Danielle Staub and Dolores Catania Feud on RHONJ After Dolores Warns Teresa Giudice About Danielle’s Motives

Teresa Giudice may have patched things up with her former enemy Danielle Staub, but Teresa’s friend of 20-years, Dolores Catania warned Giudice about Staub during this week’s episode of RHONJ, telling her, “Sleep with one eye open.”

“Do you think that she’s coming around after the things that happened in the past because she wants to be your friend? She’s a starving hungry bitch, believe it or not,” Catania said. “She’s up to no good. Teresa, I’m afraid for you. Something’s not right.”

“Teresa better watch her ass,” Catana later told Siggy Flicker of Staub. “Danielle had a lot of hard times because of what happened in their relationship. And all of a sudden it’s water under the bridge? I don’t think so. Danielle’s not here to skip and hold hands. She’s coming back for revenge.”

Dolores’ point made sense, because Teresa and Danielle set up one of the biggest moments in Housewives history when she flipped the table on Danielle and called her a “prostituion whore.”

So what started the big fight between Dolores and Danielle? It began when Danielle accused Dolores of saying that Teresa GIudice is “many things, but she is not concerned about anything or anyone except for money… be careful.”

The rumor upset Teresa. “I’m shocked. I’m pissed off,” she told Staub when she first heard the claim. “‘Alls I care about is money?’ And she told you to ‘be careful?’ Be careful of what? Why would she be telling you that? All my real friends would never say something like that. And she is one of my real friends. I can’t even comprehend why those words would come out of her mouth. Like, at all. I’m furious. I can’t wait to say something to her. I can’t wait to hear what she has to say.”

The two addressed the fallout from #cakegate during a sit-down with Staub, Melissa Gorga and Siggy Flicker.

“Dolores, why when this was all happening were you quiet?” Giudice asked Catania, angry that Catania had stood by Flicker’s side as she called Giudice and Gorga “trash” for throwing a cake across a restaurant in Boca Raton. “Why didn’t you say, ‘Siggy, relax they’re having fun. It’s a f*cking birthday cake. We’re just having fun!’ ”

“You are attached to her,” Giudice told Catania of her relationship with Flicker. “Let’s call a spade a spade.”

This accusation didn’t sit well with Dolores, who insisted she was just being a loyal friend to Siggy. “Let’s call a spade a spade. I’ve been sticking up for you for a long time,” Dolores told Teresa. “I would never let anybody talk about you ever.”

That’s when Staub laid out her accusation, going against her assertion earlier in the episode that she was against “creating drama” and telling the table of a private meeting the two had had weeks ago in which Catania allegedly made the dig at Giudice.

As you imagine, this didn’t go over well Dolores. At all. “You motherf*cking liar. I never said that,” she screamed, getting up in Staub’s face. “You’re a f*cking liar. I never ever said that. You’re a f*cking liar. You’re a crazy scumbag. Scumbag. Welcome back, Scumbag. You’re a crazy person.”

“I would never ever say that about you,” Catania told Giudice, explaining to viewers that throughout her long friendship with Giudice she’s “jeopardized [her] own credibility to vouch for Teresa 100 times.”

“My head is spinning, I don’t get it,” Catania confessed. “I have a history of honesty. I have a history of never being a two face and being nothing but a loyal friend. I can’t say the same for everybody in the group.”

The entire exchange left Giudice torn about who to believe. “I don’t want it to be true that Dolores said this, but I feel like Dolores has been a little distant with me, a little upset with me,” Teresa said. “Danielle and I do have a pretty crazy past, but we’ve been getting along great. So now I’m more confused than ever.”

“I’m just trying to understand why she would lie,” Teresa added.

And Danielle was in tears before she left the event. “I have no ulterior motive, no reason… no game for this,” Danielle said. “I’m not a crazy person! She f*cking said it to me, Teresa. Helen Keller could see that she’s lying.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo