do flirt with him. The quite kind, that is the truth. My husband wouldn’t know what to think if I came home with cheeks like that. And tamra lumpy face n acting like her. With Vicki’s boobs. I forgot with Tamara’s lips too. Heather hair, those valotino shoes. Riding a bull with a short dress on. Lol. With david.

  11. I’m sorry. But can’t u see all those women wanting David? And to beat it all Shannon told tamra the problems and she told em all. Lol. Just like at my work. Lol

  12. During the show I saw David acing I appropriately towards other women on the show- usually when’d he was a little drunk. He even was doing it right in front of Shannon. Highly disrespectful. But at least he was man enough to apologize to her. Having said that, I think because both Shannon and David are honest and brave enough to admit their mistakes and faults, I think they will make it in the long run.

    1. Me too. I don’t like ppl being mean to ppl unless they deserve it. I was reading about Apollo earlier. That’s crazy. Evidently he likes prison more than his wife and kids.

  13. I don’t know Shannon looked upset to me when all the flirting talk started. I felt bad for her and
    I felt pissed when that no conscience bitch Tara chimed in like she was friends with David.
    She gets lower and lower.

    1. That’s what got me. Trashy tamra smirking at Shannon about David being hot. And evidently all the housewives had been grumbling plus terry the housewife, about David being hot behind Shannon’s back. Shannon the lady of the bunch thought she had a friend in trashy tamra. I know terry was jealous. He has nothing. Ughhh.

    2. Ann, you know trashy tamra would love to grab on to David. She same as said it. Ofcourse heather thinks David wants her. Heather does think she is better than the others. Heather hangs with trashy tamra to look better. But heather n terry will never be forgotten for how stupid they are. No one that read and watched will ever forget them. Noway to fix those 2. And trashy tamra thought she was hanging with high society. Lol. Whoever has grabs has messed with trashy tamra, David.

    3. I agree with everything you just said!! Tamra chimed in like there was something special between her & David!! Uh only in your sexually frustrated dreams Tamra.

      1. It really did make me so mad too. That ole smirky look when she was talking about david. That was so sorry of trashy tamra. She knew what she was doing n then said I will say it again, David ur hot. Yes I brought that up when it happened. I could see the hurt. I think David should have brushed tamra off. Can’t you hear all those women talking behind Shannon’s back. They were cause they told it on the show. All of going wild over David. But women like trashy tamra can really hurt a woman cause tamra is trash n would give David a bj in the parking lot. Plus tamra just rubbed it in to Shannon.

      2. But the nite tamra did that on the reunion show to David. Lol. No one at my house watches it . Not friends or family. I was so mad and my ears were burning. I was so mad about tamra doing that to Shannon. I did have to make myself calm down. That’s why I get on here and write. I been around women like that. Tamra just wanted to flirt with David plus hurt Shannon and she did it.

    1. She really is hot. And Shannon has a great heart and understanding. Besides her looks. But she is a pretty lady. Oh and that’s rite. A lady not trash.

    2. And yes a lot hotter than the rest. The rest were jealous too or they wouldn’t have been talking about her and treating her so badly.david better realize what he has. A lot of men want a lady like Shannon.

    3. I agree with that too! She can look absolutely stunning. She looked the best at the reunion and ALWAYS dresses appropriately. Now I know you all will jump on me for this, but I really thought Vicki looked very pretty too. Her hair, skin, makeup. So she was showing some boobs…. 50 something year old women do that. Think about Susan Sarandon!! She’s got to be close to 65 & she has a massive cleavage & shows it. Vicki isn’t thin or svelte, but she isn’t an elephant either! I think she looks good for her age. I really do. But yes, Shannon is VERY pretty- especially when she gets dressed up. David should be giving her the eye.

      1. Your rite. Vicki has a figure like my mother. A full curvy figure. Vicki looked the prettiest I ever watched her and that dress looked good. Vicki wouldn’t look good in old woman’s clothes. That dress was pretty, and had that sheer lining to her neck. Even vicki skin was pretty. You know sometimes her skin looks pretty bad. I have read a lot about how Vicki was dressed. But she looked good. She has a figure. Why hide it? Tamra has nothing inside or out. Ugly and heather is too.

          1. When Slade made fun of her as a comedian, I think it hurt her feeling and she got surgery . But vicki did look good on the reunion. Is tamra jealous? Ofcourse.

