Danielle Staub Engaged to Matt Caffrey

Danielle Staub is engaged! Multiple sources have confirmed to E! News that the RHONJ star is engaged to her longtime boyfriend Marty Caffrey.

“The day he proposed, Danielle said her life is now perfection,” an insider told the site, adding that the proposal happened just this last weekend.

E! also reports that the Bravo cameras were rolling when the proposal took place.

On our way to our #friends #restaurant #opening styled by @throwitonurback

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Friday #night with my #love @marty_caffrey @riverpalm_edgewater

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Congrats to Danielle!

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Either he shares her habit of scamming people and lookng for a meal ticket through her being on HW show, or they are looking to make a buck off this deal somehow.

So the proposal happened WHILE the Bravo cameras were rolling, that says it all!!

UGH – I hope she doesn’t return.

Sadly, I think that’s already been established. Hopefully in VERY SMALL doses. I’m sure she will not have any storyline other than to kiss Theresa’s ass.

She is no worse than any of the other RHONJ cast! Stop acting like Teresa and the others are nice women! GTHOH

I hope he knows what he’s getting into…he should have a prenup

“NINETEEN TIMES?!!!!” lmao, I guess now it’s her 20th, or 21st?! bahahaha

your right Jay….. in season one it was 19 times and then I believe she has had three other proposals including this one. Serial engager. He must not be very smart or something is psychologically wrong with him. No real man would even look at that woman for anything other than a friend with benefits. Danielle is so low class its hard to believe that ANY man with any intellect, depth, caring would want to date much less marry her. I know she has 2 great kids…. people forget that they have a very smart father who runs successful businesses… Read more »

OMG, poor man, does he know what a Bitch she is?