Danielle Staub Slams Bravo For Airing Giudice Legal Drama


Former Real Housewife of New Jersey, Danielle Staub is slamming Bravo on Twitter for airing Teresa and Joe Giudice’s legal drama and giving her a paycheck for it. Staub is “appalled” to see the network exploit Giudice’s legal dramas on air.

Danielle tweeted, I’m “appalled [Andy Cohen] ever supported this now 5 seasons of paying them for their criminal behavior … who supports that?”

Danielle also retweeted tweets from viewers who claimed the Giudices “robbed banks with a pen,” and said the couple is “disgusting.” One fan wrote, “They are convinced that 50 counts of fraud is [sic] fine bc they are on TV.”

Another fan wrote, “We need to change sentencing guidelines for felons like Teresa & [her husband]. She should not get probation for $13.5 fraud,” Staub responded, “that number seems low for over 40 counts of fraud.”

Do you think Bravo should have aired Teresa and Joe’s legal problems?

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5 Replies to “Danielle Staub Slams Bravo For Airing Giudice Legal Drama”

  1. Bravo is in this for one reason and one reason only, the almighty dollar. It’s slimey tre and disgusting Jo
    that are the one’s who put themselves out there for the paycheck also. So if they get negative comments and harsh words, it’s their own fault. Who does that? WHo has 50 counts of fraud, loan fraud, bankruptcy fraud, etc etc etc…. and stays on TV. This just shows how intelligent these people are. REALLY!!!! I would bet the farm that 90+ % of the viewers watching this show are only hoping to see the Giudice’s get whats coming to them. The rest…… who cares.

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