        1. I agree. Everyone has their own style and I dont think Vickie would look good in dowdy conservative clothing. I think sexy clothing, within reason, is more her style and makes her look younger. Shannon has a really good set of legs and a more elegant model style.

      2. I also thought that Vickie looked good. I was glad that she sat next to Shannon and that they kept
        giving each other knowing looks. That must have burned Tamara ass.

        1. I am glad they were together also. Just wish tamra and heather stop blaming this on Shannon.i mean we got to see a lot of it on tv. How can they still blame Shannon?

        2. But tamra and heather are saying Shannon twisted everything all season. After heather just admitted to Shannon on the reunion she felt this and that explaining her lies then. Now tamra is saying Shannon and Lizzie twisted things all season. That makes me gag after on tv heather said she felt like Shannon was her friend.

          1. OK Teresa early this morning Bravo is rerunning the reunion and I am taping it got a glimpse at the
            end that snake Tamara.. I’ll post tomorrow . I get so pisssed when I see someone be so mean
            to another.

            1. Ann, your a very nice person. The reason I ask questions is like I said, no one watches any of these shows I watch so it hit me to read on my phone. I just don’t hunt blogs, but when I found you all I love to read everyone’s thoughts too. I got different views and some close to my thoughts. Makes me happy to read these cause I love to talk about em and nobody else even knew what I was talking about. I just wish so bad something would show tamra how bad she is. And heather and terry could see how other ppl see them. CrZy things.

  14. Teresa, I love it when you have your second thoughts. You have me laughing. What a piss you
    are. I heard that Wendy Williams is losing her show. I very rarely watched her. But, I remember
    her sitting on a chair and giving her take on the housewives. You would be great.

    1. Lol. Ty. Guess I over react. I’m glad I make you laugh. Much better than being fussed at. Lol. I just get so excited over these silly housewives. Don’t you? I just wonder if bravo is making stuff worse. Wish so bad they would be real. Wish we had all that money too. And heathers shoes, which didn’t help her out. But they would me. Lol

    2. Ty. Really. You made my day. I get mad and then I just think how silly. It’s just shows.i just don’t like ppl treated mean and trashy tamra and debrows will have everyone liking them again.

      1. I’m glad I’m good for something. Lol. Don’t you just get riled up reading some of these things? And then just think how lucky these women are? And, most don’t see what’s coming. Now watch next season trashy tamra will be all goody goody and everyone will forget the real trashy tamra. But who can forget terry n heather. Ughhh. Never. They are stupid and showed it. Tamra is plain out trash and is planning while she decides to be a friend how to turn on who she is jealous of. And they trust her as a friend

      2. Hey, you all may already know this but I read where Tamara’s son is telling how simon beat tamra as far back as when Ryan was 11.

        1. Teresa it wouldn’t surprise me he was always pretty tough on Ryan but it looks like Ryan has found a bit of peace and love with his new girl!!

          1. Ryan said simon beat tamra when Ryan was 11. And more. But really anyone can say whatever. But tamra admitted she was messed up before simon.

            1. Teresa not a lot has changed for Tamra she is still messed up…Tersa you are so cute you always put smile on my face hahaha!!!

              1. Lol. Your making me smile. Dr told me that yesterday. And his wife. I am happy to make someone smile. But I been through a lot and I don’t act like tamra. I mean really she is an older thing and has no excuse for her actions.

                1. Teresa I agree Tamra doesn’t seem to ever learn from her mistakes, what is that saying? what is the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result I think that is Tamra she just keeps making same mistakes!!

                  1. Because she is evil spoiled and used her pretentious ways to fool ppl and make them like her then uses it against them. 47 yrs old and never learned

                  2. Yes that’s true. But these other women get fooled by her easily. But tamra is scarey. Evil. Really. How does someone that mean keep fooling these ppl over and over. Tamra is crazy. I hope she was good to her kids.

  15. I enjoy reading what you have to say if it’s what I think too. Lol. I really shouldn’t get into these housewives like this. Have to take my bp med I get so aggravated trying to get my point in and love it when you all say it and it’s what I want to say but can’t find the words. But we have all had friends like trashy tamra. Skaggs. That’s the rite word for her. Just an old Skaggs. Now watch they will have her all fixed up next season. And she will be having David s kids somehow.

