Danielle Staub Talks Potential RHONJ Season 8 Comeback


It’s clear Danielle Staub has rekindled her relationship with Teresa Giudice, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she will be returning to season eight of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, despite what reports have stated.

“I obviously can’t make a comment on that,” Staub said of her supposed return to the show in a new interview.

“I would not be able to say either way whether I’m a friend or full time or whatever,” she explained. ”I think those are Andy Cohen questions. I’m deferring them to Andy!”

But Danielle did admit that she has been in talks with Cohen to make a return and she said if she does come back, she’s bringing her boyfriend Steve Caffrey with her.

“My new relationship is public so whatever I do whether it’s this show or another show or anything I do with my life, yes, it’s here to been seen,” she said. “Yes, definitely.”

“We’re doing incredibly well,” she added. “He’s an incredible guy. He’s a great guy.”

“We’re lucky we found each other,” Staub went on. “We were both out to dinner with friends and he saw me and approached me and we’ve been connected at the hip ever since.”

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18 Replies to “Danielle Staub Talks Potential RHONJ Season 8 Comeback”

    1. She’ll be back because last season sucked smelly toes. I’d be cool with one season to see her daughters and current situation up close. Then she would undoubtedly work my nerves again.

    1. I’ll bet you that Teresa turns on her! She just wants her back because she wants to push Jacqueline out but it will probably bring them back together, at least superficially.

    1. I don’t think she has much money. Unless this guy is a sugar daddy and paying her way. She had to have gotten SOME money from the sale of the house but I don’t know if her ex came through with the money SHE said he owed her. That is her story not his. She has 20 engagement rings in her drawer so she might have pawned a few to make ends meet. I don’t watch NJ any longer because it just became ridiculous with all the charges brought to Tre and yet she still tries to blame everyone for her issues. She is a horrible excuse for a mom, woman, friend. Since I only hear things through this site. No need to watch at all. AND bringing D back BAD MOVE, BTW that photo of her at the top of the page is so bad!!!!!!!! Why she would post this pic is beyond me because she looks terrible. We haven’t heard much from her in years lets leave it that way. I don’t think Andy is going to let her call the shots. If she gets money hungry he will tell her to walk. I hope

  1. I also think that NJ is old and done. Teresa is not bringing anything out because she is being watched by everyone. The feds too. She is not going to bring anything out on the show. Her and her girls do not make a storyline. I also think Jaq and her feud with T is all for TV. At the end of the season during a break you will here things like T and Jaq calling a truce it;s all smoke and mirrors. The shows are all scripted and the producers tell the girls what to do during filming and direct them where to make drama. Most of the shows are old and tired. Danielle is not going to save NJ she is a mess also. Her relationship isn’t going to last because she has been engaged 20 times and only 2 marriages. The guys get her number really quick then they run. I pretty much only watch NY and sometimes BH. OC has just turned into a shouting match Vickie has no more to give and she needs to retire and spare the viewers her BS. Oh well….. Bottom Line…. No Danielle..

  2. Well, according to what her oldest daughter has said in interviews, her mom had fallen on hard times after she was on the show years ago. She was looked upon as all that everyone saw on the show, “prostitution-whore” etc. It was hard for them according to Christine.
    Christine graduated college in May, and she wants to go to graduate school at some point. I am not sure if she is just working now or what exactly. With her majors psych/soc., she will need an advanced degree. She no longer models from what I have read. She also no longer lives at home from what I have seen as well.
    I believe from what I have seen, that Danielle can be proud that she raised two great girls. I never knew Christine had a heart condition and was critical when she was young. It cannot be easy.
    So, whatever Danielle’s past and my above comment should be retracted, I do wish her and her daughters well. I don’t know her or what she goes through. I have only seen what Bravo wanted me to see, and I was not in love with the company Danielle kept. I also quit the show years ago.

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