Danielle Staub Announces Tell-All Book


Even though she has not been on the cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey for six years now, Danielle Staub has managed to keep her name in the media. After having an audio tape be released of her using racial slurs and all kinds of drama, the mother of two is about to put everything to rest… that is in a tell-all book.

Staub shared the news with fans via Twitter. She stated, “I’m breaking my silence And writing my tell all including the “Reality of #RHONJ” the impact on mine and my family’s life’s @Andy @bravotv”

She also shared a photo to Instagram how the news of her book has gotten so much attention from media and fans.

All I need to do is put out one tweet that I am writing a “tell all” and within ½ hour it has reached over a hundred thousand people and retweeted by even more. My in box filled with so many emails from social media giants asking me about first rights? Funny thing is, I walked away from the RHONJ over 6 years ago! Statistics show…yet to date I am still the most recognized more then any other housewife in the franchise. That’s not coming from me! It’s coming from the fans the press and yes the haters too, I have laid dormant for far to long and let others do the talking for me. I have been taken advantage of due to this so called public figure/celebrity status more times that I care to mention. I have been labeled unspeakable things but out of respect for myself and especially MY TWO PRECIOUS GIRLS, never once did I fight back and defend my character because I felt people will form opinions on the person they think they know and how Bravo edited me. Oh if I could only pick up all the edited film from the cutting room floor we would have the best fucking reality show on that network. Yes I have made some bad decisions in my life 100% I’m not denying that but what people forget is that I am a human with feelings and I am also a mother of two beautiful girls that I would give my life for! What matters most to me is their respect. Nobody wants to read about what a great mom I am, an incredible provider and supporter and a cheer mom that bakes brownies, that wont sell books . Every body wants 15 minutes of fame but nobody wants to sacrifice an entire lifetime for it. Get ready because ..This is my story the unedited version and one that I should have told a long time ago!

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There has not been a title or official release date of Danielle’s book. She starred on the first two seasons of the Real Housewives of New Jersey before Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile joined the cast.

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