Danielle Staub on Teresa Giudice: She Hasn’t Changed At All

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Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub is speaking out about her true feelings towards Teresa Giudice and how she has presented herself since she’s returned home from serving her prison sentence. Danielle revealed she hasn’t spoken to any of her co-stars since she walked off the show six years ago, and that she had a soft spot for Giudice, until now.

“The nicest thing I did was reach out through going on Billy Bush and talking about people understanding that when Teresa was going away we need to be supportive of her,” Danielle said in a new interview. “It didn’t mean that I was defending her, it doesn’t mean I was agreeing with her – it just meant in that moment in time I knew what it felt like to be torn at.”

“I felt like she needed to hear from the least likely person that anyone would expect and that was me,” she said. “My heart went out to her, but she hasn’t done much with this lesson.”

“As far as I can tell she hasn’t changed at all,” she explained. “I mean most people find God. She found yoga. Are you serious?”

Danielle also commented on Teresa walking off the set of an interview when asked a question about her husband Joe’s possible deportation.

“I mean walking out of an interview when she was asked a question, the viewers have the right to know, we have the right to know,” Staub told RadarOnline. “Answer the f**ng question. I had to answer much more hard questions than that without Melissa sitting next to me, without anyone sitting next to me.”

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  • Aunt Bee

    Pull back that hair and she looks like a cobra. This woman wants back on that show so bad she will do anything to achieve it. Did she “walk off” or was this POS fired ???????

  • vanonna

    And it seems she hasn’t changed either! She is desperate.

  • Melodie

    As difficult as it is to say this… i agree with Danielle on this one matter. Tre has not changed. She is still a devious conniving she devil. I could care less about either of them and I stopped watching the show when Bravo decided to re hire a convicted felon. I have no sympathy for people who get convicted of federal charges and don’t stand up and show remorse. Once she stands up on National TV and pleads for forgiveness and says she is going to pay back every dime of money she and the troll stole from innocent businesses, doctors, department store and banks then say she is sorry.. I might turn the show on and watch but until then no way. Lastly Danielle is such a low life..she has no education, no class, no respect and she is dumb as dirt.

    • smh

      I like Danielle.. I always thought that the women and Andy treated her unfairly.. Teresa hasn’t changed at all.. she is scum.. can’t stand her

  • Leslie

    I don’t possibly see how anyone can say Tre hasn’t changed!! We’ve seen 3 episodes and it looks to me that she has. She doesn’t seem so concerned about appearances. She DOES talk about God and forgiveness (guess Danielle missed that). Give her a break. Everyone deserves a second chance. I personally have always believed Mellisa is a wolf in sheeps clothing and I think that’s going to come out this season. She’s putting her boutique before her family and that’s wrong. She’s breaking her vow to Joe when they were married. He wanted her to stay home and raise the children and for her that was fine till now. She has a platform to make more money. She’s still young and so are your babies. Stay home for awhile longer.

    • Suze☕️

      I agree about Tre changing I think she has changed a lot. Mel on the other hand…….!

  • Viktor

    She just mentioned on the show last night how she read the bible and prays during her conversation with Jacqueline. Not sure what Danielle is talking about. As usual she’s thirsty for attention.

    • Suze☕️

      I agree with Bee, best comment! Xoxox

      • Suze☕️

        Sorry Viktor, best comment should of course be under your square tits comment!

  • Viktor

    Danielle needs to calm her square tits.

    • Aunt Bee

      The LOL AWARD goes to Viktor and his square tits comment.

  • Justhereforcomments

    Square Tits.

  • Amy

    Why is this even a story?? She’s a rode hard hung up wet whore and no one cares about what her opinions are


    This thing is an irrelevant, menopausal, wanna be mafioso with a past that could be a segment of America’s Most Wanted.

  • starr

    This woman Danielle is no good, she’s the same hard faced person she’s always been. I do feel that Teresa has changed & seems to be a work in progress.

  • I want Danielle back on NJ. it would be the best season ever!

    There will beore Skeltons coming out of the closet, than a Grateful Dead concert.

    I’m aware of others disdain for Danielle, but, as mentioned, Everyone deserves a second chance. She is a felon just like Tre. We all have made mistakes in life, no one is perfect.

  • I could care less about her criminal past, she is simply a bitch and a mean one at that. Also she is a sociopath and a weirdo. Finding God? Does she see into Theresa’s heart and soul? I think not. She is about as far away from someone I think of as having “found God” as anyone I can think of. She looks insane in that pic above.

  • I guess I try to see the good in everyone, & give them the benefit of the doubt.
    Everyone has a past, & everyone has a right to defend themselves against anyone.

    Like D stated, Tre should answer any ? that is given to her. D had to answer all of their ?’s, so why doesn’t Tre?, especially when she is getting paid. Walking off makes u look guilty/ shady.

  • How the hell does DS know anything about Theresa and what she has or hasn’t done. Whatever answers DS gives are likely lies, so she needs to quit pretending she is wanted at Bravo, and stop begging.