Danielle Staub Claims Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita Ruined Her Relationship with Teresa Giudice

Danielle Staub and Teresa Giudice were very popular enemies, but today the two seem very close. After the drama that occurred on seasons one and two of the show, Danielle is explaining how she was able to forgive Teresa for everything that happened in the past.

“I have this rule in my life. I believe if someone genuinely apologizes to me, I’m going to take it from there … Otherwise, I might miss out on a really beautiful relationship and if I had closed my eyes and my heart to that, I’d be missing out on all of this,” Danielle said.

On The Daily Dish podcast, Danielle shared that Teresa reached out to her several times to diffuse the situation.

“I didn’t know where it would go when she reached out to me. I was hoping we would connect, make nice,” Staub shared. That’s when Teresa and Danielle met up for yoga.

Danielle blames Teresa’s past behavior on former RHONJ stars Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita.

“You know she’s really grown as a person and I think she’s getting rid of some of those toxic people that she had in her life. They were feeding her a lot of arsenic and she was getting sick from it.” When asked to clarify who these “toxic people” were, Danielle said “Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita.”

“They’re toxic at the highest level of toxicity. It’s arsenic that they feed you, arsenic. If they had left Teresa and I alone, we would have a beautiful relationship. But they made her feel like she was the one that had to defend them,” she continued, adding that she never felt like Teresa was out to get her. “Teresa never did that. But she did react and be protective of them and I think that’s one of the reasons she and I can reconnect, because she didn’t come for my jugular. She was reacting as if she was protecting them and doing the right thing.”

You can listen to the full podcast here:

What are your thoughts about Danielle and Teresa’s new friendship? Will it last?

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  • Shadowcat99

    I actually do feel where Danielle is coming from. If you go back and watch the first two seasons, you’ll see that Caroline was always backing Teresa and saying how Teresa was family blah blah blah. That was when Teresa completely had the Manzo’s backs regarding Danielle. Once Danielle was no longer on the show, Caroline pretty quickly turned on Teresa and for no real reason. Caroline made it her job to team with Melissa and Kathy to make Teresa the new villain of the show, and all Teresa ever did to Caroline was have her back against Danielle. It was so sad to see. Then Caroline started with the “you were never my friend and you’ll never be my friend” bullshit with Teresa. She was never your friend, Caroline? Really? Well, then Caroline is an award winning actress for faking that friendship for 2 years. I seriously never liked Caroline because of what she did to Teresa. Do I think Teresa is a saint? No. Am I Teresa’s biggest fan? No. Not at all. But what Caroline did was wrong. I can’t even fault Jacqueline because even when Caroline turned her back on Tre, Jacqueline still tried. So, all this said, I do feel that Teresa was just a pawn in the game that was Danielle Staub, because honestly, Teresa had no real reason to dislike Danielle…other than she was just having the backs of her friends who hated Danielle.

    • Starr

      I agree. Caroline Manzo & Jacqueline deserve one another, both 2 faced. So glad they’re no longer around.

  • cat62

    Teresa was always hiding all kinds of stuff back then – we know what now. She would not open up to her friends and it caused a rift. Plus, Danielle was being a complete A$$ back then. I can see why there were friendship problems…don’t you?

  • cat62

    Yup – always an excuse – no truth

  • Danielle is someone Teresa should be very careful of. Teresa’s crimes are public. Danielle, however, is a liar. Just watch the 1st Season reunion and the 2nd Season Reunion to see what a good actress she is. She can seem calm, impressionable, sad and open. Although I don’t buy the persona she tried to put out there, or believe most of what she said in Reunion One, she was almost believable. Reunion Two was more like who I believe her to be.
    I doubt very seriously that Delores said anything even similar to what Danielle accused her of. Why Teresa believed that for a moment is beyond me. It’s possible she wants to believe that when a person seems sincere, they are. She must have forgotten that Delores has been her true friend for 2 decades. If I were Delores, I would be incredibly hurt. And angry with both of them. I hope the rending of trust between Delores and Teresa can be mended. I wonder what Danielle had to do to get herself back on the show. Many viewers believe there must be a common enemy for the show to remain successful. Danielle should have done more thinking and soul searching before telling that lie. Those lies not only show who Danielle is, but hurt those she professes to have a friendship with. She obviously hasn’t changed.

  • Melinda Loy

    Can’t believe how rough Danielle looks. And she also got fat!!