Danielle Staub is Ready For a Manzo/Laurita Return, Margaret Josephs Clears Up Foreclosure and Lawsuit Rumors

Margaret Josephs and Danielle Staub became great friends throughout season eight of RHONJ, and now the two are opening up about all the drama that happened this season in a new interview.

During an appearance on Grants Rants Hollywood Talk Margaret first shut down rumors that her house is in foreclosure.

“I had a very bad lawsuit which did come out on the show and they were attaching a lien onto my house,” The Marge admitted. “So that’s really what was coming out. So we are clearing out that lawsuit. It’s not in foreclosure. I’ll still be living here and everything else. Business lawsuits are very common. Copyright infringement is extremely common in our business and by her [Siggy] saying ‘She’s a thief,’ it’s nothing remotely like that. You can look up any reputable company and they’ve had numerous lawsuits.”

Meanwhile, Danielle flashed back to season two, which was not good for her. “I said goodbye at the reunion with all those long, awkward hugs. You don’t hug someone that long unless you’re looking at them like ‘please leave me the fuck alone. let go of me.’ I kept looking at Jacqueline and I hugged her again and I whispered in her ear and that’s what that was about. It was awkward for me too, but I was begging her, ‘Get rid of all this stuff you’re doing on Twitter and having your family do to me. Stop torturing my kids.’ That didn’t work so well, but look who’s here now, bitch.”

Staub also had some thoughts about season nine’s potential cast. “Because Teresa [Giudice] has repeated it so many times, it would be nice for she and I to be able to team up and bring one of our mutual nemeses back, which would probably be Caroline– who I must remind everybody is the same age as me. And you know Jacqueline with her four chins are invited as well.” Danielle added, “I think Melissa [Gorga] has problems with them as well.”

While Danielle is ready for a Manzo/Laurita return, Margaret had something else to say. “I think we could use someone fun, new, and spunky. We don’t need to recycle anybody. We need someone to come in and fit in organically.”

IMO, Caroline and Jacqueline returning would make for the best television for viewers. If we’re going to go there, let’s go there and get it all hashed out. Isn’t that what we all secretly want? What do you think?

Thank you to RealityTea for transcribing this interview.


21 Replies to “Danielle Staub is Ready For a Manzo/Laurita Return, Margaret Josephs Clears Up Foreclosure and Lawsuit Rumors”

  1. Danielle, Danielle, Danielle. Very clever of you to constantly try and come off as the victim. I can’t actually believe you got Teresa to apologize to your children when YOU were the cause of all that went on that night. YOU were the one who was asked to have your children leave the room. How do you get to be the victim?

    She wants Manzo and Laurita to come back on and she’ll team up with Teresa? If I want to watch the fights I’ll turn on boxing or watch reruns of Mob Wives. She’s already started with the nasty remarks. Her kind of pot-stirring is evil.

    This does not make for good television. This makes for a toxic and dangerous work environment. The show was barely watchable this season. If they go down that road, I’m out.

    1. IKR? Watching Siggy and Margaret having their picture taken was like it was from an alternate reality. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it.

    2. I agree with you. I actually enjoyed it a lot because it was fun. Why do they want to edit it so that these women all look mean, vicious and crazy all the time? I like the happy ladies much, much much more!!!

    We have seen enough hashing, rehashing, new hashing, old hashing – please do not bring back more hashing….it will just be more of the same and we need new and clever women – not a bunch of bitter old women.

  3. Oh poor victim Danielle! I’m pretty sure you’ve referenced Caroline being the same age as you, I have news for you, she looks better than you ever would. Whatever you did to your face is not pretty..and yes you do look like the grinch.I would want to look like Caroline or Jacqueline any day of the week before I would want to look like you.
    “The awkward hug” was your desperate attempt at clinging on to your 5 minutes of fame. Someone’s pants are on fire. PS.. You wouldn’t stand a chance against either Caroline or Jacqueline, but A for effort. Maybe you feel like you have a posse in your new bff’s Teresa and Marg.
    I’m also curious how Teresa’s sister Dina feels about this friendship?
    I think you are a vile human being and should go back under the rock you climbed out from.
    Peace out

  4. What awkward hug, wasn’t she telling Jacqueline that she loves her? Because that’s what I heard Danielle tell Jacqueline, that she loves her!

  5. You liked her voice??? She sounded like she gargled with razor blades. Her smoking must have been epic! The first time I heard her I cringed because I knew it was from smoking and drinking. Not surprised she died so young.

  6. I didn’t read this, but I need to say Danielle is the same liar as ever. She first said to Teresa in the car that Delores had come over and someone was getting some advice or something and she said that Teresa was all about money and to look out! BS…. THEN…at reunion she said that what Delores said was on the phone as someone was driving. I don’t know why Teresa believed her anyway, but on a phone, even with the sound quality of those phones, Delores could have just as easily said that Teresa was having to concentrate on money more than anything right now, NOT that she cared about nothing else. NO WAY did Delores say that.

  7. Ha! Even in a **it storm you make me laugh.. We’re handling it. Being that she’s almost 16, Im public enemy #1 until she’s real sick.. Lol.. Hate to see her like this, but sweet that she doesn’t want me to leave her sight.

  8. I enjoyed Mob Wives, I might be the minority. I loved Big Ang, she was such a kind soul.
    Irregardless if she drank and smoked it’s a shame she died so young, and her voice made her more endearing!

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