Danielle Staub Doesn’t Have To Pay Debt For Sex Tape Lawsuit


Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub is back in the news and this time it has to do with her ex-boyfriend Stephen Zalewskiand their alleged sex tape from 2010. Zalewskiand sued Staub in 2010 for defamation of character and harassment over their alleged sex tape. Now,  RadarOnline is reporting that Danielle won’t have to pay back the $100,000 in debt she owes Steve from the lawsuit.

According to new court documentsr, Staub, who filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2012, will have more than $226,023.82 in debt wiped away, including the debt she owes Zalewski.

“Timely claims of general (unsecured) creditors totaling $226,023.82 have been allowed and will be paid pro rata only after all allowed administrative and priority claims have been paid in full,” the documents state.

Danielle’s list of creditors includes the IRS, the state of New Jersey, and lots of attorney’s fees.

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3 comments on “Danielle Staub Doesn’t Have To Pay Debt For Sex Tape Lawsuit

  1. That dude was very slimy. He had absolutely no respect for Danielle, who at the time was quite needy and struggling to really find her stability and identity. She is appears to be a much more confident woman now.

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