Danielle Staub Denies Being a Racist, Says Audio Recording Isn’t Her Voice

RHONJ star Danielle Staub is defending herself regarding the video that was released of her racist rant. The video that was filmed 3 years ago by her ex-fiance. Staub is now breaking her silence about the video, claiming that the audio on the video isn’t her, and you can check her “pages” and know it isn’t true.

In the video, Danielle says, “Hey stupid moron! Where’s the f***ing n****r pot? Awesome, you’ve got the n***er connection. You’re so f***ing powerful, you’ve got the n***er connection!” She continues, “You wanna call me psycho one more f***ing time, you stupid f***ing Mexican? Go ahead, see what that gets you. Bring it. Bring it, Navy SEAL! See where it gets you with my f*****g cartel!”

Do you believe Danielle?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • cat62

    Who gets video taped while sitting on a bidet and wiping there a$$ is the real question here.