Danielle Staub: Returning to RHONJ is Like Coming Home

RHONJ star Danielle Staub is about to begin her second act as a Housewife, and says this time around she is focused on “positive vibes.”

“I can’t even think of words to describe how good it feels, it’s like coming home. When you see me walk on for the first time, I was just beaming,” Danielle explained. “I was so happy to be back and a part and to have somebody to talk to, and Teresa and I were getting along well.”

Danielle had an intense two seasons as a Housewife previously and her daughters, Christine, and Jillian now 21 and 19 respectively are anxious to see if things turn out different for their mother this time around.

“Their memory of everything is very clear. It was all done in front of them and to their mother, and what people need to realize is that when they were judging, laughing at what was being done to me is that I went home to two small children, who only had me. There was no other parent, there was no other family, there was me,” Danielle told Page Six.

Danielle and Teresa are the only RHONJ original cast members on this season, but Danielle can already see a difference in this group of women.

“It’s amazing, I walk in and I get hugs and kisses from everybody, even if they can’t stand me, they’re still hugging and kissing me, which is the way it’s supposed to be,” Danielle said. “You know with groups of women, we’re not all going to get along all the time, but you pick your allies and you stay with them and you make sure to keep them close.”

As for those who cross her, however, Danielle issued a warning. “When you fire a shot at me, I will fire back, easily,” she said.

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