Danielle Staub Reveals Teresa Giudice Apologizes to Her Daughter on RHONJ

We never thought we’d see Danielle Staub defending Teresa Giudice, but it is happening, folks. On this week’s episode of RHONJ, Kim D accused Teresa of having an affair while her husband Joe is in prison. Danielle is defending Teresa in a brand new interview and revealing that Teresa does apologize for their past on-camera.

“As for those rumors, they are absolutely 100% NOT true,” Danielle insisted.

If you watched the show, you know that Kim D told Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania that Teresa was “rekindling an old flame” when they stopped by POSCHE.

But Danielle insists DePaola is lying.

Staub also teases an upcoming episode where Teresa apologizes to her daughter. “In the upcoming episode you will get your answers to that as you have already seen a few highlights with my daughter [Christine], involving that,” Danielle told Life & Style. “You will see later in the season when we go to Milan. Teresa and I had a beautiful experience where hundreds of pigeons surrounded us and it was beautiful as we were both able to relate that to the passing of our mothers.”

Danielle also dishes that she loves that she returned to the Bravo show. “It’s actually like I never left except when I opened the door to walk through, I actually like everyone in the room,” she added. “I can deal with one or two people not like me, but when it was the whole cast, I couldn’t navigate it.”

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16 Replies to “Danielle Staub Reveals Teresa Giudice Apologizes to Her Daughter on RHONJ”

  1. I rally for second chances. When one gives love, one receives love. Both Teresa & Danielle chose the above, so all’s good.
    I’m happy Teresa will apologize to D’s kids as they are definitely affected. As for Kim D, she is a horrible, malicious woman.

  2. Call me crazy, but I’m not sure I’d be thrilled at being surrounded by hundreds of pigeons unless I had an umbrella?

    1. Ditto. I am a Wildlife activist, but I hate it when pigeons get to my birdbaths first. They make a huge mess, use up all the water……..so I scare them away so the little songbirds can have a chance. I keep a Tomato stand over my birdbath that is on a pedestal. Then the little birds can get a drink without the water being all yukked up. Pigeons are EVERYWHERE in the Piazza’s in Rome, and all of the European cities where people commonly eat outside.
      Anyway, I don’t believe anyone, including Danielle, can change that drastically. Anyone. If you watch the first and second reunions…..you will see how many personalities Danielle is capable of portraying. Depending on what she is after. I agree Teresa shouldn’t have called her that name. However, Danielle is the one who made sure her kids stayed inside the restaurant after she put the book on the table. How many years ago was that? Eight years ago to answer my own question.
      Jaqueline was the one who was the kindest to Danielle in the first season. I can’t stand Jaqueline, and if anyone is on too much medication, it’s her. But she was the most accepting and open to Danielle, even when Danielle was talking on camera about having phone sex with a stranger, knowing her kids were going to see that at some point in their lives, then supposedly setting up a date with this delusional made-up man, bringing many men into her household where her young daughters lived, and on & on & on. Then Danielle didn’t even send a card when Nicholes was born. She took offense to the flowers Jaqueline sent to her Daughter, Christine, when she made the cover of a magazine. She called J repeatedly and when she got the machine left more and more cruel and aggressive messages because she assumed it was personal ( which in that case it was ) but she must have forgotten that J had a new baby and another little boy to be with. Jaqueline’s priorities were with her kids as they should be. Then D made a huge problem everywhere she went. Everything was a personal affront to her. Narcissism is just one brain illness she suffers from. One does not undo that. Many years of therapy might, MIGHT, allow the afflicted person to recognize that within themselves during confrontation and attempt to change the behavior emanating from it, but it isn’t gone. I very much wish Bravo wouldn’t have brought her back.

  3. At the table-flipping dinner, a bunch of the HWs suggested that things were getting heated and that Danielle’s kids should leave the room. Danielle insisted on keeping them there. I think her plan was they would protect her from the ugly that she knew was coming. Shame on Danielle for using them. I’m glad Teresa apologized but in a sneaky way, I think Danielle loved having Teresa do her bidding.

  4. Oh, how I hear you dear 3 D’s. I liked Danielle’s girls very much, Danielle –not at all. But, being I was in that very position once & it was a very sad, hard place to be, only, suddenly the person was remorseful & reached out, so I reciprocated. Be that as it may, I am wary, friendly yes, but wary. But if those two are happy, I’m just moving with the flow.
    Thanks for thinking of me when you’re cuddling your babies, I Love that.
    I do not have any now, I tell my hubby I’m a deprived woman as I love all animals. Friends bring their furry kids to visit & how I love it.
    My neighbors got a puppy & his baby voice barking is like music to my ears.
    I’m not an activist, I am an advocate. As I’m with health problems, I do a lot right here at home fighting for a better world for all animals & I’m praying it will come to pass in our lifetime. It is horrific what goes on. “Vengence is mine” says the Lord, sometimes I wish I could help him get these humans off the face of the earth. Judgement day will come to them soon enough though.
    3 D’s I hope you have a very blessed Christmas & know that your daughter’s Christmas in Heaven with Jesus will be all that we have been promised for forever.

  5. Lol, 3D’s, all true everything you said. Siggy really feels she’s the cat’s whiskers & she’s also a do as I say, dont do as I do type. Too self-righteous for my liking.
    As for her name, is it a nick-name or her real name?! who knows.

  6. I thought it was incredibly inconsiderate for Melissa and Teresa to trash the cake. If they just had to act that way, they could have used what was left on their plates after the cake was enjoyed. Siggy inviting Melissa to her home then calling her out on it in front of a room full of strangers was worse, in my opinion. I don’t like Siggy. She seems like a self-centered brat who tries to disguise that under phony sweetness and light. She’s better at doing that than Danielle is, but still.

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