Danielle Staub Claims Caroline Manzo’s Family Harassed Her After Leaving RHONJ

RHONJ star Danielle Staub is revealing how Caroline Manzo’s family harassed her into moving away from her former co-stars.

That’s right, Staub appeared on Amy Phillips‘ radio show and shared a lot.

“There was everything from bullying my children behind the scenes – remember, there were eleven of the Lauritas and all of them had children as well,” Danielle claimed, saying her girls were “terrified” of the backlash they received at school. Danielle claims that Caroline, was likely the ringleader of the harassment.

Danielle told Amy about bus tours that RHONJ fans take, but said they only stopped at her house. “I didn’t know who was running the tours, but I found out later that the Manzos were involved with that,” Danielle said, adding that entire tour groups would unload into her lawn and say things to her family.

One night, Danielle’s house was even vandalized she says. “That night, my house got busted into,” she explains, “Massive front doors ruined – plowed through! $140,000 worth of security cameras ripped off the walls, ‘Prostitution Whore’ written all over the walls. My kids were terrified.”

Staub continued to say nothing was stolen from her house that night. “So we did [leave],” she said. “My daughters and I left and never looked back at the house, the house that they grew up in and the only home they ever knew.”

“You know what, don’t be sad. Because I started over and I pulled myself up,” she told Amy and listeners.

Thank you RealityTea for the transcript of this interview.

What are your thoughts about Danielle’s claims? Do you believe this?

Photo Credit: Bravo