Danielle Staub Reveals Teresa Giudice Apologizes to Her Daughter on RHONJ

We never thought we’d see Danielle Staub defending Teresa Giudice, but it is happening, folks. On this week’s episode of RHONJ, Kim D accused Teresa of having an affair while her husband Joe is in prison. Danielle is defending Teresa in a brand new interview and revealing that Teresa does apologize for their past on-camera.

“As for those rumors, they are absolutely 100% NOT true,” Danielle insisted.

If you watched the show, you know that Kim D told Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania that Teresa was “rekindling an old flame” when they stopped by POSCHE.

But Danielle insists DePaola is lying.

Staub also teases an upcoming episode where Teresa apologizes to her daughter. “In the upcoming episode you will get your answers to that as you have already seen a few highlights with my daughter [Christine], involving that,” Danielle told Life & Style. “You will see later in the season when we go to Milan. Teresa and I had a beautiful experience where hundreds of pigeons surrounded us and it was beautiful as we were both able to relate that to the passing of our mothers.”

Danielle also dishes that she loves that she returned to the Bravo show. “It’s actually like I never left except when I opened the door to walk through, I actually like everyone in the room,” she added. “I can deal with one or two people not like me, but when it was the whole cast, I couldn’t navigate it.”

Photo Credit: NBC