    1. Vicki is slutty do u think she did what tamra said when she called from Mexico? That’s another evil thing trashy tamra did. She broke friend code telling things vicki did. Even being mad she shouldn’t break that. I can pretty well see it on Vicki’s face when she lies. I know Brianna’s husband is serving our country n I respect him for that. But he seems abusive to me. Especially doing Lydia’s mother that way and he told vicki not to hug her and Vicki did what he said. To me Brianna is kinda a brat too.

    2. Does anyone know if Kim and her parents made up? Just think what kroys parents thought. At least they knew they were being taped and weren’t unkind. But goodness kroy is in a mess. That would hurt me if it were my son. Kim’s daddy was very nice man. Wish Kim would make up with her family. I think they spoiled Kim.

        1. Ppl should go to heather berows home page. She is posed in a black dress and I told her everything I needed to say and it wasn’t that kind of contact. The picture looks too good to be her. But still ugly. She is still trying to explain what terry meant. Lol. Just like she answered David’s question Andy ask him. Terry hid behind her skirt now. Also a pic of David n terry looking like friends. Duhhh… Gonna see if dr rush is still on. I want to watch this Monday. I may just find other things to watch if I don’t like how bravo cheats.

          1. I don’t know what you mean by “Heather’s home page.” There is no longer a comment feature on the Housewive’s blogs. I went to HeatherDubrow.com, and there’s a place to send her an email. Is that what you mean?

            1. I don’t know if any of you guys have ever checked out HeatherDubrow.com, but there is the most nauseating video of those people waltzing around their old house, showing off. All they seem to want to do is rub our noses in the fact that they are RICH and we’re not. In one part, Terry is walking ahead and Heather is carrying her youngest. She has the snottiest look on her face as though she is super p!ssed off at him for something. You’d think they’d have the common sense to edit that out.

              1. That’s the one I left that bad message on telling them how I felt about them. At that time the other day it had a house and heather in a black dress. She had the old hair then.

              2. Actually it makes me sick to watch them. But that’s the site I went to the other day with my name and all. I pushed contact and put all about everything I thought about them.

  16. I am not at all surprised that Simon beat Tamra. He was a control freak. She, even though she is
    a bitch, is better off without him. The one that saved her, hard to believe, was Vickie.

    1. She had already been married before that. But look how she has treated vicki. Anybody, trashy tamra thinks their weakness, pretends to be friends and uses it against them. Her n Vicki even if they get mad were friends, but Tamara would tell stuff if they got mad. That’s breaking the code. Vicki forgave her over and over. Tamra had a life before simon and after. Tamra always blames someone else. Have you all noticed that? Just like Vicki told Eddie, you knew what you were getting into. She is getting age on her and it shows. She has always been jealous of the younger and pretty lady’s. My kids would be first no matter what, tv show or not. I wonder about the mother or father in this case. The show is very important to tamra.

  17. It’s a lesson for all of us, including Shannon. When someone like Tamra is out to hurt you LAUGH and make sure you let her know it doesn’t (even if it does). First, because it puts the frustration on her instead of letting her know she can hurt you, and second because it is true that you can ‘fake it ’til you make it.’ After a few times of pretending she can’t get to you and seeing her frustrated reaction you actually do feel more empowered. The more you see her arrows turned back of her, the better you feel and soon you really won’t care what she says.

    1. That is rite if she can. That’s some good advice for all of us. Ty. Try that myself. Can’t you just see all the ladies gathered talking about Shannon and David then? Naturally how hot David is. I know terry was rite in on it cause he said vicki was talking about it. I honestly do think terry was jealous.

      1. I think Terry and Heather are both GREEN with envy. I don’t think either of them are happy, either with each other or alone. I think Heather recognizes her husband is a dumb shlub, and I think Terry realizes he’s married to a shrew. Heather’s refuge from unhappiness was to see herself as the “classy” one (which isn’t hard to be compared to Tamra, especially) and when Shannon came along she realized this one not only seemed to take away her friends but also had more dignity and grace. It never works when someone tries to find happiness by trying to make others unhappy, and we’re seeing that unfold not just with them but with Tamra.

  18. I’ve got my phone messed up somehow but if you get this, they are giving all that bull, then start talking about their charities. Using charities now to soften how they made themselves look. Which I know charities are good.

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