Danielle Staub Says Relationship With Teresa Giudice is Perfect

RHONJ Star Danielle Staub recently talked about the upcoming season of the show and about her relationship with Teresa Giudice.

“I am so ready,” Danielle shared. “Everything aligned perfectly.”

Danielle even goes as far as saying her relationship with Teresa, which we all know has been rocky in the past, is “perfect.”

“We’re really good. I just don’t think there’s going to be any problems between she and I,” Danielle told US Weekly. “I don’t think that anyone would want to do that to us again.” Danielle continued, “We had a hard time. We had a long road back to each other, so it’s really amazing to have this side of her again in my life and the rest of the cast, too.”

But Danielle assures us that the upcoming season of RHONJ will be drama filled. “So much that you guys are going to be sitting at the edges of your seats,” Danielle said about the show. “Get the popcorn ready, I’m telling you right now!”

How do you feel about Danielle and Teresa’s relationship now?

Photo Credit: Bravo