Danielle Staub Says Her Children Were Traumatized During Early Seasons of RHONJ

In a new interview, RHONJ star Danielle Staub is revealing why she isn’t a full-time Housewife this season.

“I didn’t understand. I was insulted. Then I realized as I started to film that I was in every group cast gathering in every one of those scenes. I was in private scenes. I was doing the work and spending the time getting to know everybody. Bravo always knows what they’re doing and so do the producers. I trust them immensely.”

During an appearance on The Morning Breath, Danielle wondered, “Are they using me? What was the intentions behind it? If I’m part time, does that mean I’m disposable?”

Danielle said, “Clearly I’m not [disposable] and clearly I’m cementing myself back in. I feel like I never left really.”

Danielle had a lot of nice things to say about new Housewife Margaret Josephs. “At first because she got full-time status right away, I have to admit that in the first scene I said ‘I don’t like her at all’ and I didn’t even meet her yet. I was doing what everyone does to me. I can see clearly why people do that sometimes. I was a little jealous. I can’t lie.” That all changed when Margaret mentioned “pot puss,” and Danielle said, “I fell in love with her” in that moment.

Danielle’s daughters Christine and Jillian aren’t as excited as their mother to be back on a reality tv show. “They were traumatized. They definitely had Post Traumatic Stress from everything that happened to their mom. I mean nobody can deny them that. It’s still going on.” So will they be on the show? Danielle said of her previous seasons, “You’re going to see Jillian and Christine is feeling it out.”

Thank you to RealityTea for the transcript of the podcast!

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9 Replies to “Danielle Staub Says Her Children Were Traumatized During Early Seasons of RHONJ”

  1. Of course they were traumatized… its because their mother acted like a complete idiot. I don’t see that she has changed at all. She is stirring up trouble just like before. And she looks like she enjoys it when it happens…just like before.

  2. She showed up at a meeting with Caroline Manzo and brought people carrying guns. Yeah, I can see why her daughters would be traumatized by that. SMH.

  3. And there ya go…..she goes right back on a show after her girls were traumatized. Yup that’s a mother of the year right there.

  4. I will always feel bad for Christine and Jillian. And reading Christine’s report of how guys cornered her in school and tried to take advantage of her asking if she was as sexual as her mother…it was just heartbreaking. Say what you want about Danielle, but those poor girls received the brunt of all the crap that went on those two years.

    I always found it confusing how Danielle could put her girls in a Catholic school and then let all her dirty laundry come out on TV. Having gone to the same high school as these girls, I know life was definitely not made easy for them at school because of their mother.

  5. I believe Danielle. Caroline the Clown Manzo bullied those kids relentlessly. How would the Clown feel if someone treated Marquessa (Little Vito,) that way??

    1. That NEVER happened. Everyone was very sympathetic to those children and they were the ones who said “Leave the children out of it” Not once did I see that those girls were being bullied. Never. And stop the Clown thing,,,,, Caroline said it first to D.Idiot Danielle took every effort she could to make fun of the other children (remember the line about Nick Laurita)? Bad things happen to bad people. That is horrific. My granddaughter has beautiful red hair and she is no clown. Why would that become even a topic of conversation. Danielle acted like a 12 year old who bullied kids on the playground. The stupid idiotic things that came out of her mouth just proved my point that she is not a well educated woman and her vocabulary is atrocious. I went to a Jesuit private school for 12 years and we graduated understanding the english language. Danielle not so much. She has the most ridiculous comments and no one understood what she was saying.
      Stop Allowing D to get a pass. Pointing out Carolyn’s hair only makes her look worse. Carolyn has never been my favorite but at least she can speak in declarative sentences hell Danielle can’t even recite the itsy, bitsy, spider. with screwing it up. Someone is watching a totally different show than everyone else, because your making this up as your going along.

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