Danielle Staub Engaged To Joe Masalta


Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub is engaged to her boyfriend Joe Masalta, who she has been keeping a secret on social media and from the public. Masalta is a Navy SEAL Special Warfare and intelligence expert.

Reports reveal that the engagement happened around August 16th, when one follower congratulated Masalta, he gushed about Staub.

“It is me who is extremely fortunate,” he wrote. “Danielle has become an extremely positive influence in my life. Danielle is an awesome mother and best friend.”

Danielle also spoke to US Weekly about the happy news, sharing, “I am overwhelmed and incredibly grateful for the outpouring of well wishes and support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Joseph has helped me recognize the important things in life. As I embark on this new journey in the spirit of love and forgiveness, I’d like to apologize for mistakes I’ve made in the past. I feel like a big weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, and I am finally happy.”

Joe Masalta

Viewers might remember that while she appeared on RHONJ, Danielle shared that she had previously been engaged 19 times.

Congratulations to the couple!

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • sidewinderVX

    Engaged!!!!! 19 TIMES!!!!

    Had to be done *Flips table on my way out*

    • Sally

      Hahaha!!! Lololol

    • Jake


  • DebBrenn

    He’s a Navy Seal? Hasn’t he done enough for our country? Poor guy.

    • Sally

      Hahaha lolololol!!!

    • RealSandra

      😀 LOL

  • Jeff

    OMG that is one sexy hunk! Congratulations I hope you both have a happy life.

  • VillageMutt

    She kept it a secret or no one cared?

    • Sally

      Latter!! Lol

      • RealSandra


  • Mel

    How many times now has she been on a journey of spiritual love and life! This guy is a real winner…. I hope all things real housewives do a background check. I bet they find out he’s a rent a cop, specialist in mall safety and a lifeguard!

  • Lucy94

    Wait. When did she go back to men? I am so confused. Did she dump her girlfriend Laurie?

    • Sally

      I think sidewinder had the right comment!!!!!

  • The Countess of Hootersville

    From stripper wannabe to military wife…wow!

  • Lisa

    What? I thought she was gay? Who would marry this hideous woman. She has beautiful kids though. God help them.

    • RealSandra

      Yes, the girls are gorgeous…hard to believe isn’t it!

  • gigis

    Good things happen to people who leave these reality shows because they get their
    priorities right. Happy for Danielle, and good for her in admitting her mistakes and apologizing.. For all the regular commenters in these housewives blog who always just
    have nasty remarks and never positive… you know who you are, stop with the nasty
    personal comments already. Making general statements is ok, but when you make
    personal remarks about someone whom you don’t even know is classless!!

  • Melodie

    Can anyone say publicity stunt….. She looks terrible in that photo above….. A woman like that who has been saying for many many years that she wants a wealthy man so she can live in a big house blah blah blah…. She has the morals and values of a street walker and the way she brought her entire sex life into conversation with her kids just makes my skin crawl…… This Joe Mastalta or whoever he is HAS to be a complete idiot,…..