Danielle Staub Communicates With Teresa Giudice & Andy Cohen On Twitter!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

We reported that Danielle Staub will be appearing on Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey in an effort to bring out the truth behind what happened in her prior contact with Melissa Gorga. Teresa recently tweeted the picture below of the original cast of RHONJ, saying, “I had Joe hang this in our gameroom.” Andy was quick to reply to Teresa, tweeting, “I’m glad you have it up!”

Today, Danielle Staub replied to Teresa and Andy’s tweets, saying, “love that I need to find mine…..think it got lost in my move somehow but if I find it I will hang mine as well!”



Looks like Danielle is definitely back in the mix, as she RARELY communicates with any of her former RHONJ cast mates! This will make for a VERY interesting Season 5!

What do YOU think?

Photo Credit: Bravo/@Teresa_Giudice



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  • Audpaud

    Did anyone else see the Melissa “fan” tweet that T was a “bitch” because the pic didn.t have Melissa’s fame whore picture on it?

  • brittany

    I know,that was dumb it didn’t have Kathy pic on there either,but that person makes a big deal out of Melissa!
    Maybe that so called human-being should go back to season 1 and 2,and see why Melissa isn’t on there!

  • Tired Of Hypocrites

    Why the heck would Teresa want to hang a picture in her home with Melissa in it? It’s because of that b**ch that Teresa’s family is in the condition it is.

  • kimkimberly

    Teresa is the only dumb, shady bitch in the mix. blech

  • lisa

    Teresa could care less about melissa she was on tv melissa is the fame whore can’t sing holy then thou whatever y’all nee to leave teresa alone y’all mad cuz she is GONE WITH THE WIND FABULOUS…..

    • Anonymous

      are you tone deaf, I don’t like the woman, I was born with perfect pitch and believe me Melissa can sing better than a lot of today’s pop singers.

  • Shelby

    Wow people… Of course the picture doesn’t have Melissa in it, it’s a picture of Season 1 cast. Hence why Danielle is in it. If everyone stopped and thought for a moment… Lol.