Danielle Staub Shades Jacqueline Laurita in Blog About Dolores Catania

Danielle Staub is taking to her blog to shade co-star Dolores Catania. See what the RHONJ star had to say and why she’s talking about Jac.

Danielle on Dolores: “You have spewed your venom at me for weeks now. I know it must be frustrating to be called out to answer for your behavior, but you only have yourself to blame. If you hadn’t denied speaking to me about Teresa, you’d be feeling pretty good about now. Instead, you lied about the conversation ever taking place, and now you’re creating all kinds of backlash for yourself by further embellishing your character and chewing on me like a dog with a bone! I am totally confident because I have experienced liars like yourself, one of which you are still very chatty with. Even though she has deeply hurt our friend Teresa, you still hang out with her. In what parallel universe is that being a good or “LOYAL” friend to someone? No one gets this upset over something they “did not” (operative) say or do. Perhaps you should learn how to first start telling the truth about your—maybe it’s best to save the rest for the couch!

On the friendship note, the way you spoke about Teresa and Joe’s marriage to Siggy was not nice—shame on you! Careful dear, you’re showing your true colors!

BTW, you got mad at me when I asked about your living situation, saying “it’s none of your f—ing business!” Well, sugar pie, you made it everyone’s business when you announced it to the world on the show that Frank was moving back in. If you don’t want people to ask about your private business, then I suggest you stop telling us about it.”

Whose side are you on? Danielle or Dolores?

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20 Replies to “Danielle Staub Shades Jacqueline Laurita in Blog About Dolores Catania”

  1. I will never be on Danielle’s side. She is the one who has/had shown her true colors for years now. She is trying to remain relevant on the show at any cost. And…just because you are friends with one person doesn’t mean you cannot be friends with another. Grow up child.

    1. Danielle is there for one reason and one reason only. She’s got a lot of history to replace if I were to ever believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

  2. I could see Danielle having recorded a conversation with Dolores . It is so hard to say what is what if Dolores has been acting strange toward Tree you never know

      1. Exactly! That is Teresa’s MO…taking so called “new friends” sides over friends that have been in her life for 20+ years. So over Danielle and Teresa. Recast please!

  3. I thought she might have been talking about Kim D?

    It’s so inappropriate for Danielle to talk about Jacqueline imo given the fact that Jacqueline and Teresa were really close and that Danielle has nothing to do with their friendship.

  4. Regardless of Danielle’s checkered past, I am revolted by Dolores. Knowing that her “best” friend is Caroline Manzo and she’s still chummy with Jacqueline, I doubt very highly that she could be the kind of friend to Teresa that she keeps saying she is. Also, Dolores is acting like a thug. She thinks she’s a tough broad from Jersey, but it’s a really boring act. I’m so tired of the Siggy & Dolores act this season — I LOVED them last one, but now wish they were both gone!

    1. I agree. I think Danielle actually makes good points in her blog. Danielle might be the most honest of the bunch when it comes to the original jersey housewives. Teresa, Jacqueline and Caroline are all facing tax problems and Dina can’t get along with her family for whatever reasons. Danielle is no angel, but I think she got the axe too soon originally. It seemed they want Jersey to be a family show. It was the first 2 seasons with the connection with Caroline, Dina and Jac, then season 3 was ALL family since T was family with Melissa and Kathy and Jac with Caroline

  5. Danielle makes my skin crawl she’s so creepy. She’s only there for the drama and she’ll bring it. Ready to the the table flip redux? I like Dolores—she’s standing up for herself. Regarding the maize of friendships past, who cares.

  6. Danielle has proven herself to be evil time and time again. I am shocked how many people have short memories. (Melissa) Who could ever trust a word she says? She is also stirring sh*t to keep her job.

  7. Danielle disgusts me and always has. TG is very stupid to believe anything Danielle says. She just needs money to support her lifestyle. Luckily it seems her children have turned out all right. Must be their father’s influence.

    1. Hi, Aunt Bee. It is so good to see you here. I totally agree. Danielle is loyal to one person, herself. Well, wait, maybe loyalty is the wrong word being that she doubtless lies to herself most of all. She is concerned about one person, herself. Her own money in particular. That is how she started on the show, begging her ex for money, and that is where she remains. She doesn’t say it out loud anymore, but it is seeping out of her pores, the jealousy, the social climbing, the deep longing to have real money and all that it buys. Designer clothes, hand bags, shoes……. Her entire persona is about sticking to those to whom she believes can further her own agenda like a leech. She believes money can buy class, happiness and entrance into the world where having money is a reality. I can say with personal knowledge, money does not buy happiness or peace or anything worth having along those lines. It buys necessities, it can buy vacations and helps us in that way because we have fun, we can buy our children the things that they need, and IMO, should buy only some of the things that they want. Money does buy a lot, but not self respect, not class, an certainly not happiness.
      The one thing I think Teresa is stupid about it her husband’s fidelity, or lack thereof. Of course he cheats on her. I would be absolutely shocked if that weren’t true. And there really is no way to know for certain even with a lie detector test, there is a reason lie detector test results are not allowed as evidence in a court room. I do believe she will divorce him, but maybe not while he is in prison, or before the kids are grown.
      I am not at all happy Danielle is back. I have despised her as a cast member from day one.

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