Danielle Staub Talks About Her Epic Return to RHONJ

With RHONJ star Danielle Staub back on the show, you might wonder what she thinks about coming back all these years later.

Danielle spoke with E!’s Daily Pop, and when asked how it feels to be back, Danielle said it feels “amazing.” Danielle then said, “I mean to have alliances and friendships that are real and forming them and keeping them tight around me, I feel a lot safer being Danielle.”

“I mean I say things that come out of my mouth, I think them for a moment and then I just say it, I don’t really pause. So it left me a little compromised not having any alliances. This season’s gonna go a lot differently,” Danielle continued.

Danielle was then asked if she has a strategy on how to defend herself, and Danielle replied, “I’m just gonna feel safe and in my own presence just be me. I know people have my back this time and I’m not gonna be chased out of any place, I’m not gonna be…I’ll be threatened I’m sure, I’m sure that will happen a few times.”

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3 Replies to “Danielle Staub Talks About Her Epic Return to RHONJ”

  1. I never cared 4 Danielle but I tend2 believe her based on all the crap Siggy& Dolores have spewed abt the gals! Plus Dolores reaction was a little over the top. She’s on the show & wants 2stay. She defends Siggy regardless now that’s so wrong! Grow up Dolores& grow a back bone!
    I’m out. Peace!

  2. I wonder if Danielle has had therapy. Her reactions to others in her prior seasons was not only passive-aggressive, but smacked of manic-depressive. One of the many examples to choose from was when Jaqueline ( whom I can not stand ) sent flowers for Danielle’s oldest daughters magazine shoot, she went from thankful, to verbose, to angry & hostile all in one hour. When someone would choose to let their voicemail answer, she considered it a personal affront. What I found the most most telling of her multiple personalities was watching Season 1 Reunion as opposed to Season 2 Reunion. The difference was uncanny. Yoga notwithstanding, I am waiting.

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