Danielle Staub Shares Update About Her Daughters Christine and Jillian

We first met Danielle Staubs’ daughters, Christine and Jillian, when The Real Housewives of New Jersey kicked off eight seasons ago. Now that Danielle has returned to the show, she’s sharing an update about what her daughters have been doing since we last saw them.

Danielle calls Christine and Jillian the loves her life and explains she has been a “solo” parent for 18-years.

“Jillian, she’s at Monmouth University. She’s shifting gears. She was starting to do pre-law and she joined a sorority. And the sorority is attached to the foundation Autism Speaks. So she went and she was apart of one of their open houses at the school and she just saw these children just as beautifully as can be,” Danielle explained in an interview with Bravo. “Jillian’s heart is so warm and welcoming, and they all kind of came to her and gravitated toward her energy.”

But now, Jillian wants to work in special education. “She shifted gears and she took her Praxis [a series of American teacher certification exams written and administered by the Educational Testing Service] and she passed with flying colors. That’s my Jillian,” she gushed. “And she nailed it. And now she’s going to be a teacher for autistic children.”

Danielle also approves of Jillian’s boyfriend, Dan Kaufman. “She met a beautiful young man. And he’s made it very clear to me that he intends on spending his life with Jillian,” she said. “That is falling into place, and beautifully.”

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Christine is also doing well. “She graduated from Seton Hall University with a double major in sociology and psychology. She graduated summa cum laude, the top one percent in her class. She’s going to Columbia for [grad school]. She’s very, very bright,” Staub said, adding that her eldest child is also in a flourishing romance with a Latin guy named Ivan Maggi.

“She’s in a really great relationship with a beautiful Argentinian man. And Ivan’s 6-foot-7, so Christine the supermodel gets to be short around him. They’ve been together for two years now,” Danielle, who is engaged to businessman Marty Caffrey, said. “And, actually, we just had ‘em over for pasta Sunday yesterday.”

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Check out more photos of Danielle, Christine and Jillian below.

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Photo Credit: Bravo